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A girl named Blanca born in California she moved to Florida with her younger sister and her mom. They had to go move in with her moms brother. She met a guy she fell deeply in love with him. But he has secret that Blanca doesn’t know.

Romance / Drama
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Blanca like the Snow❄️

People say not everybody is what they say they are, I never put much thought into it until I met him.

My name is Blanca A. Medina. I am 19 years old. I had to move to Florida With my ancle Leo, after my dad died. My ancle only came and visit once’s or twice after my grandparents died.

My mom and him grew up in California with their other younger sister she past away 8 years ago with my grandparents in a accident. That’s when my ancle decided to move away from us. I was never really close to my grandfather but I was pretty close to my grandmother. How I miss her. Mi abuela Lupe.(my grandma Lupe)

As soon as we got there I was exhausted. My ancle bought us a plane to take over to Florida. My ancle had never wanted kids of his own, but he really loved us and treated us like his own. He was cold when his parents and his little sister died. On the other side my mom she was the strong one. She was the one that always found a positive side to everything.

My ancle was married to a lady. She was really pretty and surprisingly very nice. She was also helpful. My ancle always gotten himself the best of the best, as long as he was rich and gave them everything they were satisfied. This lady was in her 30’s. My ancle wasn’t really that old he was in his early 40’s He was the younger than my mom. My mom was 46.

“I am so sorry Xio” my ancle said to my mom.

“He was a good man” I don’t know what to say-“

“don’t say anything leo” my mom said.

My mom was so heart broken. But she didn’t want nobody to pitty her.

“Look” said my ancle. “I know you just want to leave it like that, but it’s okay to be sad Xio. We are talking about the father of your children.”

“Just leave it Leo. Thank you for accepting us. After he past away. Well we had nothing. It just happened so fast. I-

“Sorry Xio i really am. I am glad you’re all here. It’s all good, and yeah it just all past real quick.”

“But hey, we’re all together and safe now” my mom said. “Can we get some rest for the night?”

“Oh yes, of course I’m so sorry.” My ancle said.

We just walked up stairs. What my my said was true time did just go by fast i couldn’t believe it my dad gone I never say it coming.

“Are you there?” Blanca?” I heard a voice calling out to me

“Oh yes I’m sorry mrs”it was the lady my ancle was with.

“I’m showing you and your sister to your rooms. But don’t call me mrs call me Dulce.” She said.

“Dulce hmm.” Like Candy but but in Spanish. Why?” Asked Isabelle”

“Well isa that’s my name” she said giggling.

“Ohhh that is a good name. I like it” my sister said.

“Thank you Isa” Dulce said.

“So this is your room Blanca” she said.

“Oh ok thank you. Woww it’s big. Are you sure this is all for me?” I asked.

“Yes of course” dulce said.

“Ok well let me get settle then. I’m goin to rest a little.”

“Ok sure. And oh! We’re having dinner at 7 so be ready!” She exclaimed.

“Ok I will be thank you” I said. They both walked off. Both of them talking and Isabelle asking so many questions. Wow all of this is so amazing. I just sat down. With my phone in my hands. Thinking about Daniel. Daniel was my crush, my best friend, my lover, my ex. He cheated on me with my friend Yolanda. I just couldn’t believe it. Why would they do such a thing to me? What did I do wrong? All these questions once again started filling my head. I recently found out she got pregnant by him and he left her saying he wasn’t the dad that she cheated on him. He tried to get back with me but it was to late. He alresdy have done his mistakes. But some of me still wanted him.

Soon I heard somebody knock.

“Blanca?” It’s time for dinner hun” it was my mom.

i got up and followed her down stairs with my sister behind me.

“Well hello Ladies come come eat!” Said my ancle

”Thank you Leo” my mom said.

“So how was the flight!” Asked dulce.

“It was pretty good thsnk you for asking” mom said.

“I just wanted to say if u ever need anything ANYTHING I am here to help!” Dulce exclaimed.

“Thank you very much auntie” said Isabelle

“She called me auntie!!!” Dulce said crying.

Everybody laughed. We just talked and talked thru dinner. I really loved this. But I was kind of distracted because of Dani I miss Dani he was everything to me. And he just decides to sleep with my bestfriend. How could she do this. Why did they have to betray me like this why? So many questions I have. I just wanna-

“So Bianca?” Dulce asked.

”Huh oh sorry Dulce I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. I have a lot in my mind.” I said to Dulce.

”It’s okay sweetie I understand.” Dulce said.

After that I just ate my dinner in peace trying to pay as much attention to what was going on right now and trying to let go of the past. Letting go has never been easy for me. I went to go get rest for bed and then later in bed put in my earbuds in and payed in bed listening to Alec Benjamin. Soon I fell asleep.

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