Abstract worth

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Aiden stared at the paled state of the girl before him in pain. He felt as if someone had ripped his heart out of his chest. His life as if flashed before his eyes. It was now that he realised how much she meant to him. Her worth, which remained abstract till now. ----------------------------------------- Aiden Morgan. A guy who comes from a very rich family. He lived his life in his way and to the fullest. Friends, parties, sports, and a girlfriend he had deep feelings. Sasha Kavinsky. A girl with very minimum friends and social interaction. She was better into studies and in ways to excel herself in every field she could. She just had one secret, she never got over her ex Aiden Morgan. She would do anything for him although she didn't show it. What happens when Aiden's girlfriend dumps him and in an attempt to make her jealous, Aiden seeks help from Sasha? But little do they know that once their lives get tangled the second time, there will be no way to untie the knot. It will the moment when Aiden realises Sasha's abstract worth in his life. _________________________________ Thank you for reading!

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Abstract Worth

Hello everyone! Welcome to my first ever story Abstract worth. Just to give you an idea of what you will be reading further.

This story is about Sasha Kavinsky, a girl in her university, and her ex Aiden Morgan. Aiden goes through a break up with his girlfriend and after that he seeks help from Sasha. But the future holds something else from them. As Aiden continues neglecting Sasha, there will come a time when he will regret it as much. That time he shall realise her abstract worth.


SAMAH A.K - 08/07/2020

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