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Accepting the Demon's Proposal

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Being kidnapped right after school, Catina's world turns into a complete fantasy. Will she be able to continue with her life? Or will the Demon take over her? ~~~~~~ !!! There are mature scenes containing sex and mature content !!! Chapters including sex will be indicated with a * in the title ~~~~~~ He pressed his face into my neck and bit hard, my skin clamped tight between his sharp teeth. "Ow! I thought you were going to be gentle," I complained. "I am," he mumbled and licked the bite on my neck, moving lower to leave bites all over my chest. ~~~~~~ UNEDITED! please don't come for me for grammar or punctuation errors >,<

Romance / Fantasy
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Day 0.1


“Bring her in,” a faraway yet powerful voice sounded. It was almost animalistic, sounds coming from deep in his throat.

The two men carrying me tightened their grip on my arms when they ripped my blindfold off before reaching out to push open the heavy doors. I blinked in the dimmed setting and braced myself for the horror that awaited me behind those doors.

The room was lit an orange and yellow color with a long rectangular table surrounded by white candles stationed in the middle. Men dressed in maroon cloaks and silver masks snapped their heads to look at me, their dark eyes poking out even more amidst the silver on their faces.

Being grabbed and stuffed into a van right after class was terrifying and all, but this, having about a dozen masked men glaring at me menacingly while being dragged and lifted onto the table surrounded by ominous candle fire was horrific. During the car ride, I had imagined scenes of my kidnappers cutting me open for my organs then dumping me in some faraway mountain so no one will find my body for months or even years, but it seems like what I had coming for me was very different and possibly much worse.

The heat of the burning candles grazed my back and thighs as I was laid down. If my hair hadn’t been tied up in a low bun, it would have probably caught on fire and burned away. There was nothing I could do except try to stay still and avoid being burnt. And right now I was more than thankful for my petite body and height of five feet. I averted my eyes from the strange men as much as I could and looked up at the high pointed ceiling full of moldy wood beams that seem to have held this structure up for centuries, taking in every detail of cracked lines, and searching for any hints of my location when an abrupt hum sounded from all around me. It must be some sort of ritual song. I stole a slight glance at the men circling me and found their eyes closed as they continued drowning me in their spiritual hymn when the man I was looking at suddenly snapped his eyelids wide open, his black pupil pointed sharply me without shaking one bit as the corners of his eyes ran red, making me look away in mute horror immediately.

I fidgeted constantly under their inconsistent gaze until when their hymn came to an unexpected end with a screechy note, startling me into a frozen state, my eyes darting around at their glowering ones.

“We’re ready,” they recited and took a few steps back in unison.

Some clanging sounds resonated within the room and three of them came back with scissors, all pieces of steel were brown clotted and rusty powder floated around as the men squeezed the handles, making the steel rub against each other and squeal.

My mind filled itself with images of me being cut open again and I swallowed in fear, looking at the three pairs of intimidating scissors nearing me. Damn. I really am a magnet for bad things. First in school, then the dog walker, and now a fucking cult in an abandoned building out of nowhere. I looked down as the first pair of scissors snipped away my pants, the second pair cutting open my overpriced vest and shirt. Maybe if I hadn’t been caught stolen exams for my friend, got suspended and had to repeat sophomore year, I would be partying away during my last year of college across the country instead of being here.

The snipping sounds stayed constant as my sleeves were cut and I now laid on the top of a pile of slashed fabric in my bra and underwear. If only I’ve known, I would have put on my lace set. Instead, I’m laying here in strawberry patterned underwear and a one hundred percent cotton sports bra. My brows came together as the third pair of scissors, the least rusty one neared my bra and the old fabric gave away immediately between the steel edges. Okay, maybe it was a good thing I chose this bra instead of the expensive one this morning. After the bra was all cut and laid flat under me, the scissors moved to my underwear, clipping off the two sides.

“She’s ready,” the three men who did the incredible cutting job stated in unison. Okay, I think I should be more worried about what’s going to happen now instead of my clothes.

While fear and panic started to register in my scattered brain, the masked and cloaked men left in unwavering lines while another door opened and steady footsteps showed someone else was coming along the sounds of metal rubbing against each other. Not scissors, but a knife on a sharpening stone. Oh god, here it comes. The devil is here. I’m going to die.

I jumped a little when I felt coldness on my forehead, the side of the knife sliding down the bridge of my nose, plopping onto my top lip, dragging my bottom lip open before the plumpness fell back where it belonged. The smooth metal skimmed straight down my neck, the nook between my collarbones then curved left, stopping over my racing heart as it tilted up, letting the whetted point make a dip in my skin, but not poking through. My heart jumped around wildly at the foreboding and literal danger above me.

