A Love From the past.

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Chapter 9

Chapter 9

"Yes, all these years. Didn't you know? I mean I called you when we were seventeen hoping you would ask me out." Deeana reveals.

"I didn't know, I was so awkward then. I wasn't sure about anything. I liked you but so many things were also going on in my life. I regret it now, man do I have regrets. I wanted so much, to have a relationship, a woman like you, and you were under my nose the whole time." Joe answers.

"I heard you were moving, and I figured that would cause problems. I had no intention of moving so I let go, but I still thought about you all this time. It's why I found you again eleven years ago....then you just had someone else. And I just had a child, things were complicated again so I let go." Deeana replies.

"I had no clue the last time, you kept saying you were happily married. You showed pictures of your kids and husband....I had no clue. I wish I would have known though, it would have saved us both so much pain." Joe comments.

"You wanted her, I saw it, I let go. Plus I saw that you blocked me, and figured you really were not interested in me at all." Deeana says.

"Yes, but it would have changed things. Wow, the regrets. Blocked you? I didn't block you, I am not really computer savvy so I probably hit the wrong button." Joe answers.

"We have now, we can fix the regrets. Oh really? I wasn't sure, I know I didn't see your name pop up on my messager anymore, but it did on my other name." Deeana responds.

"Yes, we do have now. Where are you now? I mean is it ok for you to talk? Can I call you?"Joe asks.

"I am in bed, he is downstairs, I have my kids with me, so can't talk right now on the phone, but I am good in this my room. He doesn't come in here." Deeana admits.

"Wait, he doesn't sleep with you? And ok, about the phone, I understand." Joe confirms.

"We haven't slept in the same bed in years. I moved out years ago." Deeana confesses.

"I would never let you sleep alone, I would hope you wouldn't want to sleep without me beside you. No matter how mad at me you would be, I still would want to sleep next to you at night." Joe states.

"It would be different with you, I would want to be near you. Our marriage isn't really a marriage. We are just here for the children." Deeana replies.

"I see that here is a current pic of me. Just so you know I don't look like I did when we went to school. I have gotten older.."Joe announces.

"I will send you one of me also. And I am sure your just fine. You always were." Deeana admits.

"No one will recognize me. I have grey hair now." Joe reveals.

"Ohhhh, it's sexy. I love it, it looks very nice on you." Deeana states.

"Really, you like it?" Joe asks.

"Yes, very much. You are still the Joe I remember." Deeana smiles.

"Wow, you're hot! Sorry I couldn't help it. You still look exactly the same except the hair color." Joe flirts.

"Thank you, I am glad you think so. I am a bit older Joe." Deeana answers.

"You look great, Man, am I kicking myself now. You could have been my wife this whole time. The family you have could have been ours. We would have grown up together, shared so much together." Joe says thinking out loud.

"I wished that many times, nothing is going to change it Joe, but we can go from here. It wasn't meant back then, but I feel it is now." Deeana responds.

"So do I. I really do. I hate to go but it's late and I have to get up for work early. I can message you as soon as I get up if that's ok?" Joe asks.

"Yes, that would be great. I will be here. It was wonderful talking to you again." Deeana says.

"Same here, I never imaged it going like this, but I am so glad it did." Joe answers.

"Same here," Deeana replies.

Joe gets off the phone, not sure what the hell just happened.

"She really still cares about me? She thought about me all this time? Holy shit is this real?" Joe asks himself trying to get some sleep, which he only tosses and turns, with so many things going through his mind.

Deeana goes straight to Brenda, so filled with happiness and disbelief at the same time.

"Girl, you will never image just what happened to me," Deeana says.

"What? I know you went silent for a while." Brenda responds.

"My very first love, messaged me tonight, saying he still cares for me too," Deeana says.

"YOur fucking shitting me right?" Brenda yells.

"Nope, I just got done texting him. We were talking all night. I still can't believe it. My heart is still pounding." Deeana admits.

"Shit, I bet. Call me, fuck this texting." Brenda says.

So Deeana does call Brenda explaining everything to her.

"He has been looking for you?" Brenda asks.

"Yes for a while, he finally checked his old mail and found me again. I wrote him 18 months ago, I wanted to talk to him, I just didn't think he wanted to when he didn't respond. Here he never got it." Deeana comments.

"Wow, this is amazing. I am so happy for you girl. You so deserve this! What are you going to do about the hubby?" Brenda says.

"I don't know. Let's see how this goes first, its only been one night." Deeana remarks.

"Are you willing to leave him? I know you don't want him, but are you willing to leave him?" Brenda asks.

"Yes, I am, for Joe I am. I just need to make sure first. I have children. I will be changing their lives as well as mine. So I want to make sure, but if things stay like this and are real, I would for sure leave. Could I really get what I always wanted? Is this a dream?" Deeana asks.

"It's not a dream, and I believe you can. You are right taking it slow though. I am just glad this is happening for you. How long have you cared for him?" Brenda asks.

"Twenty-eight years since we got out of school and thirty total since we first met as kids. I have loved him forever, I just kept it in the back of my heart. I didn't think he felt the same, or ever would. I didn't even think I would ever talk to him again. It was just something I always dreamed of. We never really got to do anything, we were just kids."Deeana comments.

"Well, you may get to do all that and more. I feel it deep down you are soul mates. You know how I am when it comes to this thing." Brenda answers.

"Yes, I do. I believe we are also. We just picked up like we never left off, things felt so right, so comfortable. There was a connection. I still can't believe it." Deeana replies.

She talks to Brenda for a bit more, before trying to go to sleep, which she can't. She is so wound up by everything she just can't seem to settle down any. This is the happiest she has been in a very long time.

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