Forbidden by Faith

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Valor Lennox

Chapter 4

Valor Lennox

Today was exciting. First interview and then meeting her here to show her around the place. She’s so polite. I have never seen a girl shy away so genuinely. Mary was about to give her key for an apartment which we usually offer to personal assistant of CEO. But I had to let Mary know not to hand over the keys and asked her to send Sana to this address. The moment she stepped into my office, I had decided that I am not letting her go. I don’t know what I’d do if she is to disappear on me again.

I have to say, I was perplexed by her behaviour when she started untying her shoes. I haven’t in my life met anyone so innocent and pure.

She seemed uncomfortable at the idea of staying with me for a moment. I could feel her contemplating the decision. And I notice her blush every time I was being flirty. I noticed the way she’d untuck her hair from behind her ears to hide her blush. It was the most innocent thing that I have ever seen someone do. After I leave her in left wing, I come downstairs to see my younger brother looking at me with a sparkle in his eyes.

“What?” I ask him casually.

“She’s very special.” He says and I smile as I remember her innocent face.

“That she is”. I respond back at my brother.

“The moment I saw her, I wanted to ask her on date. The things I would like to do to her. That dusky complexion…” he drifts off. I turn to look at him, fuming with anger as I pin him to the wall. I don’t know how in hell this little fucker managed to make me so angry.

“She’s off-limits, Andrew.”

“Well, I will ask her about it.” He bites back. If only, he would shut the fuck up.

“I SAID SHE IS OFF-LIMITS”. I enunciate each word carefully so it gets into his thick skull. The fucker thinks this is funny. He’s laughing now.

“May I ask why? She’s just your employee right?” He says pushing my buttons again.

“She’s mine. Andrew. Only mine. I am not fucking around. I mean it when I say this.

“Is that why the renowned playboy haven’t been seen in any pubs or haven’t been heard in any gossip lately?” He knows he is testing my patience. I push him a little more, causing him to yelp in pain.

“Okay, alright. Jeez, big brother. Calm the fuck down. You, my brother -the playboy is pussy whipped.” I had my hold loosened on him. The moment that last part was out of his mouth, I instantly grab him by his throat, pinning him down to the wall again.

“You will not talk about her in any disrespectful way.” I love my brother and although we weren’t much close to one another, I would protect him with my life. He knew how enraged I could get and how I had anger issues. Deep down, I think I know he was jesting, but I needed to make myself clear to him. Sana’s mine. I didn’t know why I felt this urge to protect her. But from the moment, my eyes fell on her, she was mine. She belonged to no one but me.

“This sounds very serious. Let go of me. I ain’t going to interfere or tease you again man.” And I let go of him.

He gasps for air as he looks up at me. “You crazy psycho. I am going to tell Ma about what you did.”

He leaps away from me and runs to his car before I could grab him again. Then he shows me middle finger before driving off.

I couldn’t believe my anger outburst. Stunned more by the pure rage than anything else, I lifted my head and peered through my hair. What the hell had just happened?

The only thing that helped me control this rage was either having a fuck or doing heavy workout. The first one was out of question since the time I had met my mysterious dusky beauty. However, I could hit gym or do some workout outside.

Having a workout outside was a best choice right now since I didn’t want to run into her and show her the monster that lurks inside me.

After heavy workout session, I am just resting for a minute outside to catch my breath as I watch the swans in nearby lake. This soothes me. Then I hear some sort of musical sound and I turn around to see her coming out of the house.

She was about to sneak out and then she stops when I call out her name. I also notice the sound I was hearing earlier have stopped.

“Where you sneaking off to?”

“I need some groceries. I am going to look around and see if there’s any store.”

I ask her to wait as I rush inside for a quick bath and I was glad to see her waiting outside.

“Thank fuck. You didn’t ditch me.” I say in humour and she rolls her eyes at me. Probably for using a curse word. But that little action makes my cock rock hard.

When I asked her if I could drive my motorcycle, I hear excitement in her voice. Usually ladies fuss about motorcycle ride. They are way more concerned about the way the wind would mess up with their hair and the dust that messes with the makeup.

