A Love From the past.

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Chapter 8

Chapter 8

That morning Joe messages and emails Deeana happens to be the same day of her daughter's nineteenth birthday. Deeana doesn't check messages or emails. Not really a person for her phone. She only uses it when needed and its mostly to talk to her mother or children, and when her husband wants to bug the life out of her for something.

Deeana goes on with her day, having a small dinner and cake for her daughter. Never thinking Joe messaged her, or that he even would.

Joe on the other hand is going crazy all day, looking at his phone for an email or message back. He keeps seeing no response which makes him feel, she doesn't want to have anything to do with him.

"I must have pissed her off from not emailing her back. Or she just figures why bother?" Joe says to himself.

The day turns into night, Joe going home from work, still checking his phone here and there with nothing.

Deeana's day is coming to an end, finally getting ready for bed, and to check her other Facebook account. Not using the one she gave Joe for much at all, but still able to get the messages on her phone.

She goes on her other name, messaging her girlfriend. They have been online friends for at least two months, telling each other about their relationships, failed marriages, and pretty much everything else. Brenda was a good friend to Deeana, and vise versa. They would listen to each other and never judge, there was no point, they both knew what the other was going through. Both of them were miserable.

"Hey Girl, how was your day?" Brenda asks.

"It was ok, It was my daughter's birthday. She had a nice day, small dinner and cake. Some presents. You know the usual." Deeana responds.

"Yea, I am glad she had a happy birthday. It's all that matters."Brenda replies.

"So true." Deeana answers.

While Deeana is on the computer talking to Brenda, her phone goes sideways while charging and turns on, Deeana Sees a request message from Joe.

She takes a double-take, almost falling out of bed, thinking she is seeing things. She goes onto her phone and to her Facebook messages opening up requests seeing Joe's.

She reads it over and over at first, making sure she isn't crazy. This is the Joe, that has been in her heart all these years. Her heart beats fast, pounding out of her chest.

"Hi, Joe its nice hearing from you. I hope your doing well?" Deeana answers dying inside, wondering now that it is ten at night if he would even answer her back.

Joe is in the bathroom, brushing his teeth before bed, when he hears a ding on his phone, not sure what it is, he takes a look. Almost falling over himself. "She messaged me back."

"I am good and you?" Joe answers.

"I am good. It's great to hear from you." Deeana answers.

"Same here, I been looking for you. I couldn't find you then I remembered Aol and found the email you wrote to me....18 months ago. Sorry, it took me so long to respond, I don't really use AOL anymore." Joe reveals.

Deeana doesn't know what to think, she just knows that she is so happy to hear from him. After all these years, he is back, finding her.

"Really? No problem, I wasn't sure if you were still on AOL or not, I just took a chance. Have you....gotten married?" Deeana asks....praying inside he says no, at the same time, knowing that isn't fair at all.

"Yes, I been wondering how you were? How are the kids? Family? No, I never got married, I am still single. Some things never change. I did write back to the email, giving you my phone number so you could contact me anytime you like." Joe states.

"Kids are fine growing up..one is nineteen today its what took me so long to get your message. I wasn't online. Sorry about that. I will go check my email now also. Whatever happened with that girl you were talking to when I messaged you last?" Deeana asks.

"That didn't work out, thirteen years, and things didn't work. She left me for someone else. I am glad your still happily married." Joe says...hoping that's not true but not sure how to ask or put it.

"Oh, I am sorry. I will send you my phone also so you have it, you can call me anytime also. Married still yes....Happily...Not really." Deeana answers truthfully, knowing this may be the last time she gets to say how she really feels...last chance to see if he feels the same way, feeling he may, anytime he just was looking for her and found her.

"Oh sorry, it's not happy, it happens. If you were not married, I would scoop you right up." Joe admits not able to hold back.

"It hasn't been happy for a long time. I still can't believe you messaged me, that I am talking to you." Deeana confesses.

"I been looking for you for a while now, you been on my mind. I just knew that the last time I talked to you, you were happily married." Joe answers.

"Not really, I just said that because you said you had someone. I have always had feelings for you. I always wished a lot of things." Deeana admits not holding her feelings back.

"Really? I didn't know, I thought everything was great. I just took a chance thinking that we could at least chat maybe meet for coffee." Joe comments.

"I would like that, and yes really. I never got over you, You were my first love." Deeana says.

"You were my first love as well. I never forgot all we did in school." Joe replies.

"You were my first hubby remember? I remember all the love notes you sent me, the rose on my desk. How I use to love being around you." Deeana states.

"Yes, I remember it. I still have some of the notes I sent you. My mother actually found one a few months ago and showed me. Asking me whatever happened to you. I said I didn't know." Joe explains.

"Wow, really? I am still here. I still care very much for you, I don't know where all this is coming from but I just feel I need to finally say it. No more holding back." Deeana says.

"I am so glad your not, I feel the same way. I just can't believe so do you. After all these years?" Joe responds.

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