Forbidden by Faith

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Valor Lennox

Chapter 8

Valor Lennox

Waking up next to her was a bliss. She was lying on top of me, her head laying on my chest and her arm was wrapped around me. Her unruly wavy long hair splayed all across my chest. I stayed there watching her sleep. She looked so relaxed and not at all on edge or in a defensive mode I’ve noticed her to be in.

This was a best feeling I ever had. Although I was drunk, I remember every second I spent with her last night. Maybe the only reason she stayed the night is because she promised. I just wish we could stay like this, forever.

It’s been two hours since I am up. I still haven’t moved; I didn’t want to wake her up. I just couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She’s become one of my vice, my addiction and I can’t seem to have enough of her. I want all of her.

I notice her clothing. She was wearing peach colored silky-smooth cami set with delicate lace. Is this what she wears behind those closed doors. I smile to myself as I imagine her walking around in those clothes. My cock is instantly hard at the sight of her.

Her eyes flutters open and shut and then she groans and moves away from me, putting a pillow over her face to shield from sunlight. Looks like my baby hates morning and it’s almost noon now. I chuckle to myself. I am a morning person. I like to wake up early and go about the day.

“I see that you are not a morning person.” I whisper as I see her slowly open her eyes.

She jolts up right on the bed probably realizing where she is.

“I am sorry.” She says gently. I see her cheeks flushed and her eyes are all over the place.

“What are you sorry for, sweetheart?”

“For sleeping in here. But... I promised I wouldn’t leave. Of course, you weren’t in your senses when you asked. I should’ve known better.”

After talking for a while and assuring that I meant what I said last night, I ask her to meet me downstairs in my study. We need to get all of this sorted at once.

I make pancakes until she comes downstairs. The elegance and grace she walks with, I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I told you that she’s royalty, even better than the Queen herself. We eat in silence and she does the dishes. She’s avoiding talking to me again.


“You alone cannot fucking decide it”. I scream. I had lost it. I had lost my temper.

I knew I am yelling. I move towards her in anger when she instinctively moves back to corner shielding her face and her stomach. That’s when I see it. Her eyes were filled with terror and it suddenly dawns on me. Did she think I would beat her? She’s shaking with fear.

Old painful memories come flooding back. It was almost twelve years ago, the very first time I was foolish enough to fall in love. How that fucken bitch had filed a lawsuit on me saying that I beat her up constantly while I have never in my life raised a finger on any woman. She had marks on her body to prove it too, which by the way was all set-up and was well planned with a man whom she was sleeping with, behind my back.

It didn’t matter that I won in court. I was forever labelled as a woman abuser in gossip magazines and every other place I go.

I look at this beautiful little creature shaking with fear in front of me. I have seen enough faded marks on her arms to know that she’s been tortured a lot, maybe more so. I know she doesn’t open up so she wouldn’t get hurt. I move in closer to her, trying to calm her. But she flinches back, moving further in corner as she cries hysterically.

“Oh fuck! Did you think I was going to beat you?” I can feel the pain emanating in my voice. Why would she think I would hurt her?

“Sana, Baby. I would never.” I ask her to look at me. To look in my eyes and see for herself that I am not lying. But she asks me to leave her alone. And even though I didn’t want to, I did. I left her alone and go upstairs.

After few hours I see a car drive by through my bedroom window. The man who looks very familiar hugs her, and I see her calm and not on edge with him. She’s resting her face in his chest.

My blood was boiling with anger. She didn’t want me to console her and take her on a fucking date. But she’s okay to do all of that with other men. Unfuckingbelievable!

I watch as she takes him upstairs to her wing. It may have been few hours, but it feels like forever before they come downstairs and she waves at him as he drives by. Although I wanted to storm in there and rip that man apart, I didn’t want her to think I am not respecting her privacy, and I didn’t want her to leave this place. So I stayed here thinking of all fucking things he was doing to her.

I need to get her out of my head. She doesn’t want me. I think it’s time I accept that. I dial Violet’s number and ask her to come by my place.

