A Love From the past.

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Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Joe, on the other hand, is working on his career, but at this point is alone wishing he had someone. He has a home, money, car, but no family. The woman he was chasing, he chased for thirteen years and got nowhere. They lived together and shared many things but in the end, it didn’t work out. She wanted different things than he did. She wasn’t stable and wanted to play around, where joe wanted to get married and have a family. For her, she didn’t want that, or at least she didn’t want that with Joe. This relationship, torn Joe apart, hurting him deeply. Joe was a kind, good man, with a heart of gold. He just gave it to the wrong woman.

What Joe lost in his personal life he made up for in his career. He was very hard working and made a lot of money. Being able to achieve anything he wanted. After the breakup, he just threw himself even more into his work, since it was the only thing he had. He dates here and there but nothing leads to anything. At this point, he feels it may not be in the cards for him.

He also has to admit coming home to an empty house hurts him greatly. He wishes he had the family, he thought he would have by now. Just feeling after the last relationship that wasn’t happening. The time was going fast, They were now going on forty-two. Joe finds himself crying himself to sleep at night, wanting someone to love him, as he would love them. It depresses him, he just doesn’t know what to do.

He goes through his mind and thinks about Deeana, now going on eleven years since they spoke last. He wonders how she is doing? If she is still married? Feeling she is probably still happily married and even has another child. Just for some reason, he has this strong feeling to locate her, wanting to find out for himself. That even if she is, being friends with her would be nice. He knows the last time they talked she seemed great, which let him just pass on things. At the time he was in his own relationship, and so much was going on, he didn't think to add anything more crazy to his life.

Joe searches the internet for her, trying to find anything about her, which leads to nowhere. It just intrigues him more, wanting to find her. Just time passes and still nothing.

For Deeana she is at the point where her marriage is nonexistent to her. She lives a separate life from her husband even though they live in the same house. She put all the relationship stuff behind her, just living her normal everyday life. Her kids are older now and she knows she needs to do something for herself. She starts fixing herself up, getting her nails done, dying her hair blonde, wearing cute clothes. All the things she did when she was younger, going back to herself at least in one way.

There is a sadness in Deeana, it takes over a lot, even though she pushes it to the back of her mind. She can’t help at times for it to take over her. Asking god at night why? What did she do, to have this? Would he please give her someone to love her as she would them. Not mentioning any names, or people, just hoping for something better, something with meaning and purpose. A relationship with love, desire, and even peace. She wanted everything that her current relationship wasn't, she wanted a second chance to do it again, and the right way, with someone she was more compatible with. She knew there had to be something more, she hoped there would be for her. She saw so many others getting a second chance at things, why couldn't she? Why was Phil her destiny? She served half a life sentence she hoped there was a time for her release. A time for her to experience all the things she never had before. She just never acted on anything.

She has the same feeling and same words Joe does, just neither of them knowing that they said the same words to god, asking for the same thing. If you think about it, its something, how they both want the same thing and not getting it with anyone else.

Deeana goes on Facebook and looks up Joe, finding his page just this time she doesn’t message him feeling there is no point. No more rejection, no more trying. Not knowing that he is doing his best to locate her. She just let’s go at least for now.

Joe, on the other hand, doesn’t, he racks his brain trying to figure out how he can find her. Not remembering what her married name is. So it makes things a bit harder. Then one night while in bed, he remembers AOL. He still has the account, just never checks it, or goes on it. He sits there racking his brain trying to remember the password, to no reveal he has to make a new one. Then finally he is in his account where he goes to his email and looks up her name finding she emailed him eighteen months ago giving him all the info he needed. Here she was trying to contact him, and he missed it.

“I wonder if she will even want to hear from me now? Or is she mad at me?” Joe thinks.

Just figuring he would go for it anyway, he had nothing to lose. He writes her an email back telling her, he hasn’t been on AOL in years, but it was great hearing from her and she could contact him at any time. Giving her his phone number. Trying his best to make up for the eighteen months of no response.

Joe also sees that she left him her Facebook name. Her new full name where he can find her. He goes there and looks her up finding her page, seeing her children. Her oldest reminding him so much of her when she was younger. He looks over the page trying to find a picture of her, but none is there, just of the kids.

He sends her a message.

“Hi, This is Joe from grade school. I hope you're ok? You can message me anytime you like, I would love to hear from you.” Joe says.

Hoping that she gets this, that she replies.

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