A Love From the past.

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Chapter 25

Chapter 25

When a few days go by, Deeana stops the emails and texts knowing its a Monday and he has a long workday. She feels he is overwhelmed and stressed out. That she should step back once again just for a short time. She wasn't going to let it go for five weeks like she did last time though. She was going to show him, she was there, that she wasn't giving up on them.

He said he wanted her to, and she was going to do her best to make this happen. Just knowing at the same time she should give space as well and not always bother him. She had to admit to herself that was hard, for some reason to stay away from him, bothered her deeply. She wanted to comfort him, be there for him, and he wasn't letting her. Then she knew he always told her, he would get quiet. she just didn't know this is what he meant by it. This was him, he told her, he warned her, she just wasn't ready for it. She just knew if she wanted him, which she did she would have to learn to accept it and work around it. Also, try to get him to let her in even if it was a tad bit. She wanted to build their relationship and make it strong. She wanted this to last and be for always.

Joe also wondered and was scared she would get tired of this, and let go. Would she stick around, or just let go of the situation? He just saw that after the five weeks she was still trying to contact him, and still wanted him. This whole thing amazed him in so many ways.

Joe sees that she stays away but he knows his birthday is in a few days and he knows for sure she will probably say Happy Birthday to him. If she doesn't then that meant she got mad and walked away. He always wondered if she would get mad, and that was another thing that held him back from texting her after he was away for a while. Would she accept him again?

The few days go by, and Deeana does email him saying Happy Birthday, I hope you have a great day. She thinks about him all the time and hopes he will reply, at least to say Thank you. She hopes it will get him to open up again, and bring some communication.

Which it does, Joe is a very mannerly man, so of course, he would say thank you. Plus he wants to talk to her, he misses her just as much as she does him. He just wishes his personal life would settle down some, and go back to normal.

"Thank you, My day was pretty boring." Joe answers.

"Your welcome, I am sorry it was. I wish I could be there with you to make it not so boring." Deeana says.

"That would be nice, I would like that. I had to work and late so didn't really get to do much. I just had a little something with the family earlier in the week." Joe replies.

"When we see each other in person, I can make it up to you," Deeana responds.

"Oh really?" Joe comments.

"Yes, There is a lot of things I want to do to you," Deeana responds.

"I guess we will see unless you chicken out." Joe answers.

"I am not going to chicken out, I am nervous yes but I regret not doing more with you when I had the chance," Deeana says.

"And what would you have done?" Joe asks.

"I wanted to kiss your neck when we hugged, and I for sure want more kisses from you. Not to mention touch you everywhere." Deeana admits.

"It took everything I had not to touch you more," Joe reveals.

"I wish you would have, Don't hold back this time," Deeana says.

"You know if I don't hold back it's going to lead to things." Joe states.

"I want it to. I want to be that close to you. I want to make love to you. I want to touch your naked body, on top of mine." Deeana confesses.

"I want that too, I just want you to be sure," Joe says.

"I am very sure, I have been thinking about it all this time, and regret not going further with you," Deeana admits.

"You don't have to be afraid, just go for it. You want to kiss me, do so, you want to touch me do so."Joe replies.

"I will try, I am not that forward, you may have to make the first move like you did before," Deeana responds.

"That is fine, I have no problem with that." Joe comments. "I still want you in every way," Joe adds.

"I want you also, more than you know. I love you, Joe." Deeana says.

"I love you too." Joe answers.

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