Forbidden by Faith

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Sana Khan

I have never been mortified this much in my whole life.

His entire family was here, with shocked expression all over their faces and they were looking at us because we forgot to close the damn bedroom door.

I hide my face in crook of Val's neck. This is his fault. I can never look them in the eye now.

"Sana. Don't tell me that you too couldn't resist this fucker's charm?" I hear Isabel. She and Andrew bursts out laughing, and I wish that the floor would open up and swallow me. I dig my nails deeper into Val's back.

"Stop bothering the poor dear. She's already embarrassed." says Mrs. Lennox.

"Ma, I did call him to inform that we will be coming down here. He hung up on me." argues Andrew.

"What's going on in here?" I hear Val's father as he walks into the room. Could someone kill me now? Mr. Alaric Lennox looks our way and there's a wide grin on his face.

"Hello fucker. Hi dear." Val seems to be irritated with all of them.

"Don't let Lennox name down, son." Val throws pillow at his father. I think at this point, Val lost his patience.

"Get the fuck out. All of you." They all just stand there and giggle before Mrs. Lennox drags them all out.

"I am so sorry, baby." Whispers Val.

"You couldn't lock the door?" I am so embarrassed right now. There's no way that I can look them in the eye, Ever. I just shove him off of me and cover myself in sheets, collecting my clothes. This is humiliating.

He comes up behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist and gives light feather kisses on my shoulder before turning me to face him.

"I am mad at you." I point out. His lips trails down my earlobe, neck and shoulder showering me with kisses, like he's following the treasure map.

"I am very..."




"Very Sorry." My body is a traitor. It melts in his touch.

"I ... I am still mad, and I am not talking to you." I shove him and move out of his grasp.

"And the button on my jeans in broken. What am I going to wear?"

"I will send Isa upstairs. You can wear something she has." He says. "Am I forgiven now?"


He just gives me a kiss on my cheek before moving to his closet and taking a t-shirt out of it. "Wear this for now." Val says handing it over to me.

It smells like him. I love it. And it almost covers to my knees.

"You look ravishing in my tee." Since I am mad at him, I don't respond. He just pulls me close to his chest and drops a kiss on my forehead before going downstairs to call his sister.

After few minutes, I see Isabel knock on the door.

"Hello, Sana."

"Hi, Isabel."

"I got you some clothes from my closet. Take whatever you like."

I pick the first one I see. "I will return it back. Thank you."

"You're welcome. So how long it's been you and my brother are dating?" I don't know how to answer that. This was our first date and I almost lost control today.

I feel my face getting heated.

"It's okay, Sana. We should at least get to know each other. I have never seen my brother so happy and smile so much like an idiot. I should be thanking you for making him a little pleasant." She says.


"How about we meet up next Saturday?" Thankfully she interrupts me before I could say something stupid to embarrass myself.

Saturday, I have appointment with Matt to check up on the progress of my baby. However, Friday evening, Pooja is having some party for Holi festivities. Maybe I can invite Isabel over there.

"I am little busy this Saturday. How about we meet on Friday? Are you interested in coming to Indian party? My best friend is arranging it."

"Sounds good. I'll be there." Isa chirps excited, clapping her hands.

We exchange phone numbers.

"Text me the address."


"And Sana?"


"Please don't break my brother's heart. I have never seen him this happy before." I just nod at her.

What am I even doing here? Is this good idea to continue down on this road? I need to tell Val about my pregnancy. I don't want him thinking that I lied to him or so. Once he gets to know about my pregnancy, it will be his decision to whether he wants me to be in his life or not.

Val comes back after some time. I am still not ready to go outside. I pout when he comes sit beside me on bed and pulls me into his lap.

"Baby. Are you still mad at me?"


"How about now?" He runs his tongue along my ear lobe and bite a little, causing me to moan and rest my head against his chest. I can't stay mad at him.

"Val. You entire family saw us. It was
very embarrassing."

"Sana. They'll not utter a word. They'll never discuss it. I promise. Now come, I have to show something to you."

He takes me to a room that looks like an art gallery. What room does this estate don't have?

"This is your art studio?" I ask looking around. It's a little messy and unorganized, but this is a dream land for someone who loves to paint. I could see myself getting lost in here.

