A Love From the past.

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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Joe feels a lot better after he gets off the phone with Deeana, his heart needed her badly. He was happy to know she felt the same way, he knew she did, but the thought of her being married to someone else was tearing him up inside.

He knew that wasn’t fair to her, he was the one to go to her after all these years. He was the one stirring up her life, but when he texted her a month ago, he never saw it going like this. Joe thought they would just say hello, maybe just meet and have coffee. He never thought in his wildest dreams, that she would tell him she was still in love with him after all these years.

They met when they were nine years old in third grade. As soon as Deeana saw him, it was love at first sight. This tall, brown-eyed, brown-haired boy with pale skin, he was adorable in every way, not to mention sweet as can be. Even though it was kid stuff she knew right off the bat this was the boy she wanted to spend her life with, it just didn’t go that way. She wrote him a note, passing it through the classmates to get to him, asking if he liked her also. Please circle yes or no.

Joe looked at her, and felt the same way, he liked her. She was petite with brown long hair, brown eyes, she was very pretty to him. He sent the note back saying yes, and it started a grade-school love. One that even went as far as having a little play wedding in front of their classmates. It was kid stuff but meant a ton to Deeana. Joe always bringing her cute little love notes, flowers, and trinkets. He made her first love, special in every way. She would never forget any of this, even as she grew older, he would still remain the one that got away.

As they got older things took place and they were not play married anymore, that didn’t keep what Deena felt for him away. She always would follow him around, at lunchtime bothering him while he was doing his safety duties. Always trying to get his attention, even when she had a crush on someone else, her heart always remained with Joe. There was something that always remained with joe deep inside her.

As time went on, they both graduated grade school and were off to high school. Both going to a different one, one to an all-girls, one to an all-boys school. A few years went by, and Deeana still thought about joe, always hoping that he would be her future husband, the father of her children, the first and only man she would make love to. When they were seventeen she got the courage to call him up, hoping he would ask her out. They talked and had a very good conversation, talking like they never left contact with each other. Just joe was shy and not sure about girls or asking her out. Also dealing with his own things at the time. He was moving after he graduated and had to figure out his own way and life.

When Deeana heard he was moving, she wasn’t sure where that would leave her even if they did start dating. She wasn't into moving and going away from where she was used to. She had no intention of moving or leaving her family. At the same time, feeling that Joe had no feelings towards her, that it was all one-sided, that she was just wasting her time. The phone calls stopped and they both moved on with their lives.

Joe wondered what happened but just let it go, neither of them ever dating in their teens. They were both awkward in that department and not sure what to do. Joe just figured she got bored and moved on. This wasn’t the case at all, it hurt her, but she figured it was best to let go. They both felt the other wasn’t interested and time moved on.

Joe moved away, going where his parents wanted him to go with them. They had a home down Atlantic City New Jersey. They all loved it down there and went there for years on end even before moving there for good. Joe felt forced to move, it was his only option or at least the only one he felt he had. He left Philadephia behind, just not fully. He would come back and forth seeing old friends and driving around. He just never bumped into Deeana. They were on two different roads of life. Never thinking they would ever see each other again. Joe even looking for her phone number, just not finding it, or remembering it.

As the years went by, Joe was going on twenty and it was time for him to get a job, to figure out what he was going to do with his life. He took time off, taking a break now his parents said it was time to grow up. He wasn’t sure about what to do, where he wanted to go. He just had to think quickly and take a job to get his mother off his case. So he did.

For Deeana, she was home back in Philadelphia with her parents. At the age of nineteen her father past away. Leaving just her and her mother alone. They were the only family they had, since both her parents had her when they were much older. She knew her mother needed her, and she wouldn’t leave her. She still thinks of Joe, trying to find him on AOL and other places but gets nowhere. “She just thinks maybe that is a good thing, he moved and wouldn’t want to come back here. He has his own life, she would only be in the way.”

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