I don’t care for nothing else. I just want to be deeply buried in a pussy until it fucking stops to hurt.

Violet doesn’t waste any time to get here. She strips herself naked. She knew the rules. The rules I laid. She knew I could fuck her brains out, but I wouldn’t go down on her, and neither I would kiss on her lips. A naked woman is standing right in front of me and I don’t feel anything. My mind wanders back to big brown eyes and what she may think of me if she sees me like this.

And my dick don’t seem to get up. “Hey, baby. You don’t seem okay.” Says Violet and I groan in frustration and throw the sheets at her asking her to cover herself up and leave as I go get showered and get dressed for the fundraising event I had organized.

“What the fuck Valor? You asked me to come here.”

“And now, I am asking you to leave. This was a mistake, Violet.” I say to her as I tie my hair neatly into a bun.

“Is it because of that girl from the other day who you claimed to be your girlfriend?” I don’t find it relevant to answer her.

She walks up to me and wraps her hands from behind my waist. I feel sick. What the fuck was I about to do just few minutes ago? I disentangle her arms and move away. Why the fuck was I feeling guilty? Who knows what Sana was doing with that guy for hours?

“Since when do I have to answer you, Violet? Get out of here. Now.”

I open my bedroom door to see Sana already standing outside, her hand raised up, and she was about to knock on my bedroom door, a bright smile on her face and she is dressed in beautiful pastel pink ruffle dress. That complexion of her skin is no help. I am knocked out of breath, taking in her beauty. The radiance is emanating from her form.

And then her eyes wander from my face to behind me. The smile that was on her face dropped instantly placing with heart shattering look. Her big brown eyes were filled with unshed tears. She’s put on a brave face, like what she sees is not affecting her at all. But those eyes said a different story altogether.

She sprints away and run towards her room. What the fuck was I thinking getting another woman into a room where my Sana was laying asleep in my arms few hours ago? I curse under my breath and follow her. She’s throwing up in her bathroom. Great. I disgust her. I am disgusted by me too.

I rake my hand through my hair, letting the few strings loosen from the bun that was tied neatly.

“Are you okay? Do you want me to call a doctor?”

“No, Thank you. Mr. Lennox. Doctor was here earlier. Give me five minutes to make myself presentable.”

Was that the doctor earlier? They looked too close and too good together. I fucked up big time.

I go downstairs and wait for her. The moment I hear those anklets, I look up. She walks down those stairs with such a grace, head held high, no evidence of tears from before.

I can’t take my eyes off of her. She finally reached the bottom of stairs. Behind her, I see someone whom I regret calling. What the fuck is she still doing here?

“What the fuck are you still doing here?” I ask Violet.

Sana jerks up her head at my voice and turns around looking at Violet, who was standing behind her. Then I watch as she turns away and her eyes seems to be all over the place.

“Valor. You cannot just ask me to come in here and then ask me to leave. We didn’t even get to...”

“Just leave, Violet. It was a mistake calling you here.”

“It’s her. Isn’t it? She’s the reason you didn’t want to have sex.”

“Violet, leave before I call my security.”

“Fine. I’ll leave. Just so, you know, you’ll come back to me, Valor. You always do. You will be tired of her.” With that, she barge out of my mansion.

I look at Sana and she looks relieved. Is it because she heard nothing happened between me and Violet? I can clearly see in her eyes that what I do affects her very much. She has feelings for me too. Why was she fighting this?

I offer my hand, hoping she would take it. She doesn’t. She walks away from me. I have limo taking us today to the event. I run behind her so I could open the door for her. She just opens it herself and gets inside. For such a small person, she fucking moved so fast.

“Why did you call the doctor?” I am greeted with silence. The only reason I know she’s alive is that her chest moves up and down as she’s breathing.

“Are you sick?” Great! Just more silence.

The demon in my head says, “she will never look at you with those eyes again. You fucked up. Now we both will be all alone. Forever. You are struck with me”

“How are you feeling now?” I ask again, but to no avail. No response whatsoever.

