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¶ Quick disclaimer: This may be a one book story or I might decide to expand on it, I'm not sure yet. It may take me a while with a busy schedule, but I hope you like it! ¶ Meet Regan Cline, entrepreneur and youngest black market operator of 26 years old. Dark, dashing and incredibly cunning, she operates her daily life seemingly emotionless. Never confusing her little morals and feelings in a matter with what works best. But is this life fulfilling enough for a woman of such intelligence? Or does she need more? Enter Simone Wild, a new intern at Regan's newest business called Feline Ferocity, a new designer brand that would be planned to reach the headlines of every magazine for months to come. If there's anything Simone knows, its fashion, and she intends to show that to her new colleagues and most importantly, her new boss.

Romance / Action
Amber Snow
Age Rating:

Feline Ferocity

Finally, as the last group of 'important higher-ups' left the room, the last minor details were arranged for her newest project, Feline Ferocity. "This is going to be big." Regan thinks to herself as she stands out of her chair at end of the lengthy glass table and grabs her folders and laptop, her curly bright red hair brushing the tips of the table as she stood up straight letting her loose black dress fall down over her thighs. "Kathrine?" She asks aloud absentmindedly and like a dog to a bone her assistant Kathrine poked her head out from behind the door. "Yes, Miss?" She asks nervously. "How are we doing with the new employees? Have they all settled in to the office?" She asks as she shrugs on her gray coat and walks towards the door, switching on her earpiece. "Umm, there has been a slight delay Miss..." Kathrine mutters and Regan frowns. "They're still interviewing the last of them, but some have started setting up their work stations." She said hoping that would fix things. "Okay, cancel my 3 o'clock, I'll be helping with the interviews to help speed things along," she says and starts towards the elevator. "Oh... Umm... Y-Yes Miss." She says and scatters off to her desk to cancel her meeting with her father. To be frank she was looking for an excuse not to see him.

She dials Benny, her chauffeur, to prepare her car as she wanted to drive herself today as it would be the first time she stepped into the office whilst it wasn't empty. She was kind of excited to step into her newest project, see the little ants who would carry out her operation from here on out. She got to the elevator and presses the button for the sub-basement where her and only her cars were stored along with some storage facilities. She put in her key as no one else had access except her and Benny. The elevator started up and speedily descended into the depths of the building, the sinking feeling prickling her nerves before coming to a smooth stop at the lowest floor. She checked her cell with her free hand as she waited for the elevator. 6 missed messages from Sarah, as well as 2 missed calls. "Hey, I really enjoyed last night!" read the first message. She skipped the rest to the last one. "Are you avoiding me?". God girls are needy. She sent a quick text and proceeded to delete her number. She wouldn't need it. The door opened and she stepped into the well-lit sub-basement that showed off her impressive car collection even though these weren't exactly for her own use and most were of the larger types. Lots of SUVs and trucks as well as a variety of other storage oriented cars. Benny stood on the far side, dressed in his suit and wearing his stern and concentrated expression as trained. Next to him stood her prized vehicle and the one she drove daily; her black Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport 0.60. She was very proud of the car and did everything in her power to keep it in great shape, which it was. She approached quickly, her heels clicking loudly against the concrete, and as she came to a stop and looked up into Benny's sunglasses she saw her own piercing grey eyes staring back at her. She held out her hand and Benny nodded, retrieving the keys and putting them in her palm and she dismissed him.

He moved to open her door and she slid into her white leather seat, the door was closed behind her as she placed her things on the seat next to her. She then started up the engine that purred to life sweetly and she let herself smile at its sound. She then quickly reversed out and with a signal, the large iron door opened letting her pass through a tunnel that led into the great outdoors and onto the road.

And with that, she was on her way to the office.

Simone sat in the waiting room with around 9 other people, waiting to be interviewed for one of the best up-and-coming fashion companies in the country, Feline Ferocity. She was confident in her abilities and qualifications, but she was still anxious about the interview. The CEO was the most respected entrepreneur to date, Regan Cline. She was the owner of 7 different companies including this one, and had shares and authority in over 15 more, not to mention that she was only 26. There were even bizarre rumors that she was in charge of illegal businesses in the black market and that that's how she makes so much money at such a young age, but Simone never suspected those to be moderately true. Long story short, she was a big deal and Simone had to give this all she had if she wanted to ace this interview. Even if Regan Cline would not be interviewing her herself, she would still have to throw her best punches. But just as she thought this the large double doors to the waiting room opened up and even before she saw this new arrival she felt the pure power and authority waft into the room and her toes curled and her shoulders tensed on the spot. She turned her head just as the others did and there was a collective gasp among the group. In walked Regan Cline, wearing a loose black dress and dark gray overcoat, her black heels clicking powerfully into the room as her crimson hair flowed behind her like her head was on fire. She walked swiftly past, giving everyone a once over as she walked. When her eyes met Simone's it felt like she was set on fire and Regan's lips tugged into a slight smile as she noticed Simone's posture change dramatically before she continued and walked into the room without signal.

What was she doing here? She might've been nervous before but this was on another level. Her palms began to sweat and she fidgeted nervously with her hands, looking around anxiously. Murmurs were shared between the interviewees as they questioned the subject of her arrival. She put her head between her hands for a second to get her story straight, to remind herself of all her qualifications to be here and that she would be fine, but then Regan Cline's eyes flashed into her memory and her whole wall of qualification crumbled to pieces. She sat up straight and let out a shaky breath as she tried to focus on her resume and her goal.

Then the door opened, a distressed and sniffling woman in her late 30's shuffled out of the room and left the building with her head down and her hand over her mouth. "Simone Wild." Regan Cline's angelically low voice called, sounding bored. Simone swallowed heavily and stood on shaky legs. Here goes nothing.

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