A Love From the past.

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Chapter 19

Chapter 19

Deeana and Joe walk to his car, Joe opening the door, for her to get in. When she does, he seatbelts her in and goes for the first kiss. Placing a light peck on her lips, it takes Deeana by surprise but she likes it. Its been so long since she has been in any situation like this, she doesn't know where to begin and it was written all over her.

Her hands are soak, and her heart is still beating fast. Joe gets in the car and puts the AC on. Which she is so thankful for, she puts her hands in front of the vent trying to cool them down.

"Are you sure your ok? You don't have to be nervous around me." Joe states.

"I am fine really. Joe goes for her hand and kisses it.

Deeana loves the feel of him, he is so gentle, so loving. His touch is so soft. He holds her hand and she loves it. Joe talks about things, keeping the conversation going. Deeana will answer, and do her best just her nerves are on high, at the start and it takes her a bit to calm down. She just can't help it. Joe on the other hand is calm and cool. He just wants to touch her in every way he can. Trying to be a gentleman at the same time, needing to touch.

Joe parks in a parking lot, so they can talk more. Not sure where to go, so they are not seen. Joe wanted to take her to his place but she said on the second date, knowing that if they go now there is no way she will behave herself. She figures in the car she can do better, even though being this close to him, makes her crazy.

Joe holds her hand, and once parked he goes for the kiss, letting his head go sideways. Wondering if she will go for it, or clam up on him. She sees what he wants, and goes for the kiss. Their lips finally touching after all these years. Deeana is so nervous her mouth and lips go totally dry but it doesn't stop her. She tries to follow his lead with the kiss, getting tingles throughout her body as their lips and tounges touch. She knows she isn't that good at this, and hopes he is ok with it. That it doesn't disappoint him.

"I told you, I wasn't that good with that," Deeana says when the kiss stops. It was light and soft, and she could still feel his lips on hers even after it stopped.

"You were fine, stop worrying." Joe answers.

They sit there and Joe tries to get her to talk about herself but she is shy, letting him tell more stories that she loves to listen to. She answers and opens up a bit more as she gets comfy. Joe is used to this, so it doesn't really surprise him. During all this they hold hands, Deeana holding his hand in her lap.

Joe kisses his finger and then puts it on her eyes, nose, and lips. He is even more romantic then she thought he was. Joe's phone rings while they are out, and he answers it. It is from work, Deeana doesn't think anything about it, knowing he is very busy and a workaholic. He still holds her hand through the call and gives her attention. She just listens to him in action, which just amazes her even more about him.

"Sorry, they are always calling me," Joe says.

"It's ok. Just when we get intimate, that phone needs to go on silent." Deeana jokes.

"For sure," Joe replies.

Joe gets his hand and touches her foot all the way up her leg to her thigh stopping in the center thigh, not going any higher. He wants to but at the same time, is trying his best to behave himself. There is just a need to touch her. She feels the same need, just rubs up and down his sexy arm. She has a need and wants to kiss, the sweet beauty marks on his arm, but she stops herself. Just lightly rubbing it up and down. As much as she wants to touch, she keeps one hand holding his, and the other rubbing just his arm.

They start to drive around, Joe driving a lot and almost getting lost, but Deeana isn't nervous, she feels at home and safe with him. If she is honest with herself she didn't even care if they got lost, she was with him its all she needed.

They continue to drive around going back to wear Joe use to live, Joe also showing her where he grandmother lived and sharing things with her. They drive by some new houses that have a garage that isn't far from her own house.

"See something like that, would that be ok with you?" Joe asks.

"Yes, that is ok with me, as long as it's in Philly I am fine," Deeana responds.

That makes Deeana smile, seeing that he is thinking about moving here. She feels close to him, and happy. They drive around and talk some more, getting back to the Acme, where Joe says he has to pee. He feels so comfortable about her, to even tell her that. She just laughs, saying ok, and taking him into the Acme.

"I really have to pee," Joe says.

Deeana grabs his hand and takes him to the men's room showing him where it is. Feeling very comfy with him as well, and as if they were together forever. She goes into the lady's room fixing herself. Then waits for him outside, which doesn't take him long.

They shop around the Acme, Joe picking up some things and showing Deeana some things he likes. It was as if they were married already, it felt calm and natural.

They get done and head back to the car, Joe helping her in again and seatbelting her in. She had to admit to herself all this was new. It was nice. She never experienced anything like it before. Yes, it was just driving around and talking but Joe's way, Joe's touch, was like nothing she had before.

"I Don't want to keep you out long. This way it will be like you ran an errand." Joe says.

"Ok," Deeana answers a little disappointed but knowing what he is saying is true. She just didn't want to leave him just yet. She just keeps that to herself, just like she kept her hands.

"I don't want you to walk far. I will drop you off closer to your house."

"Ok, that sounds fine. We should be ok as long as it's not up to my street." Deeana answers.

Joe parks a street away from where she lives.

"It was great seeing you again, I hope next time we can do something more," Joe says.

"That would be nice." Deeana answers.

"You have my phone number, and you know how to reach me anytime you need me." Joe answers.

"Yes, I will be texting you tonight. I hope to see you again."Deeana says.

"You will." Joe answers.

"You promise," She says.


"I want a hug before you go," Deeana says not able to hold that back. She wants to touch him again. She wants to kiss him, just doesn't ask for one since they are so close to her house.

"Of course," Joe answers Giving her a hug. "Be careful and text me when you are home safe," Joe adds.

"I will and you too."

Deeana gets out of the car leaving half her heart with him, she just keeps that to herself like she kept her composer most of the day.

Deeana crosses the street and looks back at him, as she walks waving goodbye to him. She was so happy in one way and sad in another. Joe waves goodbye and drives off.

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