The monster comes out again, from its hiding place, deep from the shadows of my fucked-up mind – my own personal hell. “What if she moves out? What if she quits? Then you’ll never ever see her again. We’ll never see her again. You know what happens when she’s not around. You become cold. You become this angry monster!” I let out a harsh breath. I know this is all just in my head. But what if the monster is right? Will she really walk away from me?

Before I could reason with my demon, we reach where the event is being held. It’s on one of the Lennox properties.

My parents were very happy when I discussed this idea with them. It was a first event I was hosting for a fundraiser. I haven’t told Sana what exactly this event is for or who it is being hosted by.

I was about to open the limo door when she grips on my arm. She’s frozen in her place.

“Are you okay?”

“There.... There’s media here.” She says.


“I... I can’t go out. I don’t want my pictures clicked.” She looks frantic.

“Okay. There won’t be any pictures clicked. We will go from back door.” She looks up at me, unsure and doubt in her eyes. I move closer to her, taking her hand in mine.

“Baby. If you don’t want to go in, I won’t force you. We can leave now.”

“No. This is very important to you. We will go inside.”

“I promise you. No media. And there’s no press inside.” She finally looks up, meeting my eyes.

“You promise?” She holds her pinky and I look puzzled.

“You are supposed to hook your pinky on mine and say you promise.” Her pure soul and sweet innocence had me hooked to her. This is what I saw in her, right from the moment I had laid my eyes on her. The laughter too was bubbling inside of me, but I didn’t dare let it out, I didn’t want to offend her. At this moment, right here, she looked like an angel. My angel.

“Yes. Baby. I promise. Do you trust me?” I hook my pinky with hers as I promise her. She just nods her head as “yes”.

I am so relieved to hear her say that though. “I trust you.”

I hold out my arm and she gladly takes it this time. I lead her inside through the back door.

The ballroom was decorated with copper themed lights and white roses. Stunning centerpieces, grand lighting, red carpets, and beautiful décor offered a sophisticated atmosphere. Live entertainment was featured in the form of singing and ballroom dancing. All in all, everything was giving the ballroom a fairy-tale look. I must say. The event planner has done a great job.

When I looked at Sana, I can tell without any doubt that Goddess Aphrodite would pale in comparison of my dusky beauty.

I then notice my family and walk up to them. “Hi Ma, Dad.” I greet them still having Sana in my tow.

“Is this how I have to meet my own son these days?” Ma asks me.

“What are you talking about? We met few days ago.” I kiss Ma on her cheek as I wrap my free arm around her for a hug.

“You came home the week you came back from India.” Says Ma kissing me back on cheek.

“Hey, fucker. Who’s the beauty hiding beside you?” asks my dad and I feel Sana’s grip on my arm harder.


“Hello.” Comes out a voice beside me, from the most beautiful woman in the world.

“Hi, beautiful.” I notice that my dad has lost sarcasm from his voice which was there few moments ago while he was addressing me.

“Hello dear. What’s your name?” asks Mother.


“What a unique name for a beautiful girl. How long are you dating my son? Are you the reason he’s away from his family?

These people are embarrassing her as well as me. I assume family is for this particular reason. Am I wrong?

“I... I am not the reason for him to be away from his family, ma’am. I am not his girlfriend. Though, there may be few others. I just saw one today inside his bedroom.”

“Valor? Is that how you disrespect the lady?” asks my mother.

“Ma...” I groan with frustration. Little vixen threw me under the bus and is now looking amused and smug as she awaits to see how my parents are going to react. Before I could say something, thankfully, I see my little sister walking in.

“Hello fucker. Remember me? Your little sister.” Great. One more member is missing. “Hello to you too, dear sis.” It didn’t go unnoticed that Sana was clutching on my arm, not letting me go and I was glad that she needed me although she just threw me to wolves, with my parents.

“So, where’s Andrew?” I ask everyone as I don’t see my brother.

