The Unwatched Beauty

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"Lorenzo, please I love her," Hearing Dante say those words break my heart in more ways that I could imagine. "I don't care, if you love her you would let her go. I'm trying to keep her safe from you." "Dante could do that, Lorenzo wether you like it or not she is part of the mafia, she was born with the mafia, she was trained with the mafia, she is the mafia!" Matteo, finally said stepping in. "If they get together, she will be the HEIRESS AND I DON'T WANT THAT." He get in the car, slamming the door shut "DANTE....Dante.." I shout as my dad shoves me in the car, I see him let go off his fathers grasp and runs towards me, until he reaches me grabbing my hand in his. "MARIA." My dad turns on the car, I see a tear slip from my eyes and his own as our hands separate. He drops to his knees as my dad drives away.. --- Every shot off the gun Maria has tasted, her gloves were always worn and her hat was always on since that night. Her best friend is the Leader Of The Italian Mafia and they have fallen in love but only to uncover little secrets that lead her to something that Dante has lied about. Anger, love, lust is everything that she felt when she knew she was next in line for the throne of the French Mafia. Would Dante and Maria make it work or would they become enemies and separate after 19 years of friendship. Rafeeqa103 :😯😯😯Uhm like OMG, what a way to end it

Romance / Action
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Author Note before we begin.

- Maria is a strong women who has had a traumatic past so please don’t get annoyed at how she has handles things.

- Also this story contains MATURE SCENES, SENSITIVE CONTENT, RAPE AND SUICIDE THOUGHTS. If you are sensitive to these thing don't read!

-This story will take you on a roller coaster and somewhat get you confused but you would understand why if you do continue reading.

- Also lastly please don’t leave hate comments and so I wrote this when I was fifteen and I know It’s cringe but I love it so hopefully you all enjoy it and tell your wattled friends to read this.

I want to prove my best friend that I’m a good writer so all you have to do is comment and vote.

Also this is on Wattpad but these have exclusive chapters that I will not post on Wattpad.


“So beautiful, so perfect, every angle, every feature.” His whisper tingles on my neck as his hand glide across breast.

Cupping it in his big, rough hands. His soft, wet kisses being planted on my shoulders as I throw my head back against his own, giving him more access. “Dante...”

“Maria, Maria....Maria.” I hum against his voice.

“MARIA!” A deep voice bangs against my eardrums as I open my eyes, finding myself dreaming.

My head turns to the door, seeing a tall figure. Suited in a black suit, his white shirt unbuttoned from the top and his white tie hanging loosely. As if he was running late to work.


“Oh shit, Dante, I’m sorry.” Jumping off my queen sized bed in just a bra and a pair of black cycling shorts, I rush to my bathroom that was a few metres away from where Dante was standing.

How did I just have a dream about fucking my best friend, who is also my boss? They began to occur regularly and I hated it. Okay that was a lie I loved it but he doesn't know that and he shouldn't. Sighing, I grab my toothbrush and begin brushing thoroughly against my teeth. I need to stop these dreams, it going to ruin everything, it’s going to hurt everyone.

Looking in the mirror before me, I see Dante leaning against my door, his arms crossed against his chest as he stares me up and down. A thin paper cigarette hung from his bottom lip, a small trail of smoke escaping from the corner of his mouth danced its way to the ceiling above us.

In one hand a gun lay loosely, his finger gently pressed against the trigger sending a bullet millimetres away from my face and onto the wall behind me with a bang that echoed throughout the room.

His eyebrow raised in amusement at my reaction; nothing, not a flinch, not a single damn thing. “Seriously, Dante?” I said looking at the damage on my white, crystallised wall, fucking great thats going to cost extra now.

“You’ve got to stop doing this, Maria.” His sepulchrally deep voice lingers as he laughs, rolling my eyes I spit out the remains in my mouth as I jog past. Opening the big doors to my closet, my hands trail around the clothing as I figure out what to wear, the colours are all bright but I needed something dark for today.

I grab the stool as I stand on top off it due to the shortness of my height, being five foot four is hard. Grabbing the hanger pulling out a cotton, black dress from the racks. “I forgot, I was completing the shipments for yesterday, then I just dazed off.” I excused myself leaving my walk in wardrobe.

I slip the black dress across my legs and entering my arms through, removing my hair that was tucked in the back of my dress as I begin running towards the make up table, adding some mascara for my not so long lashes and a bit off blush to give some colours for my cheeks.

My dress all off a sudden becomes tight as I catch Dante slowly zipping up my dress, his hands lingering on my back as I stare into his beautiful Heterochromia eyes. He got it from his mother, who is also like a second mother to me seeing as my father and Dantes Father are close.

I mean close, meaning we were best friend since babies. Dante is only twenty three, he is three years older than me.We have had a sort of what do you call it, cliche best friend relationship. We have always been there for each other in everything.

When I got my first bra, my period and mood swings. Anything and he has been through it all and the same goes for him to me. He grabs a seat near the balcony of my room, I watch him as he shuffles his fingers through his jet, black hair. Then his hands go down, touching his beard as he slowly strokes it.

“You know, if you keep being late, I’m going to have to fire you.” Giggling at his comment I turn around facing him completely, he smiles a million dollar smile. His teeth glistening against the sun thats hitting his tanned skin ever so perfectly.

“Dante, you would miss me to much,” I flirt as I walk towards him, slipping my earring on he glances my direction and stand, his body towering my own.

“Are you sure about that? I think I have Gracie, Malissa and some others that would love to keep me busy.” He said smirking, he’s trying to get a reaction out off me but me knowing him too well I decide to not give him one and grab my shoes near the bed.

“Didn’t Gracie cheat on you?” I admitted honestly, his eyes closed as I stepped down the wooden, creamed coloured stairs that has glass besides it heading towards the kitchen.

Slipping on my heels, Dante goes through my fridge, taking out the milk. “Didn’t Josh cheat on you...with Gracie?” He gets back at me as I dash an apple across the counter, before hitting him he catches and winks at me.

“Hmm, yes he did, I think shooting him was a bit harsh off me, right?” Asking before grabbing the coffee from his hand and sipping it slowly.

He stands before me, as I look up to him. His tall figure overshadowing mine. He grabs the key on the counter and heads towards the door.

“No, he deserved it.” Chuckling at his comment, I slowly open the door and remove the mess, I grab my gun from the draw tucking it in my blazer pocket before heading towards the car with him.

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