Boy Behind The Mask

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Jae Brooks is a simple girl from Miami. She tries to live her life as simple and to-the-book every day. Her whole life changes when she meets Maddox Hernandez, a criminal convicted for robbing a video game store. He bribes her with money to let him stay at her house, without her father knowing, and to keep quiet about him being there. He’s dangerous and she knows it. What will happen when she falls for this boy? Read to find out.

Romance / Drama
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01: Pilot

It was days before the third Saturday of June when Maddox Hernandez broke out of Miami Jail. “Okay, so here’s the plan. We’ll go in -” Fred Davis, a known Miami criminal, says.

“Obviously,” Maddox interjects with a snarky tone. Fred looks at Maddox, giving a glare before continuing, “Then we’ll have George and Dan keep the staff and customer’s quiet while we take as much games, consoles, item’s, and money as we can.”

Fred paces left and right while adding, “Saad, you’ll make sure nobody call’s the police, escapes, and so on.” Sad nods. Fred looks at Maddox adding, “Maddox, you and I will get the item’s and money.” Maddox nods in argeement as he open’s a canned soda.

The room goes silent for a few minutes.

“Got it?” Feed asks, the group responds with an ‘okay’.

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