The Accidental Heiress

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Can two people who are forced on a turbulent journey of lies, and deceit, still overcome and discover true love? Read Book Two of The Heiress Trilogy: "The Accidental Heiress." It can be read as a stand-alone book, but I would encourage everyone to read Book One first: "The Shipping Heiress." Abagail Mercy Fulton, recently adopted by Bella Fulton Now—The Duchess of Windsor— is a rich American heiress living among the Haute Ton in England. After an accident, long ago at sea, claimed the lives of her parents, the influential, successful, and wealthy Fulton family took Abagail in and cared for her as their own. With Abagail’s beloved sister, Jade Fulton, now betrothed to an Earl, Abagail feels alone as she tries to navigate and fit into the often cruel and unforgiving High Society of London's upper ten thousand. Lord Richard Freeman, is handsome, titled, wealthy, and an eligible, marquee who would love nothing more than to help ease Abagail's way through London's daunting High Society. Having found himself recently captivated and intrigued by her beauty and the hidden depths of her personality, he fears for his heart. No one has ever piqued his interest quite like the shy and sensible American Heiress. Miss Abagail Fulton is different from all the other simpering misses, and a real danger to Lord Freeman—she's the type of woman he could see spending the rest of his life

Romance / Mystery
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