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The First Thanksgiving

It was a day before thanksgiving. The first thanksgiving without my dad. That really hurt, that he wasn’t with us nomore. Sometimes I wish it was me instead. Dad was way more important then I ever would’ve been. I was just laying in bed thainking as usual. Soon mom came in.

“Blanca, get up your uncle wants you and your sister to go look around. Like the mall or something like that.” She said.

“Yeah okay mom I’ll go give me a minute.”

As soon as she left I got on my phone and looked thru it. My phone was always the first thing I thought about when I woke up, but now it’s my dad and me wishing I was the one in the accident. I was looking thru me and Claudia pictures I still couldn’t get over the fact that she was the one that had to stab me in the back. Not only f**ked my boyfriend, but have a kid with him!? A knock on my door bought me back to the present.

“Blanca!, we are going out to eat breakfast hurry get ready!” Isa said.

“I am coming!!!” I yelled back.

I got ready. Issa was talking to a tall guy with medium black hair put back in a man bun and wearing a uniform. He looked like he was as old as me. A skinny guy, but you could still see his muscles.

“Oh there she is!” said Issa.

“Look blanca meet Jesse. Jesse meet Blanca my older sister.” She said.

“Oh hey Jesse it’s nice to meet” I said.

“Hey blanca your sister has talked a lot about you” Jesse said.

“Oh is that right huh? And when did y’all meet?” I asked.

“Oh um just now” he said.

“That’s my sister she talks a lot sorry” I nervously giggled.

“Isn’t he cute and charming Blanca you should go on a date with him” Issa said.

”Isabelle stop it!” I said.

“Oh no it’s fine no worries i wouldn’t mind also I would definitely go on a date with a pretty girl with such a cute name” he laughed nervously.

“Oh!” I said surprisingly then I blushed.

“Ahem” my sister said.

“Oh sorry Issa.” Jesse said.

“No it’s finee Take your time no worries I’m just HUNGRY HERE! BUT NO REALLY TAKE YOUR TIME! She said sarcastically.

I rolled my eyes.

“Let’s go Issa” I said grabbing her hand.

I stand outside holding her hand.

“Oh wait whose going to take us”? I said

“I am” Jesse said holding up the keys.

“Oh! You’re the driver?” I said

“Yess. Is that okay?” He asked.

”Of course!”I exclaimed.

“Well let’s get goin.”

Then we got there. I get off with Issa. I turned around he was looking at me I blushed.

“Ar-are you coming?” I asked him.

“No it’s not my break and I already had breakfast.” Jesse said.

“You can come along I bet it won’t be a problem with my ancle” I said.

“Yes he’s a very nice person but I can’t take a advantage of him.”he said.

“Oh yeah okay well I’ll see you soon bye.”

“Let’s go blank I’m hungryy!” Said issa.

“Okay I’m coming!”

We went in it was a nice place. We sat down and ordered.

“You really seemed into Jesse you’re welcome.” Issa said.

“Oh you little girl you knew exactly what you were doin didn’t you issa?” I said.

“Of course but then I got hungry what though I did you a huge favor. And I just wanted you to forget about-

”Don’t say his name issa” I interrupted her.

“I understand but I need to look for somebody not you look for somebody for me” I said.

“Wait what?” She asked

The food comes.

“Never mind just don’t get into my love life anymore.”

After we’re done we just wait for Jesse. He soon gets here.

“So ladies where do y’all wanna go?” He asks.

“Can you just drop us off at the mall please” I ask.

“Anything for you m’lady.” He says.

I just giggle at him. We get there finally.

“Wait! Blanca, your ancle told me to get yourself new clothes because he threw away all your old clothes oh and Issa too.” He said

“HE DID WHAT!?” I yelled.

“YAY ME TOO!?” Issa exclaimed.

“Yes and oh he gave me this credit card he said it’s goin to be all yours and gave me this other one for emergencies” he told me.

