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"Don't leave me Bella...Stay with me...Breathe...Fight...I need you to be alive.".. These were the last words she heard before everything turned black, collapsing into Henry's arms.... Isabella and Henry met and fell in love but extra marital affairs never have good endings.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Everyone wondered what Henry saw in Isabella. An average girl with a carefree attitude.

Many may not necessarily consider her as drop dead gorgeous but there always seemed to be a some pleasantness about her facial structure.

Let’s say she could be very beautiful on the days she decides to give two hoots about her appearance.

Isabella, who most people refer to as Bella, never considered herself even average among the girls.

This is probably why she lived her life in her own little bubble, finding happiness in things like nature and her wild imagination.

But when Henry Williams-one of LA’s most successful businessmen- fell in love with this “simple” woman, people in her small town of Spring Lake Jersey couldn’t accept that it was the real thing.

In fact, rumor has it that she had returned to her birth country Nigeria, and cast some kind of spell on this man.

You know what I’m talking about? Those foul smelling, bush boiling, chicken beheading, I write your name on parchment paper kind of spells.

People eventually found out later, that this was not why Henry fancied her.

You see...Henry and Isabella met during a marketing conference in Newark and because of her low self-esteem; she always kept to her end at social gatherings. Yes. Even at church.

“Why are you standing here alone?“, she heard this deep voice whisper as she leaned against the entrance door of the conference room, watching everyone on the dance floor having fun that evening.

“Talking to me?“, Isabella replied hesitating.

“Who else could I be speaking too”, he replied, saying “I am Henry”.

His tall slender figure made him look so astute in that black suit he wore that night.

Dark eyes, dark straight hair, light skin and just so handsome.

A man like that would never look upon a girl like me twice, she thought. But to her surprise he kept on looking at her.

For a moment she felt awkward in a good way.A feeling that Bella don’t recall having for a very long time.

“Care to share a dance? he asked softly. Her mind screamed no way but her lips said “yessss”.

Henry held Isabella’s soft but firm hands and walked her down the dance floor.

All the time she was pinching her thigh.

The closest thing to reality was that she thought this moment was a dream. An unrealistic dream.

She quickly pinched herself again and the pain made her twitch her mouth.

Bella could feel eyes piercing her back, as Henry held her close and danced with her slowly.

Silly woman couldn’t recall what song was actually playing, as she had lost all senses that very moment.

He danced with her like he knew her. Like they were an item from long ago. The smell of his cologne made her bury her head in his shoulders.

It was a masculine cologne but very mesmerizing. And like a dog she just kept sniffing the man’s shoulder.

“So, tell me a little about yourself”, he whispered softly.

She didn’t reply. Instead, Bella just wanted to enjoy every moment of this dance; a dance she knew would most likely end very soon.

Applauds from the audience slapped Bella back to reality.

They were cheering at the live band.

It didn’t take long for the stranger to let Bella go.

Bowing slowly and kissing her hands, “Thank you”, he said, “maybe you can tell me your name now”.

She smiled and said “Isabella”.

He said “nice to meet you Isabella?“.

“Isabella Blake...that’s my name but people call me Bella for short”, she said nervously

He leaned over and kissed her cheek softly before saying “thank you for the dance...see you around”.

He left without saying a word and vanished in the crowd. “What on earth was that?.

She looked around for minutes to see if he would return but he never did.

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