A Love From the past.

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Chapter 11

Chapter 11

A few days go by, Joe and Deeana still talking all through the day and night. Joe now wanting to talk to her on the phone and see what she sounds like. "Does she sound the same?"

He stares at the photos she sends him, just seeing how pretty she still is, how this could have been his wife the whole time, how he could have had the family he always wanted.

Joe regrets a lot of things, and he tells her not able to hold anything back from each other.

"Can I call you?" Joe asks.

"Oh god, yes you can. I am shy, you need to know that, so If I am quiet that's why."Deeana answers.

"Don't worry about it. I understand I was shy for a long time, just in this line of work, I had to get over it." Joe says.

"Ok, then call away." She replies.

Joe clicks on her number, wondering how this is going to go, wondering if it will be the same as the texting.

Deanna on the other hand is freaking out. Her heart is beating out of her chest, and she is extra nervous. It's been forever since she talked to him, and all she can say in her mind is, "It's really Joe."

"Hello," Joe says.

"Hello," Deeana responds nervous as hell.

"How are you? Are you ok?" Joe asks.

"I'm good, and you? I still can't believe this is you." She responds.

"I know same here. You sound the same. I am doing good, I am not nervous like I thought I would be." Joe remarks.

"You sound the same too, I can't believe it. I am a bit nervous." Deeana admits.

"You don't have to be, it's just me," Joe says.

"That's just it, It's you." Deeana comments.

"I don't bite, relax. What are you doing? Is it ok for you to talk?" Joe asks.

"I am in my room, it's fine. I can talk here the kids are downstairs. Is it ok for you to talk at work?" Deeana responds.

"Yea it's fine, it's slow so there isn't a problem. I may have to answer the phone here and there, but I can talk." Joe states.

They stay on the phone for hours, Joe stopping to answer his work phone from time to time, and Deeana getting to see how he operates at work. This was the adult Joe. The smooth-talking salesmen. She can tell right off he is a work acholic, and he is good at his job. He just seems to fit her in, without it being a problem at all.

He tells her stories over the phone, of his life, how he grew up, about his relationships. She also tells him about hers. The connection intense, and like they never lost contact with each other.

"I can kick myself for not marrying you," Joe says.

"You didn't know." Deeana answers.

"I wish I would have, There were so many times I was back in Philly. I never ran into you. You could be my wife, those could be my kids, we would have grown up together. We missed out on so much." Joe states.

"I wish all of that would have taken place as well, it just wasn't meant then. I feel it is now though." Deeana says.

"So do I. Would you want to have another child?" Joe asks.

"I would, but I can't. I had a lot of problems having my second child, that may be the one thing I can't give to you. Which I have to say hurts." Deeana admits.

"It's ok, as long as I would have you, I would be happy. Your children would be my family as well. I am not their father, and can't replace him, but I would treat them as my own." Joe states.

"That would be very nice," Deeana replies.

"Would you ever get remarried?" Joe asks.

"I always said no before, but with you, I would. We have so much in common, It would be so different than this one." Deeana states.

"I wouldn't want to push you into it if you don't want to, that's fine. I just always wanted to get married." Joe confesses.

"You wouldn't be pushing me. I would want to with you. I want to do a lot of things with you." Deeana says.

"Same here, We never had a first kiss or held hands." Joe states.

"I know, we have to do those for sure, we have a lot to make up for," Deeana replies.

"We sure do, I want to show you so much. I want to make up for the lost time. I want to make you happy, I want to make you smile." Joe responds.

"You already do both of those. I can't stop smiling. I love being with you. This all seems like a dream to me." Deeana comments.

"I know, I never thought that when I messaged you, it would go like this. I figured we would chat, maybe meet for coffee, but never this." Joe remarks.

"I never even thought you would message me. I gave that up, that last time I emailed you and you didn't answer. Just when you did show up, I couldn't hold back how I felt about you. It was like my last chance to tell you the truth." Deeana says.

"I am so glad you didn't hold back. I am sorry it took me so long to read that email to." Joe states.

"It's ok, you finally read it and you're here, it's all that matters." Deeana answers.

They go on talking all that day, and Joe calling her again at night, spending hours together. Deeana was lucky she had the marriage she did, where she spent no time with her husband. It didn't make anything noticeable and also gave her all the time in the world to be with Joe. This he sees, knowing that everything she said about her marriage was true, it was just for the kids, and for show. If she had a real marriage there would be no way this could take place.

For Phill, he hasn't noticed anything. They never really saw each other at night. Deeana would cook, then eat with her mother and children, and then go up into her room. Spending the night with Joe.

Joe would go home late from work, calling her on the way home, it was the highlight of their night. He would get in his home, get a snack, and get ready for bed. All at the same, time, talking to Deeana.

Joe would get into his bed, and Deeana in hers and they would chat about all kinds of things. The conversation never gets old, there were so many things to catch up on and so little time.

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