A Love From the past.

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Chapter 37

Chapter 37

A few weeks go by and their relationship gets stronger, Joe is around more, and they talk about all kinds of things. Getting even more sexual than they have in the past. Now it's a lot about sex, opening up to each other and seeing what the other wants in it.

Joe is a bit nervous to open up about his wants at first thinking it will scare Deeana, then he sees that it doesn't scare her at all, that she has her own kinks and doesn't mind telling him about them.

Joe wonders if its all talk, will she really do this? Is she really ready to cheat on her husband? Does she really want him this way? Joe has a lot of questions swirling around in his mind. He asks him to up the sexy photos that she sends him, wanting to see how far she will go, if she will do as he asks, and one night she surprises him greatly.

"Did I surprise you with that?" Deeana asks.

"More than you know. I didn't think you would." Joe says.

"I told you I want you, I need you. I don't know what else to do to show you how I really feel about you."Deeana responds.

"I am seeing you are ready for this, and mean this." Joe answers.

"I hope so, I don't show that to just anyone." Deeana comments.

"I would hope not, but I want more. I want you." Joe states.

"I want you also, very much in every way." Deeana answers.

"The things I am going to do to you, The things I want to do to you," Joe replies.

"Then do so, I want it all," Deeana says.

"Your going to get it all," Joe responds.

"I am free this Sunday, All day. He isn't around, and I can spend hours with you."Deeana suggests.

"I can try, I normally clean. " Joe answers.

"Let me know, I have all day and most of the night." Deeana states.

"Ok," Joe responds.

They go on talking more about sex and spend a few more hours together.

The next day comes which is Sunday, Deeana is excited and hoping Joe really does this, but she knows there is a big chance he will chicken out on her. She knows he wants her, but at the same time, she knows he is scared of this, scared of what might be, or what might happen. It's in everything he says. He keeps telling her he doesn't want to get hurt or hurt her. She knows deep down he is scared, she may not leave her husband or him. Or that something will happen and they won't be friends anymore and lose everything.

She sees more than Joe thinks she does, she just tries to keep things light, and not freak him out.

Deeana messages Joe, saying she can't wait to see him, he messages her back saying he is working on it, talking to her throughout the day, but not giving a time when he would see her. he keeps telling her he is working on it and also really busy. She knows he is coming and going with the idea of it. She gives him space but checks in to see if anything changed. She keeps getting the same response and her hopes go down, but she still tries.

At 8 PM she messages him again asking if he is done with what he was doing.

"Yea finally I am so done with it and everything." Joe answers.

"We still have some time to be together," Deeana says.

"We only have till eleven it won't be enough time, for me to do everything I want to do to you." Joe answers.

Deeana feels defeated, and hurt but holds it in.

"I can up the time till 11:30" Deeana responds.

"I love that but still not enough time, there is so much I want to do with you, I need a lot of it. " Joe says.

Deeana knows he chickened out, she is hurt but there isn't much she can do. She tried everything and she isn't begging. She was better than that.

"Ok." She answers.

"I didn't mean to disappoint you. I am sorry." Joe replies.

"It's fine, we have another time," Deeana responds.

"We will, I want to touch you everywhere," Joe says.

"I want the same.' Deeana answers.

Joe keeps going into detail about what he wants to do with her. She listens and wants it too just feels a bit defeated. She just does her best not to let on. She makes the rest of the night go as if nothing took place. Just deep down she wonders if it will ever happen? She cares so much and wants this so badly but is she wasting her time?

Joe on the other hand thought about it all day, wanting to go, wanting to be with her, at the same time, not sure if any of this was the right thing to do. Was she really ready for this? Was he? Would she regret it? Would she go home and flip out afterward? His want for her was there, and true, he was just doing his best to curb it.

The next day, Deeana still feels hurt but just does her best to shrug it off. Joe comes and talks to her at night and spends some time with her, She sees he is even more open and wanting to spend time like he was trying to make up for the night before. As hurt, as she was, she loves him and it disappears as she hopes the words he is telling her, he will do.

The week they spend even more time together, sharing more sexy pics that only get him crazy with want, and desire for her. It makes him regret badly not going there on Sunday. He wishes he could go right now. She keeps teasing him with sexier and sexier pics. Making him explode with lust. The whole week is sexy and hot, telling each other what they want and need from each other. How badly they want each other. It goes back to normal talking every day, throughout the day. They have a wonderful week filled with closeness and fun.

Deeana loves being with him, and he does the same. She just still wonders if this will ever be more than just an online thing, will she ever get to feel him for real? Touch him for real. Everything she says it, he tells her Soon. They will be together Soon, she hopes he means it, as he says he does. Only time will tell.

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