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Everybody thinks that being Ananya is easy, they think that her life is perfect with a loving father and an elder brother who loves her more than anything and everybody Pampers her. And above everything she is the wife of one of the well known businessman who is perfect in every way possible. But is it really true?

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Sitting amidst beautiful mountains and sipping hot coffee is heaven, isn't it? For me it is.

In this chaotic world getting time for yourself in itself is relieving and here I am living this breathtaking moment. One can die for this moment.

Sitting in the balcony in the lap of nature. Watching the sun emerging between the mountains. It's like the sun is fighting with the mountains to let it glow for the world, to give them light but the mountain is so stubborn but still, the sun made its way through the mountains. Watching this fight closely between the sun and mountain while sipping my favourite hot coffee in this cold weather is truly Heaven.

A perfect moment, thinking of the word perfect I wonder is there anything that's called perfect? People say my life is perfect. Why? Because I am the daughter of a billionaire and wife of a billionaire but I'd beg to differ, perfect comes with its own flaws and that's why we say everything is imperfectly perfect if it suits. But if it doesn't then it simply imperfect.

Confused by my words? Even I don't know what I say, half of the time. Since the sun is shining in its full glory I think it's time for me to leave this place.

Leaving the balcony I took a shower and got ready wearing a black gown which is decent, I might add and then applied makeup.

Having a fair skin is boon as I don't have to apply much makeup since I am a lazy ass to do these things but I have to, keeping the paparazzi in mind. You see the disadvantages of belonging to well-known families.

After getting ready I decided to check on my guest being a good host, that I am. I checked the rooms first, to check if everybody is satisfied though I don't have to because the hotel staff is working efficiently, I guess. Most of the rooms were empty and the people who were present in rooms were either having their breakfast in room or sleeping. Satisfied with the replies and after greeting everybody. I left for my next stop.

My next stop is the dining area where I will find mostly everybody. And I was right. Did I tell you I am so intelligent and smart? Well, no. Then I am telling you now.

Children and women were having breakfast on one table and ladies were gossiping like always. I mean dude don't you have some other work apart from gossiping about someone's fake jewellery or how they behaved and what not. Whatever! And similarly, there were others groups of ladies who were doing the same thing and then there was younger clan who was talking about their college experience and boys were talking about bikes while girls were talking about new summer collections etc. And men as usually busy in their business talks.

I greeted everybody and moved to meet my mother and mother-in-law. They smiled when they spotted me and I did the same.

I touched their feet showing respect.

"Ananya, Did you have your breakfast?" My MIL asked

"Yes mom, I had coffee and cookies in the morning" and she glared at me and I smiled sheepishly.

"How many times do I have to tell you to have a proper breakfast in the morning? "

"Don't worry mom, I will have brunch after some time. First I have to check the arrangements for tonight's party." I informed and mom again got busy with the guests.

"Mummy, where are bhabhi and Pihu? And I hope Bhai will come on time" I asked my mom who was having breakfast and chatting with my MIL.

"Your bhabhi is taking shower and Pihu is playing with other kids. Your bhai left and will reach here soon" I smiled with her reply because there is no way I can celebrate without my bhai.

I excused myself go check on the arrangements and started to leave but my dearest mothers stopped me.

"Happy anniversary" both wished me together pinching my cheeks.

Mom gifted me a handbag from the newest collection of Louis Vuitton while my mummy gifted me a beautiful diamond necklace set.

"What did my son give you?" Mom asked while giggling and involuntarily I looked at my husband Mr Rihaan Malhotra, aka Mr Perfectionist who never forgets anything, didn't even wish me let alone gifting me something. But as all the girls do, I smiled and said that he will give me after the party. I covered up for him. Again!

Seeing my mothers content and happy I felt happy. I was guilty of lying about our relationship but now when I see them smiling I think I did the right thing. Moreover, my relationship is my problem and I will solve it soon.

OMG! I entered the hall and it is decorated so beautifully. It is looking so much better than I expected it to be. After checking on the arrangements I met the planner and discussed the details and then cleared her doubts, it took me a while to check on arrangements so I skipped my brunch and it is lunchtime now.

I left for the dining area. I don't want to be scolded by my mothers, do I?

I sat between my mom and mummy. They were talking to other aunties while I was having my lunch and listening to their banters.

Did I tell you about today's occasion? No, right? Anyway now you know, today is my 1st wedding anniversary and my dear husband is throwing a lavish party in one of his hotels in Himachal Pradesh.

