A King's Valkyrie

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So my name is Terror and I'm nearly 26 old years old. I'm 6ft 7 with long dirty blonde hair with an unkempt beard. I have taken over the Mother chapter The MC Wild Vikings after my father stepped down. You see he was President for about 30 years and he ruled with an iron fist. My father is true today as he was before about following tradions like our ancestors did before us.

Over the years I have been moulded and shaped to fill my dad's boots. I had to earn the position and show him I am worthy to lead the men and women of my club and others alike. You see there are many clubs that are like mine and I over see them all.

It gets difficult at times and it can be very dangerous. I have lost many Brothers over the years because of rival gangs, but it was the loss of my mother that coaxed me on to wanting to taking over and reap revenge.

I think when people see me, they see a monster, a murderer, a man whore. But what they don't see or choose not to see are the things I do that are actually good. Like raising money for the local hospital and charities, provide protection to the businesses and the people of my town. Don't get me wrong I am knee deep in bad shit too.

You see I run the largest Motorcycle chapter in America, and its founders were from the Scandinavian provances which are known as Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

My ancestors were vikings that raped and pillaged and my family blood line is as true today as it was then. The only problem with that is, I am yet to find the right woman who not only has a pure blood line but also follows tradition.

I need a strong woman who can stand by her king as his valkerie and reign together side my side. Someone who will bare my mark and my children.

As I ride down the highway to come off the exit to ride back to the clubhouse, I feel a sense of longing to be back home with a woman waiting for me with a beautiful round pregnant belly. As I continue to ride I shake that thought out of my head and try to think about all the pussy waiting for me back at the club house. I know but I need a way to pass the time. Club life after all.

You see we have women who serve a purpose and that is to satisfy the men and tidy up the fucking mess after.

There is nothing better than feeling the wind on my face and the feel of my bike roar underneath me, as I push the bike to go faster. Having your brothers ride beside you, knowing they have there King's back and also a friend's, always sets me at ease.

As we pull up outside the club house and park our bikes in our places. I can hear and feel the rumble of music go through my body.

I switch off the engine and climb off. I instantly go for the cigarettes in my pocket. I take one out and I light it. I take a long drag, letting it fill my lungs and slowly releasing it through my nose. Damn that was a fucking long ride.

Blaze my Sergeant in Arms comes out and greets me. He slaps me on the back with a broad smile on his face. "Prez, its nice to see you bror" He says.

"Glad to be back bror" I say as I stretch out my limbs. "Anthing to report?" I said as I looked directly at him. "And I see the place is still intact" I say with a smirk on my face.

"Oh come on Terror, that was one time" Blaze says while throwing his hands in the air. "Anyways that party will always be remembered" He barked out a laugh.

I smack him over the back of the head and give him a hard glare. Blaze throws his hands up in mock surrender and takes a few steps back. That's fucking right.

Blazes actions don't go unnoticed and my fellow brothers who rode next to me let out chuckles of their own.

"See I told you he was a fucking pussy" Magnet said while eyeing Blaze.

"The fuck you say? I could snap you in half you dick!" Blazes snarls tightening his fists.

"Alright, that's enough ladies!" I shout at them both. I look back and forth between them and then say "talking of ladies, let's get in and release some fucking tension" I clap my hands together with a wide smile on my face and head in.

The place is crawling with club whores, patched members, prospects and general bar goers. I breath in the smell of stail smoke, booze and sex. Ah I've missed this.

As I head to the bar Faith puts a glass down in front of me and fills it to the brim with bourbon. I pick up my drink and nod as a thank you and down it in one. I slam the glass back down and Faith refills it again.

"I'm glad your back Terror" Faith says looking directly at me. "Some of those women have been a right handful and they are not pulling their weight" She frowns as she's says that.

See faith is a Valkerie, which means that she was claimed by one of my brothers. Razor my Vice President is her man and she loves him, and he loves her.

Once someone is claimed they are off limits and thats not just the women but the men too. God I want that. I want someone to call my own. I absent mindly start swirling the liquid in my glass while deep in thought. Faith puts her hand on my arm and gives me a warm smile.

"Get your own woman" Razor growls while walking behind the bar and he wraps his arms round Faith and presses her to his chest. He leans down and takes her lips in a smouldering kiss. Faith moans against his mouth and her knees nearly give out.

"Your off for the night" I say while tipping my glass to the both of them.

Razor just picks Faith up and grins at me while he wraps her legs round him then he carries her up the stairs out of sight. Lucky fucker.

"Hey baby you want some company?" Crystal says trying to sound seductive while wrapping her arms round my broad shoulders. God I hate this woman, but she does give good head. I'll give her that. But can I ignore the lipstick on her teeth? I shake my head at the thought. Let's just hope when I wake up in the morning, the bitch will have gone.

"Yeah sure, I could release some tension" I say with a almost bored expression on my face. I stand and tell her to lead the way. God I hate this woman so much.

What can I say, I live in the here and now.





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