A Love From the past.

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Chapter 14

Chapter 14

The next day, it's pretty much the same thing, Joe gets up and texts Deeana first thing. He is like clockwork, 6:30 in the morning. This is quite early for Deeana not use to getting up this early but to talk to him, she finds it worth it. The conversations now start getting a little sexier as they are both more comfortable with each other. They both feel the same way and are adults now. Both telling the other what they would want to do to each other.

Joe tries to be respectful, not wanting to overstep or say something he shouldn't. Its the only thing he does feel a little uneasy about. Not wanting to be too freaky for her. He knows that Deeana hasn't been around and that the sex with her husband wasn't all she was looking for. He wants to show her so much more, show her that it's not just about procreation, its about want and fun. At the same time, he still isn't sure about boundaries, how far is too far?

They both come from a catholic background, they both are very shy. Joe knew he wanted her like he wanted no other, the things he wanted to do to her if she only knew. He never thought he would feel this way towards her, but he does.

"I want you," Joe says.

"I want you too, you should know that by now," Deeana replies.

"I sure hope so. I want to know each and every part of your body well." Joe responds.

"Oh really?" Deeana asks.

"Yes, and I will. I will kiss from your toes up to your whole body." Joe says. "Would you like that?" Joe adds.

"Yes, I would. I never had that before, god just knowing it's you, will get me crazy."Deeana responds.

"I want to do so many things to you if you will let me if you want me to?" Joe asks.

"Of course," Deeana says.

"I just don't want to be too freaky for you," Joe says.

"Your not, will you stop. Nothing you said is bad, I have a little bit of freaky in me as well, just never had the chance to really let it out. It will be fun to be able to let that out on you. I trust you totally in every way." Deeana admits.

"Good, I feel the same."Joe comments

Later that night Joe calls again, this time Deeana is in the bathroom and Joe puts on the video chat, taking Deeana by surprise. She wasn't used to doing this, plus this would be the first time he saw her since they were kids. It was short notice without any makeup, just her regular normal self.

"OMG, well, I guess if you still like me after this, I have no problems."Deeana laughs.

"Will you stop, you look great. Wow, I can't believe it, you look the same."Joe says.

"I am glad you think so. Your still adorable." Deeana answers.

"Really? Do you like my hair? I look older than I am." Joe states.

"Will you stop it, you look great. I love the hair, the grey hair its a turn on." Deeana comments.

"Glad you feel that way. I see your shy, it's really cute." Joe replies.

Deeana just smiles and is very shy, she likes him way too much. She always has, seeing him on the screen just makes it worse. Makes it more real.

"Where are you?" Joe asks.

"I am in the bathroom, I am safe here," Deeana says.

"Not really, how about if someone has to pee?" Joe laughs.

"Too bad for them then huh?" Deeana laughs back.

"I don't know about this," Joe says

"We will see," Deeana replies.

They continue to talk till Joe was right and Deeana's mother has to go to the bathroom. Joe and Deeana just laugh knowing this was coming. They hang up for a sec till Deeana goes to her room.

"I told you so," Joe says.

"Yea, yea. It was still nice seeing you live." Deeana answers.

"Yes, it was."

The night goes on and they continue to talk, just at the end of the night, they tell each other I love you for the first time.

Deeana's heart is filled with love and hope. This makes her happier than she has been in years. To hear the man she loved for twenty-eight years tell her he loves her, it was the best ever.

When Joe says it to her, he waits and sees if she says it back, which she does in no time, without even thinking. Joe is speechless sitting in bed, feeling is this real? Can she really feel this way about me, and all this time? It baffles Joe, to know this. All his life, he was looking for someone to love him this much, and for real, and never got it. It makes him happy and at the same time, just wonder if its a game or if this true? He just knows he is going along with it and doesn't want it to end. It feels too good.

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