Graciously Yours

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Chapter 2

We made our way towards his car, which was by the way a Black Wrangler Jeep, just like mine.

But a classic one.

And, I am a sucker for classic models.

I almost drooled while checking out this beauty. Even though it was old, it was kept in a good condition.

I couldn’t admire this beauty to my heart’s content because of lack of light and the sight of an open bonnet.

The bonnet of the jeep was open. Probably because he tried to fix it. I hope he hasn’t made things worse and hurt the poor car. I really wish there was a law to punish those who try and dare to molest poor cars like this. Damn careless people.

I made my way to the bonnet and started the inspection.

Don’t worry baby, you’ll be alright. I thought to myself, referring the jeep.

“There was steam coming out of the engine so I kinda opened the bonnet,” the owner of this beauty explained, as he stood beside me.

I simply nodded and wore my gloves, I grabbed a flashlight from the tool bag and handed him. Our hands brushed as he took the flashlight.

“Hold it,” I said, positioning it towards the bonnet, “Like this.”

I started working around, trying to find the fault.

“It looks like the radiator has caused a problem here,” I said, finally coming to a conclusion, “When was the last time it got service?” I asked, as I looked up.

I didn’t notice how close we were standing, until then. The distance between us or rather the lack of it was suddenly making me too aware of his gaze. He was staring directly in my eyes. His eyes held desire in them. Desire for what? I don’t know.

I heard a distant howl of an animal from somewhere around. It was at that moment that I realized that we were in the middle of nowhere in this deserted place all by ourselves.

I cleared my throat and cautiously took a step backward to insert the much needed distance between us.

He shook his head once, as if to get rid of some thoughts or something.

“Um, I don’t remember?” which sounded more like a question than an answer as he mumbled sheepishly, grazing the back of his neck.

I know there was a moment shared but I was rather glad that it was gone. Associating with strangers is not what I like much to do.

“Don’t worry, I can fix it.” I said as I took out the pressure leak testing kit. I pumped the pressure, nothing came out, no liquid. No coolant?

The heck.

“What’s the matter?” he came closer to inspect when he saw my furrowed brows.

“Nothing,” I said, still looking at the machine in my hand. I was about to remove the kit when I was blinded by the sudden light on my face.

“What are you doing?” I asked, shielding my face.

“Nothing,” he chuckled.

Is he trying to annoy me now? Cause I’m hella sure that it’s working.

I took two deep breaths to calm my mind and get back to work.

I snapped his hand which was holding the flashlight.

“I’ll just fix this soon, if you try and please cooperate,” I warned.

“Oh yeah, sure,” he says, “Whatever you suppose, ma’am,” he added, making me roll my eyes.

“If this goes on, It will take the whole night.” I mumbled to myself.

“I don’t mind, with such a beautiful company even if it takes the whole night,” he chirped.

God! This guy loves cheese, I must say.

I glared at him in response. He raised his hands in mock surrender.

With a smile, I gestured to him to keep his mouth shut.

He locked his lips in the zipper fashion and threw the imaginative key.

I started working for the task at hand.

It was quiet for a while, I could feel his stare burning a hole on the side of my face.

“Were you the one I talked to on the phone?” he asked curiously. I hummed in reply.

“Do you have water?” I asked without looking at him.

“How much do you need?” He climbed in his jeep and started rummaging, “I should have a bottle somewhere...Aha!” he said, holding up a bottle and showcasing it through the windshield as if it was a trophy. He had a big smile plastered on his face.

It wasn’t his childishness that grabbed my attention instead the bottle he was holding.

“I asked for water, not for liquor,” I facepalmed, “You really are keen to die today,” I added.

“Rain check, I know you asked for water and this bottle contains water,” he said smiling smugly.

“You stored water in there?” I asked, pointing at the bottle.

“Well, that’s a long story…” he trailed off.

“Forget it,” I should have some coolant with me, this won’t work, “I’ll be back,” I said and started walking towards my jeep.

“You don’t need it?” I heard him ask.

Without replying I went to my jeep and luckily found it, I grabbed the coolant and some distilled water from my jeep and showed him both.

“I got it,” he again made that O shape with his mouth.

I started working on his jeep again, it was unusually quiet but I didn’t mention it. I just kept on working, humming a song completely focused on my work.

I was almost done when something felt wrong. My surroundings were too silent and it was kinda getting on my nerves. I furrowed my brows and finally looked up to see no one was there.

Well...I was standing in the middle of nowhere, in a remote location, and the guy who called me here was nowhere to be seen. It was definitely a little unnerving.

Alright I lied, a lot unnerving.

I looked around and could only hear cricket crying. Suddenly silence felt deafening.

He wasn’t a ghost right? I asked myself.

Well, his car hasn’t disappeared yet, so no.

This thought kinda soothed my nerves a bit. I took a deep breath and decided to finish my work. I still have my car so if something felt wrong I’ll leave immediately.

Not if the tires get punctured.

That thought made my head jerk in my jeep’s direction, I found it parked, as immaculate as I left her, no vandalism was done to my baby.

I sighed and decided to zone out my weird and horrific thoughts. I don’t need distractions. The faster I finish, the faster I get out of here.

