A Love From the past.

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Chapter 34

Chapter 34

A few days later Deeana emails Joe again but keeping it light and fun. Hoping that he will finally email her back, which he does. She sends him a pic hoping it will get his attention.

"Very nice, I am at work still," Joe says.

"Sorry I thought you were home, Let me know when you are." Deeana answers.

"I will be there soon." Joe states.

After a few minutes, Joe says he is home and Deenna messages him.

"How are you feeling?"Deeana asks.

"Tired but otherwise ok. How are you? Are you being good?" Joe says.

"I am good, no I am not being good, I been thinking about all kinds of things That I want to do to you," Deeana admits.

"Oh really?" Joe says.

"Yes, I really want to see you in person," Deeana replies.

"I want to see you too," Joe says.

"I have Thursdays and Sundays open," Deeana replies.

"I been working on Thursdays and he is home on Sundays," Joe responds.

"It's ok, I can still see you. I want to make love to you Joe. I want to be with you."Deeana says.

"Really?" Joe asks.

"YES really. I want to be with you." Deeana admits.

"You can't leave him for me, you have to leave him for you, if we don't work, I don't want you to have any regrets."

"I know that I am leaving for me. But I do want to be with you." Deeana says.

"Your not thinking correctly," Joe responds.

"Look, the marriage has been over with for years, way before you. I don't want him with or without you. I will not regret anything. It's not all because of you." Deeana states.

"How about if you don't like me?" Joe says.

"Really?? I know your not perfect Joe, neither am I." Deeana comments.

"I don't want you to go bonkers on me when I get quiet or distance, its just how I am. It's just me." Joe confesses.

"I can handle it, I am getting use it being you. You will just have to let me know it's not because of us. I am sure we can compromise...." Deeana says.

"Do you think I don't want you here naked in front of me to touch?" Joe admits.

"Then come over here and do it!" Deeana blurts out.

"Once we do this we can't go back, its not something we can just take back," Joe replies.

"I don't want to take it back, its something I want more than you know," Deeana responds.

"Yes, the curiosity is high." Joe answers.

"Yes, very we are both adults and both want this, Lets give it a try to see where it goes. I am not running from this Joe, I want to know where it goes." Deeana comments.

"True we are both adults, and we both want it," Joe says.

"You can't do Sundays it would have to be a Thursday," Joe adds.

"I am fine on Sundays too, I promise. You need to trust me. Where would we do this?" Deeana asks.

"A hotel. And if you say so." Joe states.

"I will leave that up to you, I don't have a clue," Deeana replies.

"Ok, I will have to work it out. I just don't want either of us to get hurt." Joe comments.

"We will be fine, I been wanting this for a very long time," Deeana confesses.

"Me too. I want you, there are so many things I want to do to you." Joe comments.

"Then get here and do it," Deeana smirks.

"You are going to let me do anything I want to you, aren't you?" Joe asks.

"Yes, And I can't wait. I am not scared at all, just a little nervous because it has been so long that I have with anyone." Deeana admits.

"Yeah, same," Joe replies.

"Your not going to do that again are you?" Deeana asks.

"Do what? I am getting ready to go to bed." Joe responds.

"I mean get quiet on me?" Deeana asks.

"No, I will try not to get into my head too much. You be good, and gets some rest." Joe says.

"Ok, you too. Will I talk to you tomorrow?" Deeana asks.

"Yea if I don't message you, just do me. I will try to answer. Work is very busy." Joe states.

"Ok. Goodnight." Deeana responds.

Deeana gets off the phone, happy, she told him how she felt and what she wanted. It wasn't only sex she wanted with him though, she wanted more, but like he said the curiosity was killing them both. She was going after what she wanted, and she wanted him. She knew she didn't get her point across fully about not wanting Phil, she knew she would have to write an email explaining it.....just in time. She wanted him to know she wanted him, and let's do this. No looking back no regrets. They both had so many, she didn't want this to be added to them. At least this way they could see if anything was there? She was willing to take the chance she just wasn't sure if Joe would or not. She knew he wanted to, now it was to get him to go for it. She wouldn't give up, she felt the same, and sooner or later he would give in.

Joe sits in his bed still stung about it all, she wanted to meet up and have sex with him. She really wanted him, the thoughts make him crazy as he wants her just as bad, if not more. To be able to be with her, touch her, kiss her. It drove him, now he just had to get out of his head and go for it! Which he knew he would.

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