Mostly his business associates, our relatives and our friends are invited but right only our relatives are present and other guests will come in the evening.

After having lunch I once again checked on my guests when some of my cousins which included his cousins too pulled me towards them and asked me to join them and I did happily. We played cards and other games for some time but then I left to get ready.

I entered my room I took out his clothes first and kept them on the bed and then I took my clothes and showered and changed. It is a beige coloured net embroidered gown. Gosh! It is so beautiful and perfectly fit my body.

After changing I waited for the beautician. They came and did their task wonderfully. He entered just after the beautician left. He looked at me and then left for the shower.

He didn't compliment me and neither I was expecting him to do so. But still, there is a tiny part in my heart which needs attention from my husband.

I started binge-watching since we have to leave together and there's time.

He came out of the bathroom just in a towel which was hanging dangerously low on his waist. It's not like I was gawking at him but I was just amazed at how can a person walk just in a towel in this cold weather.

The heaters were switched on of course but still how can you walk so swiftly in this weather in nothing but just in a towel.

I took his clothes and I again busied myself in binge-watching.

He got ready and that was my cue to tie his tie. After tying his necktie I did my touch up and gestured him to move. We entered the hall together with fake smiles which soon turned into real one after meeting my family and friends. We were greeted by our family, friends and other guests. Soon it was time for the cake cutting. A six-tiered cake was brought. After cutting the cake together. I fed him first.

"Happy 1st wedding anniversary " I wished him and he just smiled and nodded. That's it? Isn't he going to wish me? But I let it pass.

Everybody enjoyed the party and I was introduced to his business associates by him. I gave them a smile and did handshakes and this kept on going for the whole night. I met people, they congratulated me and then I smiled.

I miss the time when my Papa used to throw parties, the only tension for me at that time was what to wear but it's a different case altogether now.

Alas! This is my life now.

After the party I was so tired that I just entered my room, changed and I slept as soon as I lied on the bed not waiting for him to join.


Today is our last stay as most of the guest left the day after the party and I bid them farewell while the younger clan which included our cousins who were of my age went to explore the city.

I couldn't. Why? Because I am the host.

But it's ok, maybe some other time.

Only some close relatives and friends were present as they will leave with us.

After having breakfast we left the beautiful city to head to our normal and hectic life. We decided to use cars so it took us approximately 10 hours which was fun. I just love travelling in cars so it was a treat for me. And thankfully our cousins were also present in the car or else I would have died out of boredom.

Must be wondering, why? That's because I and my dear husband don't really talk. The first and last proper talk was on our first night.

I entered his room which was nicely decorated. The wall was cream coloured while most of the furniture was light brown and black. I gotta admit that he got a good taste. His cousins made me sit on the bed in the centre and covered my face with a veil and they started giggling and wished me luck for the night ahead. I just smiled and blushed. I didn't want to blush but it just happened. This has been happening since the wedding functions started. They heard a knock on the door and they left.

I heard them talking as they were blocking his way and asking for money as naig. He denied but ultimately gave them.

He entered and bolted the door.

"Hey!" He said coming towards me.

"Hi!" I said and he sat in front of me and lifted my veil.

"Listen, I want to make a few things clear. I can't be a lovey-dovey husband that you have seen in movies or read in books. But I promise that I will always fulfil my duties as a husband. You can ask for anything you want or if you need anything but don't expect me to behave romantically because that's not me and I don't intend to be one." Ok, that's good that he made his point clear but that was a bit rude.

"I am good with it as I never expected my husband to be one of those I have seen in movies because reality is much different than movies. And thanks" I replied and smiled to make this conversation less awkward.

"One more thing, after doing the rituals Mom wants us to go on a honeymoon and she has already done the arrangements. After coming back we will move into our new house."

"You don't want to live with your parents?"

"I want to but my parents are kicking me out of this house saying they need privacy as if they are newlywed" we both chuckled at the last statement.

"If you don't have a problem then I want you to get up at 6 am and then you have to make a protein shake for me before I go to the gym and after taking shower I want you to arrange my clothes " Okay that wasn't a problem. The main problem is I never expected my first night to be like this.

I just nodded and he asked me to change my clothes and I was really thankful as I felt that the clothes were heavier than me. After changing into comfy pj's and tee I took the left side of the bed as the right side was already occupied by him.

We reached in the mid-night.

In the morning my normal routine started I woke up and before going to jogging I prepared his protein shake.

After coming back from jogging I took a shower and prepared breakfast. He came back from the gym after my breakfast was ready. Just on time. I wonder if he is a human being or a machine?