He comes from behind and wraps his arms around my waist.

"Yes, it is. Did you like it?"

"Yes. It's absolutely beautiful. And these paintings... Did you paint all these?

He uncoils his arms from around me and I move forward, examining his work of art. So many paintings and beautiful pictures clicked all over the place.

"Yes. It is something that helps me control my anger. So I don't lash out."

His ex really screwed him over. He don't trust anyone, and he has anger issues.

I turn around and run my hand along his face.

"Val, when you get angry, try to close your eyes and imagine something that you love or that helps you keep your calm. And if nothing works, please call me if you think that may help. You don't have to judge everyone by what happened in your past."

He just pulls me closer to him and his forehead rests against mine while I inhale in his woodsy scent.

"I want to show you something I painted over last month." He takes my hand as he guides me further into the studio.

These few paintings in the center of the room looks replica of one another. They are incomplete and looks like he have been trying so hard to get it right, every single time. But they are just gorgeous. Realization dawns on me as I see my veil in those paintings. The night I was running from home. The girl in painting, wearing a long blue veil and only visible thing about her is her eyes.

He was trying to get my face in those paintings. "That's me!" I exclaim.

"Did you like it?" He asks.

"Of course! They're beautiful, Val."

"From the moment I saw those eyes, I know I had to find you. I was going crazy and this is what kept me calm."

This pull we have towards one another is amazing. I don't know what it is yet, but I would like to try and fail rather than never give a try at all.


An entire week has passed by since the whole fiasco at the Lennox estate. It was embarrassing but they didn't utter a word or made fun of us, just like Val promised. We are up to date with Mr. John Cooper's project.

It's finally Friday and Andrew and I have become good friends too.

Every now and then, I try to approach the subject about my past and every time Val shots me down as he changes the subject. Why is he trying to avoid it? I have no clue.

I am ten weeks pregnant now and I am still not showing. I am worried that my little blip is not growing. How my life turned drastically in only ten weeks.

Well, hopefully I can find out what's going on when I go to hospital tomorrow for a check-up.

I knock at Mr. Lennox - Val's door and he asks me to enter. I had requested him that we do not mix the dating life with our work. He was very reluctant at first, but finally he had agreed on it.

"Come in."

I get inside his office and he doesn't lift his head to see who it is. He is busy on the phone call.

"Not acceptable. I want that property for less than fair market or we walk." His tone is sharp, biting as he responds to the individual on his cell phone. He's facing away from me, his focus on a spot outside the window. I see his jaw tighten as he clenches his teeth.

"I understand they are in a position. I want that property for less than thirty million. Make it happen. Don't make me come there." He says and ends the call without saying goodbye.

"Everything okay?" I ask him.

This side of him is still very unfamiliar to me. I want to be there for him, and I don't know how.

At work, he is very different person than the one I have gotten used to.

His eyes soften and he walks up to me, cupping my face in his hands. The simple touch makes me melt.

"You being here makes it a lot better." He brings my hand to his lips to kiss my palm and then he brush his lips lightly against my lips.

I can't think straight when he's doing that. All decency and control flies out of window.

I put my palm on his chest, stopping him there. "Not here, Val."

"I thought I was your eye candy." He says teasingly.

"Yes. Mr. Lennox. You are an eye candy. But I am already seeing someone right now as he's very special to me. I don't think he would appreciate you putting your hands on me.

"He is special, huh?"


He moves closer to my ear and whispers slowly. "Ms. Khan. He really wouldn't appreciate if someone else touches you. You are his and belong to him alone. He says he will tear that person limb from limb, if someone dares to touch what belongs to him."

He just stands there, smiling at me. I have to tell him what I came in here for, before I forget.

"Baby, I came to tell you Ms. Violet has appointment scheduled after 30 minutes regarding the fashion show sponsorship. She should be here soon."

I take my leave and go get seated in my cabin, which is next to Val's. I still have some work left on Mr. Cooper's project and the team members are all not in sync with decision. I need to speak with Val about it and see what's the best way to approach this issue.

