BTAG #1: Purpose

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Her screams were echoing throughout the entire house. So loud, so very painful and so... annoying. But they'll be over soon...I hope.

"Come on, Cathy," my father said to his wife, "just a little more. Push a little harder."

Her screams started again and so did my father's encouragements. I've dreaded this day for seven months. Since the day Catherine told my father about her pregnancy.

I hadn't dreaded it because I wasn't happy I was getting a baby brother.


I hadn't dreaded it because I was going to have to share my room with an annoying little kid.


I dreaded it because I knew what this meant for me now. I knew where this would once again leave me in the family. Things wouldn't just change for me. They'd get worse. Especially if that baby turns out to be...

"A boy." The doctor said.

...a boy.

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