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David Rivera was famous for his clubs and cars. He owned the most expensive and extravagant clubs of New-york and bought the fastest car. Fucked the most elite women. He was the star of the city with devilish good looks and the personality of a not giving fuck, asshole. A sudden mission and a crisis for the family takes him back to his native land, Monreale, Sicily. Italia. The Sicily outfit was famous for the exhibition of the most notorious gangsters of the organized Crime family. The Rivera family who ruled Italy single handedly. Under the direct command of David Rivera. But, the Sicily outfit was also famous for it's collection of the most beautiful women. Sienna Romano was your church going girl with the outlook of a goddess and a voice of an angel. Her life was equally simple as her behaviour. She was the house keeper for the estate of the Sicily belonging to the Rivera family. She did her chores, she studied when no one was looking, she prayed and she went to sleep. Life was simple as a house keeper and the daughter of wine maker in native Italy. Until she caught the eye of the notorious Don over a night of drinking with with his friends. And he finally gave in to his thirst that was long overdue. COPYRIGHT© 2019 November O'Riley.

Romance / Drama
November O'Riley
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Before we begin

1. I know a lot of people don't read this but you need to read it this time for real cause:

1.1. This story takes place in 1949.

2. David Rivera is Italian-American. He went to Sicily for some business and stayed in the family estate along with his advisor, right hand man, his best hitman.

3. There'll be a lot of Italian stuff and I'll be taking help from google translate, cause I am not Italian neither I know the native way how people speak it. Sorry. But I have to stick with Google and so should you.

4. There will be erotic stuff maybe more and I'll try my best to make it of past. I say try cause I was not born in the 1949 or whatever. So I do not have very much idea about all that. The only book I have as a reference is "The Godfather" so I'll try to hold on to that.

5. And I want you guys to know that women around 1940's wasn't really into outside world. They were mostly home workers and cooks or maids and were mostly dominated by men. Sienna is a character you will find dominates and look down upon by men but she is strong in her own terms.

6. And this book is not the rewritten version of The Don's Maid. It resembles some if it but it isn't the developed or edited version of it. Neither are my characters same. (You can find the Don's maid on wattpad. My account is under the same user name)

7. If you feel any kind of confusion or whatever feel free to talk to me or comment. I will get back to you and try best to help you through.

8. History is not my best subject. I never had history and neither do I belong from America, so... If you find anything irrelevant, I am sorry cause I write fiction and fiction is made up. It's not real that's why it's fiction.

9. I'll clear out the age and roles of the characters. These characters are the main characters.

A. David Rivera - he was twenty nine when the story starts. He'll age with chapters.

B. Sienna is 19. So there is a good ten years gap in between our male and female lead. I know. I like older man. Way older than me. My daddy kink is worst right now. Go judge I don't care and Sienna is visually me. So...yeah.

C. Sienna's father (Tony) is forty nine when Sienna is nineteen

D. Sienna has two older brothers. They are twins of Thirty years of age. The names are Alonzo and Mario.

E. Giovanni Luigi is the most notorious and famous hitman of the Rivera family. He is three years younger to David. That is Gio is 26 when the story starts. He's always on duty and always alert. Gio suffers from extreme trust issue resulting him sleeping with his gun and knife.

F. Adam Stefano is the Advisor. Age, 29. And unhealthy obsession with liquor and cigars and expensive women.

G. Cristina Rossi, sister to David Rivera. Elder with two kids a stay at home mother and wife of John Rossi.

H. John Rossi. Husband of Christina and a businessman, he smuggles weapon for the family from all over the world and mainly handle the single newspaper printing press of New-york.

10. David Rivera is imagined as David Gandy. I am 18. And David Gandy is 39. Don't talk me about it. I warned you before.

This story is also published on wattpad. If you want to jump ahead and read.wattpad.n read it on wattpad


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