Ares' Steel [Caprioli #4]

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6 Gods, 6 Women. What would happen when Fate brought them together? ***** Tammy Costa has been struggling to get a stable job when she first graduated from The University. Coming back to Sicily Island where she left to go abroad with her parents, she returned to manage the house that was left by her grandparents that they left in their will. She thought of having a job here as a PA but it did not go as she expected. Ryes Ares Caprioli has to find someone that can keep up with his hyper personality because it tends to get on people. Just ask his brother, Percival, that guy was ready to blow his head off when he was stuck with Ryes. And a lot of people have come and go to be his PA until he met Tammy. She was one of a kind and can take his jokes as no one can. What happened when Tammy and Ryes were happened to be dancing at the reception and sparks fly. Will they acknowledge it or would Tammy run away as she was afraid of commitment? Find out what happened to their love story in this novella!

Romance / Fantasy
Nikki Larousse
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: The Meeting

The stories and legends of Greek Mythology have always been passed down orally and it gave the younger generation after Ancient Greece to learn from it. Even the Romans adapted the Greek myths into their version.

But we all know that Greek Mythology was something to be listened to because there was something that we can learn and teach others about knowledge. The myths were used to explain the creation of the universe that we know, the relationships that might go wrong, and do not be arrogant or you will face the consequences.

Sure, Ancient Greece civilization has ended but the myth lived on.

And who knows, you might encounter the Greek Gods themselves if they ever reincarnated as mortals in this modern era.


I have always been fascinated with the Greek myths since I was a little kid. I don’t know why but Ares, God of War was very appealing to me. I kind of wished that he would not be only the myth that people have always been saying.

And I should have known that be careful what you wish for.

My name is Tammy Costa and this is my encounter with Greek myth in the flash.

It was a sunny day when I was receiving a call from my family solicitor. He informed me that my grandparents were dead and I have to be home for the will reading. Home. I never felt like I was home whenever I was abroad. Maybe it was time for me to go back home.

In which is Sicily, Italy.

I told my friend that I have to get away for a while when I know that we will never see each other again. I have graduated from university with a degree in Architectural Engineering. I just hoped I can find a job later in Italy.

I was looking at the plane ticket that I have picked out for the day of my moving back to Sicily. I sighed before I was checking in my luggage and I was waiting for the time to board. I was listening to music when I was looking at a man who was talking on the phone.

His hair was immaculate as well as jet black as midnight.

His toned thighs were leaning against the walls before he smiled.

God, I think my heart just beat so fast right now and it did not help when I was listening to ‘Enchanted’ by Taylor Swift.

There I was again tonight, forcing laughter faking smile,

A same old tired, lonely place.

You’re on the wall of insincerity, shifting eyes and vacancy,

Vanished when I saw your face.

All I can say is it was enchanting to meet you.

But of course, that man was not making eye contact with me as I was looking at his dimples that were on his cheeks. God, I wanted to kiss them and I was listening to the chorus of the music now.

This night is sparkling, don’t you let it go,

I’m wonderstruck, blushing all the way home.

I spin forever wonder if you knew,

I was enchanted to meet you.

I was taking a deep breath before the man was moving away from the wall and he was boarding his plane. I blinked away before I was looking at something else as I was feeling that my face was warm right now.

God, I was such a dork!

I heard that the announcer was calling for my plane as I was getting up from the chair and went to check in the plane and I was walking to the gate. I was happy to be home but also scared of the future that might hold for me.

I was looking at the island of Sicily as I was smiling like a child that was coming home. Home sweet home. I was happy to know that I was able to visit my grandparents’ house every summer when my parents were still alive. But since their deaths, I have been living with my grandparents until I got a scholarship to continue my study at a university in Germany.

I sighed before the seatbelt sign was on and I was waiting for the plane to descend as I was closing my eyes again. After a few moments, I was opening my eyes and I saw that there were fewer people on the plane. I unfastened my belt before I was taking my carry on and went out of the plane.

I was smiling at the officer that was checking my passport before I was looking at the sight. The man that I was stalking at the airport was here. I cannot believe it. Did he take the same plane as me? Maybe he was in the business class since I did not saw him in coach.

Grazie,” I said to the officer before I was moving out of the airport and I was looking for a taxi right now. I did notice a vacant one before I was rushing toward it. Then, all of a sudden, I was hitting someone.

Someone’s chest.

Scusi,” I said as I was looking into the most electrifying blue eyes that I ever since. It was almost like electricity was running through them. I blinked before the mouth of the man was moving.

“Are you alright?” He asked me in Italian when I was blinking a few times before I was smiling at him.

“Yes, yes. I am so sorry,” I replied in Italian before I was remembering that Italians did not stare at people. It was considered rude and I think it is.

“No harms done. I hope you are okay? Nothing happened right?” He asked me as he was trying to joke about our situation. I laughed at his joke before he smiled at me and that dimples that I saw from afar were in front of me.

“May fate brings us together again,” he whispered in German before I was looking at him. I think he did not know that I spoke fluent German and before I can reply to him, he was smiling at me and I blushed. It was just like the lyrics of the song that I was listening to earlier.

This is me praying that, this was the very first page, not when the story logged in.

My thoughts will linger your name until I see you again

These are the words I held back, as I was living to see, I was enchanted to meet you.

Please don’t be in love with someone else. Please don’t have somebody waiting on you.

I was blinking my eyes before I was seeing at this man and I did the unthinkable. I asked for his name. “What’s your name?” I said before the man was surprised.

“My name?” He asked me before I was feeling the heat on my face. And with energy that was left in me, I ran out of the airport and I did not turn to look back on the man I was enchanted by.

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