Tangled with the CEO

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Erica anderson,21, is an assistant secretary in Sinclair enterprises. Her routine life takes a turn with a phone call from her Sister who hasn't met her in 6 years. The events spiralling takes to worse when her sisters body is found with a murderer on loose. Her search for the murderer lands her on the Sinclair family's doorstep. What is the connection between her Sister and Sinclair family? Who killed her and why? What happens when her heart gets involved with one of them? Join Erica's journey of love, guilt, betrayal and revenge. Note: not edited.

Romance / Mystery
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Sorry to all heroines who thought they were smart and helping only to get caught by villain. Sorry for scolding you guys. I never thought I would be among them but here I am, where exactly I don’t know but in a similar situation.

My left side of the face is throbbing badly from the hitting I took and there is something seriously wrong with my left eye which is closed shut. My body is covered in bruises. I don’t know how much time has passed since my last beating. My stomach grumbles reminding me that the last thing I ate is Long gone. There is nothing in this room except the chair I was tied to.I can hear water dripping somewhere. It’s been 5 days since I was captured. They thought they could break me but I still have some fight left in me. I am not going to let go that easily. Whoever is doing this don’t know me completely. I have a hunch who is behind this. I try again to loosen my hands without any success.

Suddenly I hear footsteps approaching me. I know it’s not time yet for next round. Something is wrong. I take my position hunching my shoulders and looking weak. The door opens and I blink just to make sure I’m looking right. My brain is telling me something but I’m still struck in my position. I think I took to many beatings, that’s it. That has to be

′ I presume my guys took care of you nicely’

I don’t know what to say, am I hallucinating?

′ I know you are not that dumb, I’m talking to you’

Finally I could move my mouth and all I could say was ‘why?’

‘Seriously, do you think I’m gonna all bad villain on you like in old movies and confess my crimes? Grow up. But I have to say I’m disappointed in you. I sure thought you would be able to solve but anyways’

And she pointed a gun right at my head. Its funny how they say you can watch your whole life passing before your eyes at the time of death, but i didn’t feel anything.

‘It was nice meeting you’


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