I took out his clothes and before he comes down I prepared his coffee.

He came down wearing his grey suit and a crisp white shirt underneath with a tie in his hands.

I gave him coffee and took a tie from his hands and tied his necktie.

After that, we had our breakfast together as usual with no verbal exchange.

We may be the perfect couple for the world but we know that we are nowhere near that. We do everything a couple would do but still, we lack something and that is communication and love. The two most important things of a relationship. We take care of each other's every need. But we are unable to complete each other. We are tied in a sacred bond of marriage but we are not soulmates. We are husband and wife but we are not companions. And like this our relationship will end nowhere. If not him then I will have to do something. I have had enough of this. It's been a year. I gave him enough time to sought out his feelings.

"Are you free in the evening?" He raised his eyebrow in order to ask why. That's it? No verbal exchange. Huh, who am I kidding? We talk once in a while.

"We need to talk"

"What do you want to talk about?"

"About our relationship, for how long we will go like this? Like we are happily married couples when we barely talk." I asked keeping my calm and chanting in my mind not to lose my calm.

"Aren't we happily married couples? We take care of each other. If you have some problem then tell me directly" he said like this is such a small issue to be solved over the breakfast table.

"We will talk about it when you have free time."

"We will talk about it now " he said a cold tone which means he is dead serious about it.

"Do you really think we are normal couples? I believe in the starting months we were, we used to fight and then solve our problems, we used to smile at each other and exchange pleasantries and other things that a normal couple would do then what happened to you suddenly that now we don't even talk to each other properly? I know you like don't talk much but at least you used to inform me about your schedules and about your deals and your problems. Even though I was unable to solve them but at least you used to tell me. Then what happened now? Why are you so distant? Sometimes I feel we are strangers." I didn't realize I was crying until he wiped my tears.

"It was your wish to get married to me in the first place I was so opposed to this idea but wanted this to happen then why? Did I do something wrong?" I looked at him in a hope to get answers but when I didn't, I started to leave but instead of stopping me he let me go. This fueled my anger so I took my car keys and came to my parents home.

Irony! The home in which I grew up I can't call mine and home which I am supposed to call mine doesn't feel like mine.

I was welcomed by my ńiece. She came running towards me and hugged my legs.

"How's my bacha? " my brother asked while hugging me.

"Your bacha is fine, and she wanted to meet you so she came." I smiled forgetting all my worries and problems for the time being.

"Where's mummy and papa?" I asked my sister-in-law entering the house.

"Dad had to go the USA for the ongoing project since your Bhaiya had to be with me due to my pregnancy and Mommy is accompanying him" I smiled and sat beside my Bhabhi.

"For how long you are here this time?"

"I'll leave in the evening but on Sunday I'll come again and that too for a week. Happy?" I would love to stay with them but I forgot to bring my clothes and other necessities. It's not like I can't get here but then they will find it fishy.

"When's your due bhabhi?"

"Next month on 10th"

"Wow! Tell my baby that his Bua is eagerly waiting for his arrival and I will spoil him just like spoiled my Pihu. Right, Pihu? We will spoil your brother, no?" She nodded her head and grinned while I got an angry glare from my bhabhi and I smiled sheepishly.

I have spoiled Pihu. That's Right, but you can't blame me she is the first child of our house and we have the right to spoil her but without compromising with her manners and studies.

"Okay, not too much but just like Pihu I will fulfil his every wish." She smiled at my statement and Bhai started laughing

"How do you know it's a boy?" Bhabhi asked raising her eyebrows

"I just know like I knew it's a girl during Pihu"

"But the question is how?" She asked in a duh-tone

"I don't know I just felt. By the way, did your doctor tell you what is it during your last checkup?"

"No, we want it to be a surprise for all of us."

"You know I can stay with you till Mumma comes back from the USA" I tried to make it subtle so that I can stay here today

"That would be great but your husband can't stay without you. I remember the last time you came here he used to call in the morning daily to ask you where have you kept his things. So this time when you come here to stay make sure you tell him where have you kept his things " and they started laughing reminiscing the time when I came here to stay last time and after that, I never got a chance to come here to stay.

Well, I don't think he will need me this time but I can't say that, right? I was distracted by the vibration of my cellphone which indicated I have an incoming call.

Without checking the caller's ID I answered.


"Hello, ma'am Neha here"

"Yes Neha, any problem?" It was my assistant.

