A Love From the past.

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Chapter 15

Chapter 15

After that night, every night after they made sure when Joe got off of work, they would video chat with each other till it was time for bed. In these video chats, that would share all kinds of things including, one night a bunch of Songs. Joe Loved the 80's and 90's music, even singing some while they talked on the phone. He even sang Bad Romance by lady gaga, which stuck in Deeana's head for days. They would laugh about it, and Joe would make up words to the song, just to make her laugh more.

Joe would go back into the 90's when they were both young to the songs he liked and would share them with her. Both remembering them, both sharing songs from back then to each other this evening.

"I have a song to share, its what I want to do to you," Joe says.

"Oh really, which one?" Deeana asks.

"I wanna get freaky with you," Joe says and sends her a link.

Deeana giggles. "Oh really? So you want to lick me up and down?" Deeana adds.

"Yes! More than you know and so much more. You are in trouble you know that right?" Joe jokes.

"I think I can handle this trouble. You may be in some yourself you know." Deeana states.

"Yeah right, you're too shy. ...Your too scared." Joe teases her.

"I am not scared. Nervous yes, but not scared. It's just been a long time since I have done any of this. About five years." Deeana admits.

"Its about the same for me, so I understand. Just don't be nervous its just me." Joe states.

"You don't get it, that is why I am nervous. I wouldn't be doing this with anyone else. I may not be happy with my marriage but I never cheated on him before. I am willing now because it's you. I have wanted you for so long. " Deeana says.

"I know you wouldn't with anyone else. I just don't want to get you into trouble with him." Joe answers.

"You're fine. Stop worrying. I got this. I just want to make sure you're ok with this?" Deeana asks.

"I am fine, I just worry about you. I do wish you were here with me, laying next to me." Joe admits.

"I wish the same, more than you know."Deeana answers."I have a song for you also. Its how I feel." Deeana adds Sending him a thousand years.

Joe just listens to it, still saying inside himself she feels this way about me. She loved me this long, and I never knew all these years of suffering, of being lonely, of thinking no one loved me, and here she was, wanting me.

They go on sharing songs and playing with the Facebook messager filters on their phones, Joe making faces and doing everything to make her laugh. They would have a lot of great times, doing just regular normal things together. It was special and with lots of love towards each other. Now telling each other I love you on the phone, and in text.

For Deeana she could tell him over and over again, a thousand times a day, she just held back not wanting to scare him. It was an already intense situation. To finally find out, they both felt this way all these years, to see all they had in common, all they missed out on, was something. Could this be? It was amazing, and confusing all at the same time. They were under each other's noses and they never went for it before. Always something was in the way. Now they still had a lot in each others way, Deeana just hoped that even with everything this time, things would work out. That there was a reason for him coming back to her and telling her all this. For sharing all this, it was the most they ever shared before, and it was all great.

Each day they both had something to look forward too. From when they rose till they went to bed, they were together. They were fully in each other's lives. Even though it wasn't the face to face, they were still there.

They still had their regular lives, Joe going to work, working his late hours, then going to his parent's house, to check on them, and spend time with them. Deeana being with her kids, and her mother and her husband.

Just now Deeana pulled away even more from her husband when he would want to talk, she wouldn't answer him. She would stay away, even more, wanting to be with Joe. She saw her husband even less attractive then she saw him before. She saw her wants and desires with Joe.

Phil would try to text her or call her while she was video chatting with Joe, and she would ignore him as if he wasn't there. Joe was her main and only focus.

Phill knew something was up, Deeana was even more distant, which not even he thought could be possible, yet in these few weeks it was growing worse. Phill wondered if she was cheating on him, he would say it in the past since she wasn't having sex with him, she must be doing someone. Which wasn't true at all, Deeana just didn't want him in that way after everything he did to her, How could you want someone when they hurt you? When they force you? When nothing is good enough? Phill just didn't see it that way, he always saw things in his own way, its why the marriage was as bad as it was.

Just this time, when he was thinking she was having an affair it was true, at least for the moment it was an emotional affair. They talked about sex, and how much they wanted each other, what they wanted to do to each other, they just haven't acted on it yet.

This would be the first time Deeana ever did anything like this. Even though she wanted to love and wanted more, she never acted on it, and probably wouldn't ever. Just it was Joe, the love of her life the one she always wanted, the one she always dreamed about. She wasn't going to let anything stand in her way of that this time. The only thing that could break it now was Joe himself. Would he go through with all this? Deeana just hoped he could, she loved him dearly, more than he really ever knew.

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