A Love From the past.

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Chapter 24

Chapter 24

After they have their conversation, Deeana feels a lot better knowing that Joe still feels the same. Also seeing that he overthinks just as badly as she does. She just knows that the last five weeks have done a number on her. She tried to speak her mind and tell him how much it bothered her that he stayed away, hoping that he will know not to do it again. Or maybe think before doing so? She sees he really didn't want to hurt her in any way, he was just dealing with his own stuff, in his own way.

She does have to admit that him shutting down, and turning her away worries her for their future. Will he do this to her all the time? If they were together in person, it wouldn't be so bad, she would know what was going on and understand better. Just being so far away, and not speaking did a number on her. She just hopes that he sticks around as he says and that they can build their relationship. With him staying away without any communication it was hurting the relationship.

She just tries to put all her overthinking to a stop, knowing it isn't doing anything good for her. That half the things she thinks about probably he wasn't even. He did tell her he still wanted her, still loved her, that didn't change, and as long as it didn't there was a chance of this working. It was a lot to take on but with patience, they could get there fairytale. She just had to keep the faith, had to believe in him and them.

She thinks about how she let go before, and she wasn't going to do that this time. He was stuck with her unless he told her otherwise.

She messages him the next day and no reply. It makes her wonder again but she is determined to make this work. He did say he was busy with work and family. She had to realize that and chill. At the same time, it was hard for her to do. This was a new experience for her in every way. Its been so long that she cared for someone, and so long since she dated, she didn't know what to do.

She doesn't bother him at work, knowing that he is busy. She would just email him at night, hoping he would reply. A few days go by, and he stays quiet yet again. She just keeps sending one email a day, and one text. Just letting him know she is there. She hopes in her heart, he gets over whatever is going on soon. So they can start their life together. She hopes that he still keeps the Thursday meeting, so they can talk and get through this.

Joe is busy with work, overwhelmed by everything in his personal and business life. He wants to let her in, wants to be with her, and wants everything he said. He just needs time. He goes to work, and goes home to bed, being so tired and overheated from the summer heat. He loves her and wants her, and that didn't change. It won't change. He sees her daily emails, knowing she is here with him. It makes him smile, knowing that even when he let go for a few weeks she didn't give up. When he came back she accepted him with open arms, still trying to get to him, just as she has in the past.

He knows he will message her, not waiting as long as he has before. He now knows it hurts her, and he doesn't want that. He doesn't want to hurt her in any way, just the thought bothered him. He also knows if he goes more then a few days, she will panic and he knows he doesn't want that either. He just needs a few days to get himself together.

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