A Love From the past.

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Chapter 18

Chapter 18

The next week comes, and they still talk, Deeana sees that Joe is a bit busy at work, now that things have gone back to normal for Joe's work. He texts her when he gets up, and here and there throughout the day to check-in, its just not all the time, and no calls during the day.

Deeana doesn't mind, knowing that Joe has to work. He still makes time for her and she is happy with that. At night they still have their nightly video chats. Joe calling her soon as he gets off.

Wednesday comes, and Deeana is waiting patiently to hear if Joe can come tomorrow. He checks in here and there but doesn't mention it. Deeana wonders if it's still on and is a bit nervous to ask, but with how open they are together. She does.

"Do you know if you can come tomorrow yet?" Deeana asks.

"Not yet, I am working on it. A customer wants to pick up something tomorrow and I am trying to get him not to." Joe answers.

"Ok. Just let me know." Deeana says.

Deeana goes back to her own thing and Joe back to work. After a Few Joe messages her.

"WYD?" Joe asks.

"Cooking, you?" Deeana replies.

"Working. I want you." Joe says.

"I want you too." She responds.

"I got off tomorrow." Joe states.

"YAY!! I get to see you!!" Deeana comments extremely happy.

"Yes, is 12:00 ok?" Joe asks.

"Yes, that's fine. I can't wait!" Deeana states.

"Me either. I want to kiss you." Joe says.

"Yes me to, and hug you." Deeana answers.

"You going to be scared?" Joe asks.

No, just nervous but otherwise ok. It will be great having you in front of me. To touch, to look at." Deeana reveals.

"Where are we going to meet? Where do you want to meet?" Joe asks.

"In front of the singing fountain," Deeana says. A place both of them knew, its where Joe grew up, and a place she saw almost on a daily basis.

They go on to talk, Joe going home, but not calling this night. They just stay and text. Deeana doesn't think much about it, knowing that Joe is tired. He has been working hard, and she keeps him up late at night. She knows he needs sleep, plus she will be seeing him in person tomorrow.

Joe is exhausted from work, its been a pretty busy week with things going back to normal. He just knew he wanted to see her in person, he wanted to see if the chemistry would be the same in person if they clicked. He wasn't as nervous as Deeana, feeling at home with her, he just hopes that she liked him, the real him.

The next day comes before they know it, Joe texting her telling her he is up, and going to go food shopping for his parents before getting ready to see her. Deeana is fine with that, and very excited.

Deeana waits till around 9:30 in the morning and takes her shower, and starts getting ready to meet him. Joe goes food shopping and then getting his car washed before getting himself ready.

When he gets home, he texts her letting her know.

"I am going to take my shower and get ready to come to see you now," Joe says.

"Ok, I am getting ready to. See you soon." Deeana answers.

Joe goes taking his shower and getting ready which takes him no time. There is a little nervousness inside of him, but still nothing terrible. He gives Deeana space to get ready, without him texting her. He just wonders if she will show up.

Deeana gets ready putting on an olive off the shoulder tight short dress. It hugs every curve she owns but still covers everything. She adds her nude sandals and curls her hair. Paying extra attention to her makeup. She feels the nervousness building up a little but nothing terrible. She is mainly super excited to see him.

" I am leaving now," Joe says.


She goes downstairs asking her mother how she looks, hoping that everything is ok.

"You look great. I am sure he will like you." Her mother says.

"I hope so. I am leaving at 11:36 so I have time to walk there and be there at 12." Deeana replies.

"Ok, just text me letting me know you're ok," Camilla asks.


Camilla goes out front to water her flowers in front of her rowhouse like she does all the time. Deeana waiting for the time to go.

The time finally getting to 11:36 Deeana walks out the door.

"I am leaving now," Deeana says.

"I am already here, in the Acme parking lot," Joe replies.

Deeana heart pounds deep inside her. "He got here so fast!"

"I am on my way, you got here fast" Deeana replies.

"Take your time, I will go into the Acme," Joe responds.


Deeana's heart pounds, even more, knowing he is this close, knowing its really happening. He is here, he came. She walks fast, not able to wait to get to the fountain and to see him.

One the way there she thinks of what it will be like, her hands super sweaty, and her heart pounding. Her nervousness has set in, and so has reality.

For Joe he is shopping in the supermarket, knowing she is on her way. He is happy, and a tad nervous. Hoping that everything they had online, is in real life as well. He is nowhere as nervous as she is though.

Deeana approaches the fountain and takes a seat, texting Joe that she is there. She looks around seeing a few people sitting on the benches around her, but her eyes can't help to look in the direction that Joe will be coming to her in. She is now flipping out inside just keeping her composer the best she can.

She sees a tall man walking down the street towards her with grey hair and she knows it's him. Inside she wants to get up and start running towards him, but her legs are wobbly, and her nerves are killing her, so she remains in the seat waiting for him to get closer to her.

Joe walks closer to her seeing her stand, the attraction is there. She is exactly what he saw online.

Once he gets close enough she gets up, Joe walks over to her, and they say hi, wrapping their arms around each other tightly.

"Are you ok?"Joe asks knowing she is nervous.

"Yes, I am fine." She says looking up at him. He looks just like his photo's and he is totally adorable in every way.

This was the boy she remembered, the one she thought about all these years, now standing in front of her, it was surreal.

"Are you sure?" Joe repeats going for her hand.

"Yes, My hand is soaked. You may not want to hold it." Deeana answers.

"Its fine, mine will be too," Joe replies taking her hand and holding it tight.

Deeana just looks at him as they walk down the street together never imagining she would be holding his hand like this.

"I need to go into the car, it's really hot and you know I can't take the heat. I hope that is ok?" Joe says.

"That's fine." She answers.

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