I closed the bonnet of the jeep after successfully fixing the radiator. It was more than 15 minutes and still that guy didn’t come back. I grabbed the rag from the toolbox and started cleaning my hand while still looking around cautiously, my trusted torque wrench lying in front of me giving me courage.

I bent to grab my tools that I placed on the road, that’s when I heard it, a blood-curdling scream. I immediately straightened up and grabbed my torque wrench.

“Noooooo!” someone cried, making my heart accelerate. “Get away from me!” That someone shouted again, and that someone sounded suspiciously like that guy.

Then I heard footsteps, like someone was running. They were coming closer and they were behind me. I turned in time to see the jeep guy running toward me like his life depended on it.

“Help!” He shouted.

What the hell happened to him? Why is he running like that? Is someone chasing him? Don’t tell me some psycho is after him or some monster like jeepers creepers?

And most importantly, why is he running towards me?

Millions of questions were running inside my head when he came and hid behind me, using me as a shield.

Well, aren’t you manly?

I wanted to roll my eyes but the situation only made me drown in my own cold sweat.

I looked ahead to see what kind of thing was chasing him.

“What is it?” I whispered and raised my torque wrench, ready to strike.

“I am really scared of them. I got this phobia when I was once bitten by one when I was five,” he explained hurriedly, “since then, I can’t…” he trailed off making me gulp again. His hands were resting on my shoulder, more like squeezing the life out of them.

What kind of thing can scare him like that? And the answer of this question, came running on his four paws, in the next second.


I looked with my mouth hanging open at the so-called ‘monster’ that made this six foot man running and screaming like a banshee.

I turned around and gave him my best unimpressed look.

“Like, are you for real?” I asked him, still glaring at him.

“What?” he asked innocently like he didn’t give me the fright of life.

I turned around, but not before stomping my shoes on his feet, accidentally.

I cooed at the dog and he came woofing with tails swishing. God! This dog is so cute. I petted his head and he surprisingly laid down on the road making me laugh. I scratched her belly like she wanted me to. Yeah it’s a she, I saw when she showed me her belly.

I turned around to find the guy hiding behind his jeep. I rolled my eyes. I wanted to laugh at his expense but refrained myself.

“Come out, she’s harmless,” I called.

“I am fine here,” I heard his nervous laugh.

“Stay there, suits you the best” I shrugged and continued, “your jeep is fixed by the way, try it,” I said without looking at him. I was still petting the dog, from her swollen nipples it looks like she has puppies. I wanna see them.

“What are you still doing with the dog? It could be rabid.” I heard his hurried footsteps and key rustling and finally the engine being ignited.

“Don’t worry about me, Mr. Scaredy-cat,” I teased good heartedly, “any problems?” I inquired.

“It’s working fine, thank you, Ms. Brave heart,” he teased back. I laughed at his choice of words. At least he didn’t take my teasing in a wrong way.

I finished up when there were no problems with his jeep, while still that dog followed me around. Mr. Scaredy cat didn’t come out of the jeep because of her, I smirked to myself at his manliness. After finishing up payment details it was time to leave.

“If that is all, Good night,” I said as I grabbed my toolbag.


“What is it?” I inquired.

Without replying he jumped out of his jeep and stood in front of me.

He didn’t say anything but looked intently at my face making me feel self conscious. I was about to ask what was wrong when he leaned closer and hesitantly touched my face.

But I didn’t object because I was too busy admiring those dark orbs that were his eyes. They looked so dark in moonlight, like night itself.

A sudden gust of wind ruffled his already messy hair, snatching my attention from eyes to his hair. I fisted my hands, when I saw a few locks were lingering on his forehead, to stop this sudden urge to push them back.

I gulped when I found my way back to his eyes. The look in his eyes made my throat go dry.

Something mild and spicy invaded my senses, making me realise I unconsciously took a step closer.

I could feel my face getting hot and my eyes as wide as saucers. That was when I felt his thumb grazing my jawline in a slow rhythm.

I felt my heart beat accelerate at the close proximity between us. Again, his eyes found mine with thousands of emotions swirling in them.

He slowly stepped even closer again, now mere inches were between us. We were too standing too close for strangers who didn’t even know their name. It was then when my brain decided that it had a job to do and that is Work!

I jumped back immediately.

“Wh-what the hell are you doing?!” I demanded feeling hot all of a sudden, his musculine scent still lingered in my mind.

He smirked in return.

I glared at him.

“There was something on your face,” he said innocently.

“You could’ve just told me,” I said, still flustered from his touch.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you,” he said, not meaning any of that apology.

“Whatever,” I said.

I said, turned and made my way back to the car. I wasn’t expecting a reply honestly.

“Good night, beautiful,” he said. I didn’t turn back. I kept walking and shook my head at his flirty tone.

The dog was still following me around. I wish I could take her home but she’s definitely not alone.

“Come on hurry along buddy, your kids must be waiting for you,” I petted her last time and jumped onto the driver’s seat.

I looked through my windshield as I ignited the engine. I found him still looking my way. Why wasn’t he leaving? I reversed back and turned my jeep and when I glanced at my rear view mirror, he was still there.

I kept glancing at him as he grew smaller and smaller, and finally I couldn’t see him.

I was halfway through my home when I realised something.

I didn’t even know his name and my heart was still beating like crazy.

Who cares? It’s not like I’ll ever meet him again. That guy isn’t good for my heart.

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