But not this feisty little one. This woman here is excited to have a motorcycle ride. The twinkle in her eyes gets me all excited and now I am pulling her towards garage to show her my motorcycle. I hand over the helmet to her. Once she wears it, I check few times to make sure that it’s tight enough.

She holds onto me tightly and I love the way I feel her arms around my waist. My heart is pounding in my ears. This amazing feeling I get every time she’s near to me, it’s baffling and I am scared that this is happening too fast. What if I fall in love with her before even taking her out on a date. I don’t know what she thinks about me. What if she doesn’t agree to go out on a date?

What the fuck? I chide myself. I am Valor Lennox for Christ sake. I don’t give up until I get what I want. And what I want is her. She’s mine. I am going to make her mine.

The entire ride goes in silence, her holding me tightly against my waist. When we started the ride, she was sitting straight, like she had a need to prove herself that she’s just holding onto me in order to maintain balance and not to fall off. But as the ride goes by, I feel her getting relaxed. Her entire body is pressed on my back and I just fucking love this feeling.

I gently call her out.

“Hey, Sana. Sweetheart? We’ve reached.”

I get a shopping cart when she looks around. The look on her face is a pure joy. She was so excited to come to grocery store?! I intend to ask about it when I hear that musical sound again. It comes in every step she takes. It’s probably her anklets. Who wears them anyway these days?

I go to get some beers. When I come back, I notice that the cart is filled with all sort of junk food. And she’s busy trying to get Nutella which is placed on top shelf.

I notice her top moving upward every time she’s trying to reach the shelf. This little action of her gives me a view of her bare waist and her belly chain is visible.

This is fucking killing me. I need to go out and get laid. But I don’t want to. First time in life, grocery shopping is far more fun and interesting than going to pub and getting wasted or having some random fuck. I walk up behind her, grabbing the jar.

She spins around, hair sweeping behind her, not before I could catch the smell of freshly cut flowers from her hair. She looks up at me with those large brown eyes. I hold the jar out.

We were standing only inches apart, but yet too far for my taste. Our precious moment was interrupted by the little fuckers who are pestering their parents into buying junk food after looking at our cart. The mother of the kids gives us distaste look before moving forward, dragging her kids along.

I turn to look at Sana and she’s busy with a phone call, biting her lower lip in the process. She has no clue what she’s doing to me. She moves away to the aisle where there is a stock of different kinds of lentils. I feel sudden urge to drag her back to me as I feel the hole burning in my chest.

I keep watching her as she ends the call saying something in Hindi and she grabs few kinds of lentils and drop it in the cart.

“Hi. Sorry. I was occupied with the call.”

“It’s alright. So are you done buying groceries?”

“Yes, Sorry.” There she goes again, biting her lower lip and driving me crazy in process.

“What are you sorry for, Sana?”

“You may have things planned for a weekend and you had to waste time here in grocery store with me.” She says as she lowers her gaze and fiddles with the edge of her top. I move my hand towards her face, tipping her chin up to make her look at me. Our eyes are locked.

“It’s not where we spend time. It’s rather whom we spend it with.” She doesn’t respond so I keep going, “And I’d rather be here looking at you than go to some club”. She blushes at that and I lean in to tuck the loose strand of her hair behind her ear.

We go to the billing counter and I am about to pay when she stops me.

“I will pay.”

“I can pay. It’s no problem.” I say to her.

“It’s my groceries and you’re my boss.”


Women never shied away when I paid their bills. Over the years, I may have bought so many expensive jewellery and other things and this woman in front of me won’t allow me to pay for fucking groceries.

I have to tread carefully with her. She was not materialistic and money didn’t impress her. “Look. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable. You can pay the bill.” I was about to remove my beers from her cart as she grasp on my hand.

I feel longing for more of her when she touched me. The monsters that lurks in shadows hide when she’s close by. I feel connected to her.

“I will pay for those beers.” She says so nonchalantly.

