A Love From the past.

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Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Deeana walks down the street stopping in the corner store to pick up some things before heading home. As Joe heads home alone. She picks up what she needs, then goes home, filled with happiness, as soon as she gets there she texts him she is home safe. He says ok, and she leaves him alone, so he can drive safely home.

Her mother is waiting for her, and she tells her everything. How sweet he is, how they talked, and go along. Her mother just listens and says ok. Feeling she wanted this for so long at least now she was getting it.

After eating, she texts Joe making sure he got home safely.

"Yes, I am home, I am at my parent's house for dinner," Joe responds.


When he is back at his own house, they start talking, Deeana saying she smells of his cologne. Which only makes Joe nervous.

"Oh, No."JOe answers.

"I am fine, I love it.." Deeana states.

"Get Changed." Joe answers.

"I will but I am going to enjoy it a bit more," Deeana asks.

"KK."Joe answers, getting a bit worried.

"It was awesome," Deeana says.

"Yes, it was, you being good?" Joe responds.

"Yes, and no. It's worse now that I know what you feel like." Deeana comments. "I Know I was shy, I am sorry. I couldn't help it." She adds.

"You were fine." Joe states.

"You sure?" She asks.

"Positive," Joe says.

"I behaved...but I still had to touch you, I never felt that way before it was awesome," Deeana replies.

"Yes, it was," Joe says.

"Was it what you thought?" Deeana asks.

"Absolutely, better than what I thought," Joe responds.

Deeana feels a relief in her heart and mind.

"Do you feel better now?" Deeana asks.

"Yes do you?" Joe says.

"Yes, It's nice knowing that you still like me after seeing me in person," Deeana reveals.

"Of course I do," Joe responds.

"I worried too, you never know." Deeana comments.

"I worry about everything," Joe replies.

"I still smell of you." Deeana states.

"Oh boy, I worried about that." Joe answers.

"Don't. It's fine. I like it a lot." Deeana admits.

"Ok, that's good but I don't want to get you into trouble," Joe confesses.

"Your not, I promise," Deeana reassures.


"I Do want more of your kisses," Deana says.

Joe sends her a gif with kisses. They keep talking a little bit till Joe falls asleep. Deeana had to ask to call him tonight and she sees he is really tired. She knows the forty-five-minute drive didn't help today, but she was glad he did it for her. She was glad to finally see him in person. To be able to hold and be close to him. She did worry that her shyness and composer might bother him, but he reassured her it didn't.

The next morning comes, and she doesn't get a text. So she texts him first.

"Good Morning handsome." She says.

"Morning," he replies.

"How are you?"Deeana asks.

"Tired." Joe answers.

"I am sorry," Deeana replies.

"It's not your fault." Joe states.

"In a way it is, I keep you up late," Deeana responds.

"It is fine." Joe answers.

The messages of the day, are lighter than normal. Deeana sees a difference and it scares her. She just keeps it to herself, now wondering if Joe really did like her in person or if things changed. the normal calls and texts stop. She knows he is tired and busy so she tries her best to give him some space during the day. Not texting while he is at work.

She tries when it's close to him going home, and gets no answer on the Facebook texts. This just worries her more, but she tries to keep herself composed.

She texts him on the regular phone text and he tells her he is tried and going straight to bed. She says ok, but still, in the back of her mind, wonders what is going on?

The next morning, no text like usual, which makes things worse...no more chasing her. She is now chasing him. She texts him.

"Morning." She says.

after a half hour.

"Just got up, running late," Joe says.

"Ok sorry," she replies.

and the text stop, she sends him things during the day but no reply. Is it work? Is it her? She wasn't sure, but her insecurities were now coming out. She knew they couldn't spend every minute together all the time. Just from being together all the time, and now this, made her wonder. It would make anyone wonder. She just tries to not overreact which is hard for her. She was just like Joe with the overthinking. Just before she was doing well with it, he never gave her a reason to overthink. She happened just going day to day, trusting him fully. She just feels things are changing, and she is sad.

The texts get less and less, and the attention he used to give is now none. He will answer here and there but nothing like before. Sunday comes, and she texts him, for him to say he is tried and going to sleep. She understands that its been a long week and maybe she is just freaking out for nothing, she leaves him alone the whole day, wanting him to get rest. Feeling that maybe if he sleeps he will feel better and things will go back to normal.

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