“Why? So you could pin him down the wall and break his neck this time?” He told on me like he said he would.

“That motherfu...”

“Language Valor! This is not how you speak in front of ladies.”

“Ma. He started it.” Now I am defending my actions to my mother like a little child.

I turn to see Sana who is trying to hide her smile. I never thought of her to be mischievous sort. “I am so sorry. Let me introduce you to my family.”

This is my Ma – Nancy Lennox, my dad – Alaric Lennox and my sister – Isabella Lennox and everyone, this is Sana Khan, my personal assistant and the girl whom I’m trying to woo if she lets me.

“Hi, Mr. Lennox. Mrs. Lennox.” Sana politely moves her hand forward to shake her hand with my parents. “Hi, Ms. Lennox.” She greets my sister.

“Hey, you can call me Isa.” Says my sister. “It’s great to meet you. Beware of my brother.” She teases and my Ma interrupts thankfully.

“Isa. Don’t scare off the poor child.” I hear Ma’s voice has a fair warning to it. She then looks softly at Sana as she says, “Honey, don’t heed to her.”

I excuse us from my family before they decide to cause any further damage than I already have or can repair. We move around to talk with other people with Sana tucked in my arms. She never left my side.

I hear someone call her name and we turn around. “Sana.”

“Pooja. Yaha kaise?”

“I planned this event. Even Matt and Steven are somewhere around.” Says my event planner.

“Who’s babysitting Ethan?”

“Who else? Christina. I just hope I have a baby to go home to. If anything happens to him, I am going on killing spree and wiping out Holt family.” I just notice the way she’s around her friends. She was never so relaxed with me. With me, she was always on guard.

I look at their interaction back and forth. She’s still holding onto my arms, never letting go of me and I like it. Then she remembers me by her side as her friend’s gaze moves from her to look up at me.

“Oh, I am sorry. Silly me! As you may know, this is my boss, Valor Lennox.” I smile at my event planner. Sana is unaware that we knew each other. After all, she was my lawyer’s wife. “And this is my childhood best friend, Pooja.”

I didn’t know my event planner was friends with her. Her friend now looks at me with slit eyes. It’s like a mother warning not to break her child’s heart.

I see my fucking lawyer and another man join us, who seems familiar. Wait! That was the guy at my home today.

“Hey, babe.” Steven puts his arms around Pooja. He looks up at me and raises his eyebrow, narrowing his eyes at me when he sees my hand linked with Sana.

“Hey Cookie. Didn’t know you’d be here. You look beautiful.” He moves forward, kissing Sana on her cheek. Cookie? Really? I thought he was referring to his wife. My dusky beauty has a beautiful name, why not use it?

“Thank you, Steven. You look dashing as ever.” She says and I feel jealousy seething inside me.

“If only we met few years earlier.” Says Steven. Is he fucking flirting with my girl in front of his wife?

Sana leans in closer to Steven, while still not letting go of me as she whispers lightly, but audible enough for us all to hear, “You think you could’ve handled me?” I see Pooja roll her eyes at them as everyone bursts into laughter.

“Ouch! That’s hurtful!” says Steven, holding his hand to his heart, pretending to be hurt and they all look like one big happy family, and they were probably unaware of me, standing right there. She had that effect on everyone. I, for once, was shocked of her bold statement and my mind was running wild with imaginations of her and how I can take care of her in every possible way.

She then turns up to me and points towards Steven and the other guy. “Where are my manners? This is Pooja’s husband Steven Holt and her brother-in-law, Matthew Holt.”

“Baby, I know who they are.” I inform Sana as I point towards Steven and his wife. “They both work for me.”

“I am his lawyer -“, says Steven as his wife cuts him off as she adds, “And I am his event planner.” Sana looks surprised; however she masks her surprise and her face is back to being guarded again.