“Oh and I’ll be here around 4 so take your time and eat something too”

“ thank you Jesse.” I said.

We walked into the mall.

“I cannot believe my ancle really just did that!” I said .

“Neither can I! I’m so exited to buy new clothes!”

“No issa it’s not good we’re just spending all his money!”

“I know but he’s a millionaire! He has too much money and doesn’t know what to do with it!” She said.

“Plus come on Blanca we never have fun lighten up a little let’s have fun looking for new clothes!”

Issa running to a store yelling “in here!”

“I’m coming!!!” I say.

I cannot believe this! New clothes wow this is like a girls dream come true I cannot believe this!! I’ve always wanted to go shopping with a lot of money but dang!! Soon 2 hours past Issa was just running into diffrent stores getting clothes for me and her trying on clothes shoes and accessories. Then we went to go eat. I was really tired. Issa wasn’t she just didn’t run out of energy. Then I noticed it was 5:12! Crap!!

“Issa lets go!” I yelled at her.

“No wait let’s go into-

“No now let’s go” I grabbed her arm pulling on it.

I turned around and boom! I fell onto floor the bags fell too. I looked up at a tall guy dark brown short hair. I just kept looking up at him he just stared back at me.

“Hey! Excuse you!” Issa yelled at him.

“Issa it’s okay it’s my fault” I said

“Kid don’t yell at me it’s your moms fault she bumped into me” he said.

“I’m sorry okay” I said.

“Well you could at least b careful yourself!” Issa yelled.

“Again it’s not my fault she bumped into me kid!” He yelled.

“Hey! Don’t yell at her!” I yelled at him.

“Then control your daughter woman!” He yelled.

“You could at least help her up!” Issa said

Issa came to me and helped me get up. He grabs my bags and hands it to me.

“She’s right! Thank you oh and she’s not my kid she my sister you idiot!” I yelled and left.

His POV.

Wow this girl is pretty she had very beautiful eyes. No! Stop you have something to do. I just stand there like a idiot.

I walk looking around for Sabrina. Where did you go Sabrina!? I should’ve not talk to her like that either I feel bad but she just wouldn’t stop asking about Gwen... soon I find her she’s getting food. Of course why didn’t I find her here.

“Sabrina” I said.

She turned around and rolls her eyes.

“I am sorry. I just-. You know I don’t like talking about that” I say.

“Yes I know Red but I just wanted to know more and you also don’t have to yell at me like that” Sabrina says.

“Yes you’re right but it’s none of your business.” I said.


“I know you’re my baby sister but you don’t have to know everything that happens to me and when I tell you I don’t wanna talk about something you won’t have to pressure me please” I say to her.

“ fine you’re right I’m so sorry” she says.

“Thank you” I say and hug her.

“Wanna go home now I’m tired?” She says.

“Yes let’s go” I said.

We get in the car and drive away.

“Oh yeah by the way red I saw you talking to a girl who was she?” Asks Sabrina.

“Wait who?” I ask.

“A girl I saw you talking to.”

“I wasn’t talking to any... oh yeah she turned around and bumped into me.she looked like she was in a hurry.” I said.

“Ohh. She was really pretty. She had a girl behind her who was she ?” She asks.

“Oh yeah I think that was her sister or something.” I said.

“Oh yeah okay” she says.

Soon we get home. I go straight to my room and go to sleep.

I woke up at night i went down stairs I see my mom on the phone in the kitchen it looks like she just got home from work. I go lookin for Sabrina

“Hey Sabrina” I say.

“Oh hey Sleepy head!” she said.

“Yeah I was tired’’ i say laughing.

“yeah i can tell i could hear your snores from my room so i came down stairs” she says laughing.

“Whatever yours are louder” I say.

“Hey!” She yells.

We both just laugh.

“How’s mom?” I ask.

“She’s been working ever since she got back and she’s been on the phone with a guy named Steve.” Sabrina says.

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