"Ma'am, the fabric we ordered for the new collection has not arrived and when I asked them they said that they have sent the fabrics but due to some issues it will reach only after 10 days. And if the fabric won't reach then we won't be able to start the production and the fashion show is after 1 month. We don't have time." Shoot! Why god? Do you have some personal problems with me? You know what I will talk to you later first I had to solve this issue. As if personal problems weren't enough you thought it would be good if you gift me some professional problem too.

"Ask the designers if they can substitute the fabric with some other fabric?" I asked her and excused myself so that my bhabhi won't hear me because she can get tensed and in this state, it's not good for her health.

"Ma'am, I already did. They said they can do it but the fabric that we chose earlier was really good for this weather and if we use that fabric then our collection can get huge profits but if we don't then it won't get that good feedbacks " she said stating the facts which I am already aware of.

"Did you ask them what's the problem? Why is it taking too much time we ordered it a month back and still it is not delivered. It's so unprofessional from their part." I said frustratingly. What the hell is wrong with them. Don't they know the meaning of commitment that is already 2 weeks late and now this?

"They said that the order is dispatched but there's some problem with the transportation. They will have to resend the fabric and it will take time. They are unable to contact the driver who was supposed to bring the fabrics "

"Okay, don't worry I will talk to them directly"

As soon I disconnected the call Bhai entered my room.

"Everything alright ?"

"There's a problem. For the new collection, I ordered fabrics but there's some problem with the transportation due to which the delivery is delayed and we can't afford to wait that long ."

He just nodded and sat on the bean bag near the bed. I called them and asked the reason for the delay and they told me that their driver got arrested under drink and drive charges. God! Why people have to be so careless and brainless. If not for others then at least they should think about their families.

"What is it? Tell me I will help you. We will figure something out" he asked seeing me frowning.

I explained to him the situation and he said that he will handle everything so I gave him the information. He left after that and I asked him not to tell bhabhi right now. We will tell her after everything will be alright.

I spent some time handling Pihu which reminded me of the days when I used to come from my college then no matter how busy or tired I was, I used to spend some time with her and then with my family. How much I miss these things.

After some time she slept. I and bhabhi thought to watch a movie. I don't know which movie was playing because of the tension but just when half of the movie completed I received a text from bhai saying everything's under control. I relaxed a bit after hearing this. And concentrated on the movie.

Oh, wait! Did I tell you about my work? No, right?

No worries I'll tell you now. I own a fashion house Inara. I won't say that I started from bits because frankly, I am not sure whether I would have been able to own a fashion house without my brother and father's help.

After the movie, we decided to prepare lunch. For a moment I thought whether he had his lunch or not but I dismissed the thought remembering our last encounter.

We were talking while preparing lunch. Basically, I was preparing lunch and bhabhi was sitting on the Stool as I had prohibited her from doing any work. After I finished preparing lunch the doorbell rang which means Bhai's here. I let bhabhi go. This has been like this. Bhabhi would open the door for bhai. It may sound clichè but it's sweet.

Bhai entered but someone else was also present with him. His face was not visible but I don't have to see my husband's face to recognize him.

I brought water for them. I did not look at him since he entered.

"I met Rihaan in my way back home so I asked him to come home." I just nodded and bhabhi started talking to him.

"I can smell the aroma of delicious food. Let's go have lunch first and then talk as much as you want I am really hungry. " we giggled at his statement.

Everybody proceeded to dine while I brought Pihu to have lunch.

"Wow, bacha your cooking skills are improving. The food is really tasty

We had our lunch and bhabhi asked us to take some rest but he denied politely saying that he has some work pending and to my utter shock he wants me to come along. I wanted to say no but I decided against it. And we left for our home after bidding bye.


"I am sorry" he said sitting on the bed.

"For what?" I asked but he didn't lookup. Without answering me he started kissing me and pulled me towards him and made me sit in his lap

"For everything.......You were not even at fault. You didn't do anything wrong. I did a mistake. I felt myself pulled to you and I didn't want my feelings to grow towards you and I thought to avoid you is the best thing I can do. Since childhood, I was taught that Love brings nothing but Pain. I didn't know that my actions would hurt you this much." He said and I saw the sincerity in his eyes.

"It's okay but promise me that you will never repeat this. I know it's not easy but we will get through this together. I don't want you to love me but at least we can be a good couple for our sake" He smiled and nodded.

That's it! It's true that I don't want him to love me but a relationship is about many things other than love and I think our relationship can thrive without Love. It may not be a perfect relationship but it is all I want. My husband and his attention. It is my Perfect.

"I promise" he said and sealed the promise with a kiss.

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