A Love From the past.

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Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The next morning comes quickly, and Deeana still hasn't gotten any sleep. It's around five in the morning now, and her husband is off to work. She is so wound up, she can't wait for her mother to wake up, so she can tell her everything that just took place.

Deeana has an open relationship with her mother, able to tell her anything without her judging. They talked about all kinds of things, always being free with each other. They had a very close relationship.

She sees her mother is finally up, going into her room, telling her good morning.

"You got up really early," Camille says.

"I never went to sleep." Deeana laughs.

"OK, what got you up like this?" Camille asks.

"You will never guess who messaged me last night out of the blue," Deeana says.

"Your husband?" Camille says.

"NO! Not him. Has nothing to do with him." Deeana replies.

"Ok, Do I know this person? And don't tell me I want to guess." Camille replies.

"Yes, you know them. Its someone from my past. When I was very young." Deeana admits.

"Ohhh ohhh... Wait...I know...That boy...Damn it I can't think of his name....but YOu married him in third grade."Camille blurts out.

"Yes, Joe." Deeana laughs. "He messaged me last night." She adds.

"Oh, god Phill, You are in trouble," Camille responds. "What did he say?" She adds.

"He has been looking for me for a while now, finally finding me through AOL Mail. I told him how I felt about him, and he feels the same. I just can't believe it." Deeana says.

"Wow, It's been so long. I know how you feel about him, I am glad he feels the same way, just make sure." Camille responds.

"Oh I know, I am. He said he will message me again when he gets up. We will see what happens, just right now I am so happy." Deeana replies.

"I see this. I am glad. I know you're not happy with Phill. I just want you to take it slow and be careful. You need to be sure, Phill isn't the best but he isn't the worse either." Camille answers.

"I know."

Joe gets up at 6:30 in the morning, still asking himself if last night was real or a dream? He texts Deeana, "Good morning." Not able to wait any longer.

They continue to talk, while Deeana goes out to the store with her mother. He gets ready for work, and goes, still talking to her. Spending as much time with her as he can.

Work for him at the moment is a bit slower than normal. So he can talk to her while he is there at his desk. Sending her all kinds of pictures of himself, from now and back then. Sharing all kinds of stories.

Deeana does the same, as they get to know each other all over again, just seeing now as adults they have so much in common, even more than they ever thought.

They grew up the same way, in the old fashion Italian family. Both having a mother and father, all of them being Italian. They both were use to sitting down a the table and eating dinner as a family every night. Where Phill wasn't into that, and never did it. He wanted to come home, drink, and do his own thing. That was something Deeana wasn't used to, and really didn't like, she just had to deal with it all these years.

Joe listens to how Deeana is the stay at home, wife, and mother. How she cooks, cleans, and does everything he was used to growing up. He also sees how pretty she is, he finds her very attractive in every way. She makes him laugh, and he sees the sweet side of her.

Deeana also sees Joe is still Joe. He makes her laugh, and always tries no matter how corny. She sees his youthful side is still there, and she likes it. Where Joe worries that he never grew up, she might get tired of it.

Joe has doubts, thinking about so many things at once, filling his brain. "Does she really care about me like this? Will she really leave her husband? Will she like me when she meets me again in person?" He just can't stop all the questions in his mind at the same time loving everything that is taking place at the moment.

Just both of them are still in awe from it all. Just the fact that it's Joe gets Deeana. It makes her feel like a school girl again. He makes her giggle and her heart pound. She doesn't see Joe the way he sees himself. She sees him as the kind, sweet, loving Joe. His looks even hotter to her now, his personality is still great to her. She doesn't see all the flaws that Joe sees in himself, just like He doesn't see the ones she feels she has.

They continue to talk all that day, spending more time with each other than anyone else. They get up together and go to bed together, just not in the same place but it doesn't seem to matter. The connection growing stronger and stronger as the time goes by. Neither of them ever thinking that this would be happening or that they would have this together.

Deeana knew she loved him, just never thought as adults they could have all this, they just do.

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