Opposite attraction

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He's the school's most popular guy. Out going, lively. So full of life. Anthony Adams. She's the bipolar, depressed girl. Always sad and gloomy. An introvert, who lack the life of an average teenager. So dull. Avi~Tora Avera. * * * " Why do you even bother with a girl like me?? Am pretty much lost." Looking into his forest green eyes, I asked. I was past confused , why would Anthony, the most popular boy in the school want me?? Me? When he could get any girl he can relate to. He choose me. His complete opposite. " You intrigue me like no one else. You're different." He came closer to me, "and I love different."

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Royale Blak
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Chapter One

Beep! Beep! Uhg. Why did I set that thing in the first place??

Oh yeah, every teenage nightmare: School. One of the many places I hate.

I lazily got up, took a bath, ate breakfast, brushed my teeth and got ready for my first day back.

I haven't been to school for about a year because of my Depression and bipolar problems. And I'm hoping it doesn't change.

"Goodbye Dad", I told my father as I headed out to my Pink and black Jaguar.

I maybe acting cool and collected but am nervous as my first day as a freshman.

I drove to school, listening to music, which always calms me down on days like this.


As i pulled up in my school's parking lot, i noticed a lot of curious stares and half the school's population gawking like they have never seen a car or girl before.

I let out a big sigh, as I stepped out of my car trying to ignore the weird looks.

It's not like they don't know me. They all do. I don't see the big deal.

One of the reasons I hated school; always the center of attention on days like this.

Gossip of the day:

Avi-Tora Avera is back.

As i walked down the halls and to my locker I heard a few whispers. Gossiping.. All them bitches do anyway.

I'm not even that popular.

I'm just a depressed teenager:

Avi-tora Avera , Cuban-Italian. Long black hair and an hour glass figure type. 5" 5.

Nothing to brag about 'cause I am mentally unstable, antisocial, an introvert, and bipolar. I would've hate me if I were someone else, but since I'm not. I LOVE ME.

Grabbing my books I walked to my first class and favorite subject biology. I heart science.

How could you be so dull yet intelligent at the same time?

Well guess I am.

"Avi." A feminine voice shouted. A voice I can never forget even though we haven't communicated much over the past year.

My all time killer best friend.

The one of two friends I have.

"Angel." Before I knew it I was engulfed into a crusher up.

"I can't believe you are back. I've missed you so much" she said, still clinging onto me.

"I missed you too".

A hug from your best friend really does cheer you up.

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