Holding onto you forever

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I entered her cabin and she was furiously typing something on her laptop. I gathered all my wits and started the conversation. "I am sorry, I know I shouldn't have yelled at you but you did a mistake and I don't expect mistakes from my staff" "I should be sorry sir, and it won't be repeated as I am resigning " she said stressing the word sir which irritated me and I glared at her. Bad move because she looked at me with murderous eyes. "I am sorry, please forgive me" she looked at me with a smirk which is not a good sign. Something is cooking in her head. "So Mr Bilal Abbas Khan you yelled at me in front of everyone so you should seek forgiveness in front of everyone "

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A girl is crying "no-one loves me " said the girl and there comes another girl "Khushi what are you doing here, why are you crying for a person who is not worth your tear "said another girl.

"Niyati am I that bad that he left me," said Khushi.

"no baba, you know you are a gem and the person who will have you will be the luckiest person, "said Niyati.

"no, you are lying to me"

"Why would I lie to you. And come with me let's go to the home" said Niyati.

"No I don't want to go to that place where we have created so many memories, "said Khushi.

"OK, let's go to the apartment then." said Niyati.

And they went to Niyati's apartment.


Everything was so good when he was with me. My life was perfect. But everything changed, he changed.

Why Allah? Why? Did I do something wrong that you rewarded me with this punishment?

How will I live without him? But I have to live for my family and friends.

"Niyati what happened what are you doing here in my room, "I asked her when she entered into my room.

"Sorry! what do you mean by 'my', you forgot it's not my and your it's our, after all, I am your BF" saying this she winked at me.


I knew this will happen. So many times I and Parth told her that he was not good for her but no she has to be stubborn.

She has to deny whatever we say.

And everything that happened today I knew where she must be and I was right.

She was there and I brought her to my apartment where I live and we sleep together. Yeah! We sleep together but we live in different apartments. I told her so many times to live with me in my apartment but no she was adamant on this saying that it might hamper my studies but we both knew that real reason was HIM.

Enough of my blabbering. I made two cups of coffee. One for me and another for Khushi and then I went to her room to see her as I knew she must be broken at the very moment.

But I know how to divert her mind. We just started talking when her phone rang. And it was from Di I mean Khushi's elder sister but she didn't talk to her as she knew if she talks to her then she will get to know about her condition so I talked to her and said that she is fine and slept already.

And she agreed as everybody in her house knows me and trust me and that's the best, for now, to keep this hidden from her family.

"So what's the plan? "

"Seriously Niyati after all this do you really think that I am going out, "said Khushi and I knew this would be her answer.

I'm proud of myself that I know her this much. But I am also stubborn like her so I took her to ice cream parlour as this is the best way to keep her calm.

But our peace was destroyed by one and only Parth. I answered his call.

"Hey brother! how are you? "and I knew what would be his answer but surprisingly it changed.

"Where the hell are you? and what did that bastard do to Khushi?"

God why me, sometimes I feel like I have kids without even marriage. Wait don't get me wrong but what do I do. They can't act mature.

They have to make decisions in anger, can't they think rationally and keep calm.

Then I slept while thinking of proper explanation to tell him but wait why would I explain when he did wrong. Ahh! I have gone nuts due to tension. Sleep Niyati sleep. There is a long day waiting for you.

Next day

I have never thought that someday I will fear that I have to face Parth though I did not do anything wrong but talking to your friends about......

Let's Chuck that. But thankfully Khushi is not here because uncle called her so she went back to her house.

So finally I am in the coffee shop and in front of me, Parth is sitting with a worried expression.

"hi! Bro" and here we go with the bombarding of questions.

"keep your hi in your pocket first tell me how is Khushi."

that was something which was not normal about him because no matter how angry he was but he used to keep calm in front of us.

"She is fine she went to her parents."

"OK so tell me what actually happened? "

"He ditched Khushi. He left even without saying anything."

"I wanted him to be out of her life but not like this, he should have left after giving her a closure" Parth said this with a hurt expression.

"Even I wanted him to be out of Khushi's life because she don't deserve someone like him. Anyways did you tell everyone about this? "

"no not till now"

"I think you should inform everyone about this."

"OK but I am going back home for some work so I will tell everyone later."

"I am also coming with you."

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