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A Deal With My Ex

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"Let's make a deal" -------------------------------------- Aiden Morgan. Heir of a prosperous family, confused between the sides of seesaw where remained sports and family business takeover. Arrogance and temper were his worst enemy. Friends, parties, games. That's all his life revolved around. Sasha Kavinsky. A brilliant student with immense beauty. In the attempt of satisfying every stakeholder in her life, she forgot what she herself thrived for. Sasha and Aiden had formerly dated in the past, and for unknown reasons Aiden seems to despise her. What happens when an unexpected incident brings them together, which compells Sasha to strike a deal out of her feelings? Join the story of these two individuals, trying to fight their own feelings. The question lays whether their hearts will intertwine in the process or not _________________________________ Thank you for reading!

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A Deal With My Ex

Hello everyone! Welcome to my first ever story A Deal With My Ex. Just to give you an idea of what you will be reading further.

A journey Aiden and Sasha, who are exes. Aiden falls into a compelling situation which makes him reconile contact with Sasha. However, an unexpected turn makes the both strike a deal which could potentially change both their lives.


SAMAH A.K - 08/07/2020

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Thank you and hope you all have a great journey reading the book ahead!

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