After few minutes, I see Violet walk in to Val's office and she is dressed in too revealing clothes. It doesn't seem like a business meeting for her. Anyway, I go about sending an email to update the team with the project details and once I am done, I remember I have to leave early today to meet Isabel and get ready to attend Holi festivities.

I go to Val's cabin and knock before I open the door and what the hell am I seeing here? This woman is trying to be all over my man, and he is trying to detach himself away from her. I have never in my life been so angry as I walk over there and push her away from Val.

"What the fuck bitch?" Her question is directed at me.

"He is mine. You're just here for business. Do your business and do not touch something that doesn't belongs to you."

"You are just his new shiny toy. He will play with you until he's bored. Then he will come back to me. He always does."

I turn to see Val and he's just standing there fascinated.

"You are very delusional sweetheart. I am sorry to burst your bubble. You were his cup of tea, but he drinks champagne now. He's not just a man. He is my man. And if you fuck with that, I will show you the demo of how bitchy I can be." I respond back.

She turns to Val, but his eyes are burning hole in me. He has not moved his gaze away from me.

"Are you going to let some hussy talk like that to me?" Asks Violet.

"Violet, I have told you millions of time that we are done. And we never dated. You were never my girlfriend and you never will be. I suggest you listen to what she just said. I don't want to upset her."

He is still looking at me. Where did all that come from. When did I become so much possessive of Val?

"And since you have disrespected her, I am not going to sponsor your campaign. We will no longer be doing any business together." Val says to Violet.

I feel my eyes go wide with surprise. Why would he do that? This may be a loss for the company. This is all my fault.

"You filthy bitch. Now you are costing me my business." Violet pounce in my direction to hit me and I instantly back away, covering myself. Her hand never met my face as expected and I was wrapped around by a strong muscles.

"Get the hell out of here."

"You will regret this Valor."

"I will never regret choosing her over anything or anybody. Now get the fuck out of my office before I call for security." His tone is commanding enough for an army to bow and surrender in defeat. Violet stomps out of the office.

"I am sorry for ruining your deal. I should have stayed out of it." I say as I look up to him.

"Baby. You didn't do anything wrong and it didn't cost me any business. Even if it did, I wouldn't care." He say. Val leans down a bit to continue, "Besides, that was hot to watch. I loved the way you were possessive over me. I am yours huh?"

Now I feel shy and I hide my face in his chest.

"Please say it one more time. Say that I am yours."

"...." I muffle into his chest.

"I didn't hear you, Baby."

"You're mine. All mine. You are my beast, my monster. But all mine."

And just like that, he claims my lips. "Say it again."

I giggle as I grant his request. "You're mine, Baby."

I remember why I was here in first place. "Val?"

"Yes, Baby."

"Pooja has a Holi function at her home, and I need to leave early from office. Would you like to go with me?"

"Sure, sweetheart. What time?"

"It's 4.00 pm already, so I suggest we leave soon as the party starts at 6.00 pm."

After we reach home, we go to our separate rooms, to get showered and dressed. Yes. I come to office with him every day and in case he is busy or working from other place, he sends a car for me so I can reach home safe in evening.

I chose to wear an Indian attire - elegantly embellished pink pastel lace saree with a halter neck blouse, and it paired interestingly with a heavily embellished jacket. I hope Val likes it too. I hear his voice in the hallway. He's probably coming this way. I also decide to wear bindi (dot) on my forehead and pair my attire with jewelry to complete my look.

"Sana? Is there any..." He stops in mid sentence when he looks up at me. His gaze heats up and he growls before crossing distance between us and pulling me in his arms.

"You look so fucking beautiful."

His hands are on my midriff and he is showering me with kisses. I am melting under his touch. If this keeps going on, we will never reach on time.

"We will be late. Let's go now."

"You're driving me crazy. How many perverts do I have to kill today?" He asks.

"You don't have to murder anyone, Val. Just know that I belong to you. It doesn't matter who sees me, as my eyes will be always searching for you." That seems to assure him. He is very territorial.

"And that belly chain... Jesus.. I just want to kiss you there."

"Later, honey bear. Let's go now."

We drive to Pooja's place. Finally we arrive and are greeted with my friends. Isabel haven't reached yet, so I call her and she says she's already on the way. This is great. Everyone together here. I just hope Val and Matt will get along without any issues.

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