Forbidden by Faith

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Valor Lennox, the billionaire playboy - a man who can have anyone he wants. The sinner, who has his entire body tattooed and has piercings. The man every women wants and the every men desires to be. The man who doesn’t trust any women to have a long term relationship. Sana, on the other hand is sweet, shy, innocent and a pure hearted soul, raised into a strict religion and she adheres to her beliefs. What will happen when their paths cross?

Ana James
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Valor Lennox

Bangalore, India

Valor Lennox

After this trip, I am flying straight back to the States. My father needs me there and I think it is time for me to step up and take over the business. I have been trying to avoid taking over the family business for the last six years. I am thirty-two and I am a very successful freelance photographer. Besides, Lennox Industries is booming. I am not needed to be honest. But now is the time I set aside my dreams for the sake of my father. Although, I don’t understand the point of me stepping in when my brother Andrew is fully capable of dealing with the business. Pa says that it’s my responsibility as I am his first born.

I have been in India for last six months and I’ve been all over the place. This land is so traditional and filled with too many cultures. I feel a little sad leaving here. I have a feeling that I am leaving something or someone very important behind me. I don’t like to stay in single place as I’ve always felt so restless. I get the feeling of being dull and empty. I am tired of these meaningless fucks in life and I can’t seem to find one thing my heart and eyes are always searching for.

What is it I am searching for? I have no fucking clue.

My team here in Bangalore in taking me out to a pub tonight as my farewell gift.

The atmosphere is very well lit, and the music’s very loud.

Madhav, aka Maddy yells so I could hear him. “C’mon man. Enjoy. This is your party for fucks sake.”

I want to enjoy. It’s just my mind and heart keep wandering, searching for something important.

“Looking for a potential fuck?” my intern, Adnan asks as he smiles at me.

Maybe that’s what I need. A good fuck always helps take the things off the mind. My eyes roam around the bar, searching for a casual fuck for a night.

I look around and after no one catch my eyes, I let Maddy know that I’ll be at the bar, having a drink. I ask for my usual whiskey with a bartender when my eyes land on a woman who keeps looking my way.

I ask bartender to send her a drink on me and within seconds, I see her walk up to me. Smiling coyly and fluttering her fake eyelashes, her fingers graze my arms.

“Hey Handsome”, she says in a most sultry tone.

“Hey”, I respond back.

“You got some beautiful tats there. I wonder where it ends.”

“Would you like to find out?” I ask the beauty in front of me.

“I would love to”. She says excitedly.

I lean in, whispering in her ear, “Lead the way, beautiful”.

Charming women into bed was always so easy when they all were fawning over me. There was no more challenge. I had yet to meet the woman who would not take a crap from me. I chuckle to myself thinking about the possibility of that ever happening.

We walk out of a bar, making our way to her car. I instruct her to drive to my hotel. Once we are inside, she strips her clothes and tries to kiss me when I stop her.

I don’t kiss. Neither do I go south on any women. It’s intimate and I’m just fucking. No intimacy.

After an hour, she gets herself cleaned and get dressed. She kisses on my cheek and smiles at me.

“It was the best fuck of my life. Can we do this again?” Her voice gives away the excitement while she’s trying to not show it on her face.

“Sorry pudding. It was one-time thing. Besides, I am leaving tonight”. I open the door for her to leave and get on with getting showered and dressed for my flight. I go to the reception and pay by bill as I await my airport taxi.

I have a cigarette in my hand and even though I keep telling myself that I’ll quit, I never do. I look at my watch again, checking the time and turn around just in time to bump into someone.

The first thing about her I notice were those eyes. She’s covered from head to toe, with only those beautiful eyes visible. The lights outside hotel were lit dimly and I couldn’t figure out what color her iris was, but the fear in them had my heart pounding in my chest. The moment I held onto her from tripping, the wave of electricity surged through my body and although she was covered with hell lot of clothes, I could feel her slender figure in my arms.

But I wasn’t interested in shredding her clothes. All I wanted to do was pull that piece of cloth out of her face and have one look. I wanted to hold her close in my arms and never let go. I had this urge to protect this tiny little woman from everything and everyone. What the fuck was happening to me?

She looked scared. I notice her holding a bag pack and her eyes were glistening with tears. She pushes away from me and looks around, her action frantic.

“Do you need any help, Miss?” I finally found my voice.

She looks distraught. I move towards her and she flinch back. A car comes towards us. That’s my taxi and she got into it.

“Miss? That’s my taxi!” My voice raises, not because I am losing my calm. I’m just confused. It’s clear that she needs help. Is she running away from home?

“Sorry. I need this”. She replies as she gives me a pleading look. I am still frozen to a place, still wondering about the way I felt when I came in contact with her. I am still looking at her, speechless and in awe.

She closes the taxi door and instructs the driver in Hindi language. That’s when I see her face. Her scarf slips and I see the most beautiful heart shaped face and those expressive set of almond eyes with pinched nose and sexy luscious lips. She’s mesmerizing and I feel that my heart is struck in my throat.

The time stills and I cannot withdraw my eyes from her beautiful face. I hear her say something and I know I must respond to her. It’s just that her voice sounds distant and I am unable to frame the words. Within next few seconds, I watch her drive away.

“What the fuck just happened?” I murmur to myself.

I call the hotel reception requesting to book another cab as I didn’t want to miss my flight. I have a board meeting that I didn’t want to miss, and the flight alone will take about twenty hours without any further delay.

As I am about to get into the cab, I see few men running around with swords, looking for someone. Why do I have a feeling that this has something to do with the mystery woman?

Thankfully, I reach airport on time to catch my flight. Well, this would’ve been much easier if I had just used my private jet. I don’t remember why I didn’t in the first place.

My mind keeps wandering to the mystery woman when I notice the chain struck to my t-shirt and it has two lockets in it. One of them seems to have detached from the chain. I keep them inside my jacket and close my eyes for the sleep to take over. But all I can see is that beautiful dusky face.

Her tear stained face was most beautiful and serene than any women I’ve ever come across, both while dating and in photography. It made me wonder how she’d look when she smiled or laughed.

I signal for airhostess to get some whiskey, perks of travelling international in a business class. She hands me a whiskey and gives me a flirty smile before her face turns into a concerned look.

“Are you alright, sir?”

“I am all good. Thank you”. I respond back.

“It looks like you are bleeding”. She points at my shirt. I see blood stains.

Well, it isn’t my blood. But I don’t think it’s wise for me to say that to her and let her assume the worst of me. That’s what people did. Didn’t they? Assume the worst of you.

“It’s probably just wine stain. Nothing to worry about”. I wink at her and blush creeps up her cheeks.

I know it’s not wine stain and I am so fucking worried that my dusky beauty was injured. I am not a believer. I am an atheist, but right now, I silently send prayers to the entire universe to keep her safe and out of harm’s way.


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