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Bryan is the legendary popular kid of school. Like any other story, he has money, girls, fame and everything one can wish for. But not when he encounters a completely different person out of nowhere in town. Melissa is an ordinary girl, at least she tries to be. She is always seen in school in a disheveled state with ugly glasses. No one knows much about her except for that she's the new nerd. But when she goes home, she's a completely different person. Which Melissa does Bryan meet? Why does she play the double role? And what dark secrets is she hiding? To learn more about her, read and enjoy!

Romance / Mystery
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Melissa groaned and turned around towards the alarming sound.

Monday mornings are always tedious and hectic!

Melissa hated them. She hadn't been here for long and already she started feeling worn out.

Today was another Monday morning. The realization hit her when she made the failed attempt of opening her eyes.

The sun was shining brightly while the birds were chirping merrily outside and the alarm clock was still blaring to the side.

With a loud moan she got out of her bed, stopped the alarm and headed to the bathroom.

Melissa was not a morning person. And seeing anyone happy in the morning, only made her angrier. She always despised morning people. It was mostly because of the morning headaches she usually got.

After a quick shower, she wore her baggy shirt and pants. After that she put on her brown frizzy wig and big, thick framed black glasses.

She smiled in the mirror at herself and complimented, "perfectly ugly".

She went downstairs only to find the house empty. As usual. Her step mother had left a note on the fridge, she wasn't supposed to be back till midnight.

So she grabbed an apple and headed out of her house. She hopped on her bicycle and started riding towards her new school.


"Wake up guys, or you're gonna be late for school again!" Bryan's mom called out to all the siblings from down the stairs.

Bryan loved his high school. Ever since he had joined the football team, his life had taken a sudden ameliorated turn. Where once he hated to go to school, now he couldn't miss a single second without going.

Bryan headed for the bathroom. He took fifteen minutes to get ready and went downstairs. Never making an effort on his get ups since it no longer mattered to him. 'Cool kids always look cool', he started telling his buddies.

Bryan groggily ate the pancakes lying on the kitchen table waiting for him, while the two siblings had food fight besides him and his mom kept yelling at them.

After a quick breakfast, he got up, kissed his mom, grabbed his car keys, and drove all the way towards his paradise..

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