A King's Valkyrie

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A young woman who is strong and independent, yearns for more out of life. As someone who has Scandinavian blood coursing through her veins. The urge to travel begins to get the better of her. You see she longs to find the viking who will capture her heart. As life gets a bit too much from meddling friends and other things, she decides to drop everything and travel. But what she gets is a whole lot more than she bargained for. A President and a King sets his sights on her, when she actively saves his life and his nieces without blinking an eye.

Romance / Action
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So here I am a 24 year old woman called Freya with long curly blond hair. I'm from Britain, well England to be exact but my blood line isnt. To most people I probably seem like the typical short athletic woman with nice boobs. Well that's what I've been told. I mean what's so typical about my type anyways? Loud, outspoken mostly and can be extremely violent when provoked. I call it 'The Small Person Syndrome' Always got something prove.

To my friends I'm this fiery outspoken loony that has knocked more people out with one punch for trying to steal my kebab at the end of a night out. My friends also considered me as the Mum in the group as I have always been there to help no matter what the time. Funny thing is, I've had a rough childhood out of all of us and I am the youngest, yet I am the most responsible. Who would of thought, eh?

Done get me wrong, my childhood wasn't full of abuse or anything like that. I lost my parents when I was young and it was just myself and my sister. We both found it hard to adjust. We stayed with people who knew our parents and we considered them as family. They bacame our legal guardians and they passed as well as my sister, when I was 18 years old. Sad right?

Some of my friends have had financial difficulties or lack there off but couldn't manage it as Mummy and Daddy gave it to them on a silver plate or among other things. So I did my best and helped them without thinking about it. I would like to think that they would do the same, but I've never asked or needed any help from any of them.

See I'm very independent and very successful, but also carry the stigma of being a female who offers her services as 'Private Security'. People seem to think I'm automatically into woman as its a man's job, apparently. I just find it really disrespectful to people who are actually gay. You could have a man who does all the manly things and yet he's attracted to men. Don't get me wrong I have kissed and few women over the years and it didn't really do anything for me, but what ever floats your boat I suppose.

So it's Thursday night and I am at the local pub with my close friends Jess, Andy, Nick, Jodie and their respected other halves, and I'm sat here like Billy fucking no mates. I'm just waiting for the same conversation to pop up and...

"Hey Freya, when are you going to find someone?" Jess said, giving me one of her show stopping pearly white smiles. Everyone else sitting round the table set their eyes on me. God I hate being centre of attention.

"Never, and I don't think there is a man out there who could take my witty banter" I said mimicking her smile. Jess just rolled her eyes.

"Oh come on sweetie, there is someone out there for you. A nice respectful, successful gentleman" Andy says with pride in his eyes as he looks at his husband Ben. "Who knows he could be walking through that very door" Andy pointed towards the door to emphasise his statement. Just as soon as Andy has settled back in his chair the main door to the pub swings open and all my friends look up and smile.

I thought something was off the minute I stepped in the place. With them sharing smiles, raised eyebrows and nods. The buggers are trying to set me up, AGAIN! I banged my hands on the table as I stood up. All my friends heads turned so fast that I thought they were going to fall off. One could only hope.

"You sneaky fucker's!" I seethed through gritted teeth. "I can't believe this. You guys can't leave well enough alone" I started to grab my things while mumbling profanities and Nicks wife Cassie put her hand on my arm and gave me a warm smile. I shifted my eyes to her.

"Please sit back down, you guys could hit it off" Cassie said sweetly. I couldn't deny her. You see Cassie reminded me of my sister Ingrid who was always so sweet and she looked after me the best she could. Well until... Enough of that, I'll tell you another time.

"Fine" I said sternly. My face softened as I looked upon Cassie who nodded at me with a smile on her face.

I sat back down and looked round the rest of the table and no one had the balls to look me in the eye. Fucking cowards. I thought to myself.

I let my gaze go to the tall man with soft features and I instantly knew this wouldn't go anywhere. I mean the poor chap looked like a door mat. No offence to him mind but he definitely wasn't my type of MAN. Emphasis on the man. I like real manly men. You know cave men kind of stuff. I smirked at the thought and quickly steeled myself before I gave him the wrong impression. I was drawn out my thoughts by someone tapping me furiously.

"Freya stop staring at the poor guy. I guess by the way you were staring at him dreamily, we have your approval" Nick said wiggling his eyebrows. I mentally slapped myself in the face.

"Huh?" I groaned, knitting my eyebrows together.

"Hahaha I think we have a winner" Nick laughed and so did everyone else. As for me I am screaming internally at the fact this is going the wrong way. Before I could say anthing the man who I was supposedly ogling at sat next to me with a bright smile on his face. Ah shit.

"Hi I'm Alfie, it's nice to meet you Freya. Your friend's said you were pretty, but you are way more than that" He said with a cheesy smile on his face as he winked at me. Oh please.

All of a sudden blind panic took over and I blurted out "I work as a close Protection Agent and I beat people up for a living if I have too and I'm good at it" what the actual fuck? I'm never like that. But seeing a man so clean and nice doesn't seem right to me. I need a cave man not an office monkey. (no offense).

After what I said seem to have the desired affect. Alfie looked round at everyone and then started laughing. OK then, maybe not what I was hoping for.

"Oh nice one... Hahahaha. Oh god I can't stop laughing" Alfie was clutching his stomach where he was laughing so hard. I on the other hand was not.

Alfie proceeded to come into my personal space and put his arm round my waist and squeeze me close to him. "Ok that's the best thing I've ever heard. I mean look at you, you look so small and that you couldn't even squash a fly" Alfie said while wiping the tears from his eyes.

"Look you don't know me at all and for you to think so little of me already tells me that you are just a pig" I say glaring at him. "Also take your hands off me as I don't like people touching me" I say while gritting my teeth.

"Oh sweetheart don't be like that. Me and you can resolve this in my bed" Alfie says while winking at me. All of a sudden he bursts out laughing again but this time he's right in my face. So I take his hand off me and step back.

Everyone sat round the table looking at me nervously. I could feel my blood boiling and steam coming out my ears, and before I knew what had happened I grabbed Alfie by the hair and slammed his face into the table and he rebounded off and fell to the floor.

"Not laughing now are you? Fucking toss pot!" I practically growled at him.

All my friends were like headless chickens. Screaming and panicking about what just happened. I was quite impressed with myself actually that I managed to solve the situation quickly and efficiently. Well by my standards anyways.

As I was finishing my pint, not caring that the Alfie chap was groaning and rolling around on the floor, I could feel eyes burning a hole in the back of my head. I turned to find Jess and Jodie glaring at me. Yeah they are not happy. I can already tell you half the shit they are going to say. Well fuck'em.

"Freya! Freya what have you done? How could you do this?" Jess was screaming in my face and I thought my ears were going to burst. "I don't think we can allow this?" Jess looked around at everyone and they all had the same look on their faces, which told me that they agreed with her.

"Allow this? So yeah I hit his head on the table, so what? He was laughing in my face at what I do for a living. You guys not going to say anthing about that? Also I told you guys to not meddle in my relationships. How many fucking times do I have to say it?" I said with disappointment.

I shook my head as I began to speak again."We have been friends for years and you guys are just throwing it away like that?" I looked around and I was faced with stone silence. I grabbed my stuff and walked to the door and just before I left, I said "All that money you guys owe me, I want it back. I have all the evidence and messages that shows the agreements we made. You will be hearing from my lawyer very soon" and with that I walked out and didn't look back. "The right choice" I mumbled to myself.





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