“Why didn’t you tell me you all knew each other?” The question wasn’t directed at me, for which I was grateful. It was directed at Steven and Pooja. I see her glare at them, and I was curious to find out what she’d do. I’ve never seen her angry. However, the question goes unanswered as Matthew Holt interrupts with his own question. “Sana. Care for a dance?” He bows down in front of Sana in a dramatic way. She unlinks her arm from mine, leaving me feeling hollow.

As she dances, I can’t help but stare at her. Her beauty, so mesmerizing and I am in her trance. Her beautiful brown hair cascades down to her waist and all I want to do is rush over the dance floor and pull her in my arms.

The voice beside me pulls me away from the sight in front of me. “Just so you know, if you ever hurt her, we will not hesitate to destroy you and tear you to shreds. She’s family, Lennox.”

“I don’t intend to hurt her, Holt. And as far as tearing me into shreds, only she has that power over me.” I have to admire his protectiveness over her although his threat was pissing me off.

“As long as we are clear. I don’t want to make you disappear. After all, you’re the biggest client my firm has.” Did my own lawyer just fucking threaten me? He walks away with his wife in his arms. She looks apologetic now and smiles politely before walking away. I hear a laugh and turn to see Sana laughing uncontrollably when the guy she’s dancing with whispers something in her ears. My jaws and fist are clenched, and I grit my teeth as jealousy seethes within me.

I want to be the person to make her laugh that way. I hear monster speak again in my head‚ “But you are the reason she’s always in tears.”

I make my way to her, as my feet won’t move in any other direction. “Can I steal my date back?” I ask as I clear my throat. I notice the man resembles to Steven, maybe a younger version of him, and he is about to say something, but Sana lightly puts her hand on his shoulder, and he seems to be relaxed. So, she has an ability to control any beast.

“Can I have a next dance?” I offer her my hand and thankfully she takes it. As I am about to take her in my arms, I see that fucker still didn’t let go of her hand.

“So I will see you tomorrow?” he asks her for which she responds back by saying, “How about next Saturday?” I noticed that she didn’t refuse him.

“It’s a date.” Motherfucker winks at her and kisses her cheek before walking away. She just looks in his direction and smiles. Was she already in love with him?

I pull her into my arms. She doesn’t look up at me while we dance. She’s not smiling anymore.

“Thank you.” Did I hear that right? Finally, she’s talking. She looks up at me with those big brown eyes and in that instant, I forget to breathe.

“What for? Sweetheart?”

“For getting us inside unnoticed by media.” She responds back.

“What is it you’re afraid of? I can’t figure you out.” She turned elegantly as I twirl her, Her body in tune with the slow music. “You are like a puzzle, Sana. The more I solve you, the more complicated you get.”

“I just... I don’t want to be seen.” And that was end of discussion as she suddenly changes the topic to fundraiser event.

“So what’s this fundraiser for?”

“It’s to raise money for immigrant women and children who have difficulty starting life here. The money will go towards their well-being, studies, food. Whatever they need.”

“That’s a beautiful cause, Valor. How did you think of that?” I didn’t miss the way my name sounded on her lips.

“I met my inspiration a month ago. That scared face kept replaying in my mind until she walked in my office last week.” She blushes and lowers her eyelashes, biting her lower lip.

“Thank you. This is a beautiful gesture.”

“You look breathtaking tonight.” The warmth between us grew more powerful by the second. My heartbeat was growing steadily along with it. Our dance was perfect; everything from our breathing to how our feet moved stayed in sync. If, by the end of this dance my breath is taken away, I would know the exact reason why.

“Thank you.”

“Do you want to stay, or shall we leave?” She ponders for a moment before answering me.

“Let’s go. We need to talk few things.” Finally, I am glad to hear her say that. I smile at her. We bid goodbyes to my family and my parents are absolutely in love with Sana. They invited her to lunch on next Sunday and she happily agreed.

I make a mental note to self to call Ma and let her know about Sana’s food preference. We walk to the back door and the moment guards open the door, the camera flashes on us. My hand instinctively reach to grab Sana and hide her face in my chest. Holy fuck. How did the media get here?


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