Married To My Sister's Husband

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Olivia is a shy, reserved, and lonely 24 years old lady who had fallen in love with a man that ended up marrying her twin sister Sophia, right before her eyes. Since her sister was the exact opposite of her -fierce, loving, sociable, elegant, fashionable and bold- Livy's shy and timid nature didn't let her fight for her love. But when it seemed that her dream was now far from her grasp, fate decided to play a cruel one on her by putting her in the position of her sister Sophia, as the new wife of her sister's husband. How would she manage to keep her true feelings a secret from her sister's husband as it becomes harder and harder to win him over. Markian was an egocentric, rude, ambitious, proud 28years old billionaire with serious trust issues. After an arranged marriage with Olivia's younger twin sister Sophia, he soon fell in love with his wife and made her his entire world. He was completely disrupt and bewildered when his wife's sister Olivia agreed to marry him after her untimely death. Would it ever be possible to live under the same roof with the woman that was willing to betray her own late twin sister's memories by getting married to her widowed husband, even though he made it clear to her that he never wanted a second marriage? Would there be a room for romance in their marriage even though they keep growing apart daily due to secrets, lies and misunderstandings?.

Romance / Drama
Shirley Amakiri
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It was a bright Sunday morning with the sun already glistening inside and adding exuberance to the very elegant royal-like master bedroom.

As rays of sunlight rested on Olivia's face, she slowly opened her eyelids, revealing a pair of lovely hazel brown eyes.

She could hear the chirping of bird from a close distance and for a brief moment she wished she could just sink into the feeling of how beautiful the day felt, but she can't. Though it may be a new bright day for everyone, but for her it's just another day of the continuous torture called her marriage.

It didn't seem like a new day, just a continuation of her 3months nightmare.

She looked by bed locker to get her phone, it was already 9am and she wondered why she slept in.

She turned to the other side of the bed to meet a surprisingly half naked, yet breath taking Markian still soundly asleep.

He was a sight for sore eyes, as her eyes moved from his waist-band to his sexy abs, up to his well-built chest and broad shoulders, then to his neck and to his handsome face that looked like an image from a male model magazine.

He looked very peaceful and innocent, the exact opposite of what he was when he is awake. It was difficult to take her eyes off him, and one would think that after 3months of being in the same house with this man, she must have gotten use to his sexiness, but that was the exact opposite.

Everyday came with its own level attraction and lustfulness towards him, making her question her morals and her very own upbringing.

He was lying very close to her that she could feel his breath on her face, sending cool shivers down her spine. Though she wasn't complaining but lying this close to her wasn't normal, neither was the splitting headache she was having since she moved to get her phone.

As she thought back to the night before, the flashbacks came flooding in and she suddenly sat up from the bed gasping. She immediately held her chest with her trembling hands while turning towards Markian who still laid peacefully on the bed.

What happened last night, what did she do, and what exactly was she begging her sister's husband to do to her?

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