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There I was standing outside what was supposed to be a school. One could have easily mistaken it for a run down shack in the middle of nowhere. "Trust me, it's not as bad as it looks." "Shit!" I screamed, startled by the voice behind me. I turned to curse the living shit out of the douche who almost gave me a heart attack. The only problem was I couldn't move once I saw who was there. "Wow, really?" The stranger - now before me - chuckled. "I combed my hair this morning so I don't think I look as bad as shit. Do I?" "No! No! Not at all." I blurted out. "Quite the opposite actually." * A broken girl with a painful past. A well off boy that has all he wants. What happens when they cross paths? And will anyone be able to stand between their bond? Read to find out☺️💙🍉.

Romance / Other
Mia Marie
Age Rating:

Author’s Note

Hello all my lovely little melons. Just a few things before you go any further:

*First I wanna thank you for giving this book a try. It means so much to me.

*This book contains mature scenes. So that's basically 18+. You can't say I didn't warn you!! I'm only saying this cause I've heard about parents messaging authors about not specifying that their books have mature content, and I have no intention of that happening to me. However, if you're under 18 and you still wanna read without going through the mature scenes you can😁😁. I'll be putting a caution sign "⚠️" at the beginning and ending of every mature scene so all your little virgin eyes and minds will be okay😂😂.

*All people, places, names and other characteristics in this book are made up. Any association with real people, places, names or anything at all is totally a coincidence.

*NO COPYING IF IDEAS FROM THIS OR ANY OTHER FUTURE BOOKS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. My inbox 📨 is always open. So you can always have a discussion with me instead of stealing. I HATE when people steal🙄.

*TO ALL LOYAL READERS: If you happen to notice an author copying my ideas please alert me immediately. Thanks in advance 😘.

So that about wraps up this little info section. So please go ahead and enjoy.

Please remember to like, share and comment.

Love you my little melons🍉🍉🍉.

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