The perfect mistake

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Laura Elizabeth James is a good girl with good grades . Alex Ryan McKnight is a bad boy who doesn't care about grade but popularity. What happens when they made a mistake?

Parijat Guha
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Beginning of the day-

Laura's POV

" Okay stop tickling I am wakeing up." I cheerfully said to my cute little 3 yrs old brother Liam. The time is 7:00am it have to be quick as my school starts from 8:00 am . I woke up and went through a shower wear a sweatshirt and a jeans. I don't like make up things. We go to school for study right? even I am not having any one to impress. Well, I am Laura Elizabeth James, 17 yrs old, birthsign Virgo, I love to study if it make me nerd I am happy. My father David James is a college professor and my mother is a teacher. My family is very strict about boys so I never have any male friend. I got down stairs and greeted my parents good morning. " Good morning baby" both of them said together. I took my breakfast and heard a car honking outside I knew it was my best friend Lisa. Lisa and I are best friends since birth as our parents were also best friend. " Good morning Mr & Mrs James' she greeted "Good morning Lisa". They said. " Okay I am done. I am going bye mom and dad". "Bye Laura and stay away from boys" my mom said. "MOM bye". I said jumping to the car. " Looks like your parents will always remain strict about boys." My friend said with a funny face. " I would be too happy if they never change" I said." Now you are happy but once you will be angry about it".
Never going to happen. She laughed as we enter our school . Written in bold "Brighton High school" It is one of the best school . First person I've seen after getting was Audrin McKnight. The Playboy, bad boy and Captain of our football team. And he is having one thing to do is to check girls with is best friend Noah who is no less than Audrin about girls. " Baby" screamed the queen bee of our school Dana who barely cover herself came with her worshiper Audrey & Kara. I hate her cause she constantly bullied me in my middle school. But she stopped now but I still hate her. I am not a popular person but I am good with everyone at school." Bye meet you at lunch" I told Lisa and went to my ist period class English. I love literature. Mr. Blake came told to open page no- 39. Suddenly I hear a BANG & saw the jerk of school aka Audrin came to our class. " Thanks for your presence in class Mr McKnight" Mr Blake told . Welcome he said with a smirk ." So now I will change your seat & you have to sit for rest of the year." Gissle & Max, oli & Keegan" I was excited for my partner." Okay at last Laura and Audrin" What the hell why the badboy of my school is my partner??
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