“Why? I am your boss. If I can’t pay for something you bought, you shouldn’t be paying for something I bought.” I try the same tactic as her since her answers always surprise me and I want to know what she has to say.

“But you were generous enough to get me here. The least I can do is get those beers.”

“No. You’re not paying.” This was unacceptable. If I cannot pay for her stuff, she shouldn’t be paying for mine.

“Yes. I am.” Dammit. She’s stubborn. But I wasn’t going to give up.

“Nope. Not happening, sweetheart.” I repeat again.

“Okay then.” I was surprised that she didn’t argue further. The way her eyes lit with fire while we were arguing, I can surely say she ain’t meek. She is gentle but firm and stubborn in her own ways.

“You’re not going to argue?” I ask her.

“No, Sir.” Well. That’s not helpful. That’s very much arousing. She unlocks her phone and opens a taxi app. Yes, I am peeping. Well, not so much peeping as standing behind her. Since I am way taller than her, I can see what she’s doing.

Why the fuck am I even trying to convince myself of my own actions. Of course I am peeping.

“What are you doing?” I ask her, unable to contain my curiosity.

“Booking taxi.”


“Well. You won’t let me pay for your beer. I don’t want to take advantage of your kind gesture.” Little Vixen was challenging me.

“Fine, pay for the beer.” I say defeatedly and her face cracks up into a wide smile.

This is the second time today she smiled at me. How the fuck did I miss that dimple on her right cheek?

After the bill is paid, we leave for home as I ask the store owner to have the items delivered.

“I noticed that you like motorcycle.” I decide to engage in conversation while I drive. So I ask her something that’s been nagging in the back of my head from the time I heard excitement in her voice about motorcycle.

“What’s not to like? It gives me a thrill.”

“So you are an adrenaline junkie?” I smile at her. She’s completely opposite to me in so many ways, and yet similar.

“So am I to presume that this wasn’t the first time you were on motorcycle?”

“Of course not. I know how to drive.”

“What?” Did I hear that right? My little vixen knows to drive motorcycle.

She shrugs as if it’s not a big deal. Well, it isn’t. Women drive motorcycle all the time. It’s just that since the time I have met her, I have had misconception about her. Probably based on her religion.

I knew some Muslim men, whom I’ve become friends with, from my time in India. They would join us in a pub and I never saw Adnan remove his shoes inside their own house while we were visiting. Whilst the women at his house were not allowed to come in front of strangers who were visiting.

“Well. I would sneak out after school or at midnight with my brother and learn to ride motorcycle”. She was full of surprises. Wasn’t she?

“Why don’t you wear that thing that you were wearing the first time we met?” I gesture my hand around her face.

“You remember?” She looks surprised.

“Of course. That face would probably be the last thing I will remember when I draw my last breath”.

The first time I saw her, it’s branded in my heart and head. I would rewind it every second of the day, until today, as she walked into my office. Maybe going forward, she’d allow me to create new memories.

“I... I am trying to start a new life here. A fresh start without any bad memories. I.. I know it may not make much sense to anyone. I believe that wearing hijab should be a matter of faith and it should be personal choice. Not wearing it is my first step towards living my life on my own terms.” And I feel a new sense of respect for her. In my experience, all women I’ve ever come across were gold diggers. She wasn’t one of them. I can see that.

“It makes perfect sense.” I say as I place my hand on top of hers. I feel her relax as she places her face against my back, her hands still wrapped around my waist as I drove.

Within few minutes of us reaching home, the grocery is delivered. I keep the beer in refrigerator and run upstairs to my room to take a shower.

I had felt the longing in her when she was talking about her brother. I wonder what made her leave the safety of her family. She referred her past as “bad memories”. But I won’t rush her. She will tell me when she’s ready.

I remove her chain off of me and keep it in my drawer. I take a shower and get changed into my trouser when I hear an explosion that came from the left wing of the house.

I get this overwhelming anxiety, fear and dread at her being hurt. Before I know it, I run in the direction of where she’s staying.


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