A Love From the past.

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Chapter 13

Chapter 13

That night after work, Joe heads home calling Deeana like he has every night for the last few days. It was something they both looked forward to. They loved spending time together. The funny thing is they never seem to get bored with each other. There was always something to talk about or laugh about. Joe always keeping things going, as he knew Deeana was shy and could get quiet, but that didn't bother him. He told her even the quietness felt comfortable and fine.

It was like nothing either of them ever experienced before. Something Deeana thought neither of them would experience with anyone else. Deeana knew if this worked out or not, there was something very special they had together and only together. They both had a life before each other, and nothing compared to this.

They were both looking for the same thing in life, just never found it with anyone else. Both asking god for the same exact thing, with the same exact words. Deeana believed in fate and soulmates, and she believed Joe was her soulmate the whole while. There would be no one who could ever take his place, or mean this much to her. After all these years, it was him.

Joe felt that she was his soulmate also, things were too coincidental. Deeana was the woman he was looking for all his life. In her looks, in her manner, in the way she was brought up. They shared so many things, so many same wants. It was scary to him. The way he felt about her, and with her, scared him as well. Was this real? Was it a dream?

They kept asking if it was, still not believing that it was each other. Deeana would just keep saying, it's Joe, it's really Joe to herself at times. Not able to believe he was back in her life, and hoping he would stay there and not disappear as fast as he reappeared.

That night, he goes into his bed getting out their grade school yearbook.

"You still look the same I swear," Joe says.

"I am a lot older...I am sure I changed some." Deeana laughs.

"Not really. Your still small, and still look great." Joe answers.

"So do you. I love everything about you." Deeana says.

"I hope so. I don't remember half of these people." Joe replies.

"I remember some, just not all. I see a few pictures of us together though. I loved being next to you back then. I think the closest we got was in church though when we had to shake hands for peace be with you." Deeana laughs.

"Yea, that probably was about it. We were kids though we didn't think about things like that. Or I know I didn't back then. Now is a bit different. I can't wait to kiss you." Joe admits.

"I didn't think about it then but yes I do now. I can't wait for that either, or to hug you. I just want to be close to you." Deeana states.

"Same here, and we will. I have to say you turn me on. I find you very attractive. " Joe answers.

Deeana blushes. "Same here, your voice gets me crazy. Just knowing it's you makes me even crazier." Deeana confesses.

"Your voice does the same. I still can't believe this. I really make you feel this way?" Joe asks.

"Yes, I always wanted this, just never thought I would get it...That you would feel the same way. I want you." Deeana comments.

"I do, we have a lot of lost time to make up for. There is so much I want to do with you. I want to make you happy, make you smile. Make up for all the pain." Joe says.

"You already have done so much. Being with you makes me very happy." Deeana answers.

"Good. I just hope I don't disappoint you. I know you have this idea of me, I just hope I hold up to it." Joe replies.

"Will you stop, you are fine. Are you like this in person? The way you are here with me?" Deeana asks.

"Yes, this is me. The real me." Joe responds.

"Then we have no problem. I like you just the way you are." Deeana comments.

"Ok," Joe says.

They stay on the phone, for a few more hours, going over all the pictures and people in the yearbook. Swapping stories of the people who they did know what happened to. Laughing and enjoying there time together.

Even though grade school wasn't the best, they still had a lot of memories they both could share together. Knowing the same people, knowing their home town. Asking each other, what happened to this person Or that person?

None of them would believe what was taking place so many years later. That these two reconnected and in this way, pretty much just like the way they did back then, just now on a higher level.

Joe finds a six-grade class photo of them both, side by side 1989-1990 and sends it to Deeana.

"We were next to each other even for that." Deeana smiles.

"Yep. If only I could turn back time." Joe states.

"Remember we have now?" Deeana replies.

"Yes, I know."

Deeana just looks at the class photo, feeling the same way Joe does, just knowing there wasn't anything either of them could do to change the past. Nothing would bring them back to then, they had now. She just hoped that God would give them back all the time they lost together. Giving them the second chance they both wanted so desperately. That all that was happening right now was for a reason.

They stay on the phone for a bit more, before Joe needs to get some sleep for work. They say goodnight and that they will see each other in the morning. Joe always texting first thing when he wakes up.

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