“Such a shame,” the faceless voice spoke, in the same animalistic tone from the beginning, “This skin, this heart so fresh..Should I cut it out now?”

I moved my head around slowly, searching for the man or whatever he is, only getting a peek of his chin.

“It must be very juicy,” a slurping noise was heard, “The way it’s pumping so hard,” he stepped around to the side, “It might be crunchy too...”

I began to shake my head, knowing he will see my movement even if I can’t see him.

“No? You don’t think it will be crunchy?”

I shook my head slightly faster.

He let out a huff, “Well, I won’t know unless I try.”

I stopped shaking my head and took a deep breath as softly as I could, “No,” I licked my lips anxiously, “I-You, I mean, you don’t have to.”

“And why not?” he questioned, tilting the knife around and trailing it down to my stomach,

“B-Because, you’ve probably tasted a lot of hearts,” I stumbled out, “And m-mine would be,” I gulped nervously, “Pretty much the same if not plainer.”

“Really?” The now warmed knife left my skin and I let out a relieved sigh only to be scared out of my wits when he threw it into the wooden door making a loud thud as it lodged into the old wood, “What do you suggest I do with you then? You’re the sacrifice they chose for me. If not to die, then what are you for?”

“Sacrifice?” I asked, “Is this really a demon cult of something?”

The voice laughed and exclaimed in a more human tone, “You’re a funny one.”

I laughed nervously, “Ha..ha...well, maybe you should let me stay and humor you then.”

“Is that your best offer?”

I swallowed again, “I-I don’t have anything else. I’m sorry.”

His voice suddenly dropped to a soft seductive murmur. “I’m sure there’s something other than humor you can trade for your life?”

“Like what?” I asked, speaking slightly louder.

“Have you ever been touched before?” his voice was still coming from above my head, out of my line of sight, fingers now caressed my face lightly.

“What do you mean?” I knew what he meant, I wasn’t stupid, but now that I know what he wants, all I can do is maybe stall it.

“Have you ever had sex?” his hand landed on my chest, slightly to the left, feeling the flutters of my heart.

“D-Does it matter?”

“Virginity appeals to me but a used woman...eh,” I could almost see him shrug by the tone of his dismissive voice.

“Yes, I have,” I lied as confidently as I could.

“You’re lying,” his hand left my body, “Your heart was going at around a thousand miles per hour but it just jumped to a million miles.”

“That’s, that’s just because I’m scared.”

“I don’t think so. I’m not really that scary and I think you’re quite brave. Let’s make a deal.”

I nodded, not sure what I should say, “Okay...”

“Here’s my proposal,” a breeze flew by and all the candles went out, the heat dissipating, “I’ll take your virginity instead of your heart,” arms looped under my legs and back, lifting me effortlessly and in less than a second there were cool satin sheets on my back.

I should have been able to see his face, but under the supernatural speed he moved, it was impossible for my eyes to take in any information. I let my hands feel the new texture under me, taking in the softness of the mattress as I shifted my weight and let my eyes adjust to the brighter and modern yet rustic room with brick walls and a fireplace ahead. Next to the mellow fire was the man or probably demon or whatever supernatural creature he was, facing away from me as he pulled his sweater over his head, showing his scarred back.

I pulled the sheets loose and wrapped myself up in them while still observing the two peculiarly long ragged scars next to his shoulder blades among the other smaller ones.

“Close your eyes,” he said rather gently.

“Hm?” I tore my eyes away from his back to the back of his head, which was plastered with slightly wavy hair.

“Close your eyes,” he ordered.


“Do it,” his voice went back to the animalistic tone.

My heart sped up in fear, “Okay.”

I heard a sigh and felt the sheets being pulled away from me, “Keep your eyes closed.”

I nodded, hearing the soft thud of sheets landing on the floor and letting him push me down on the bed. The bed dipped and my head was lifted.

“C-Can I make a request?” I asked carefully as his hands pulled my low bun loose.


“The lights...can you turn them off?”

My hair fell onto my shoulders and my head was let down onto the bed, “Why? Your eyes are closed anyway.”

“Yes, but it just seems too bright,” I said, “...you know?” I added when he was unresponsive.

“Fine,” and the brightness behind my lids switched to black, “Anything else? Is the fire alright?”

“Yes, and yes,” I answered, feeling his weight shift again, “The fire is fine, but I just have one more request.”

“Go on.”

“Be nice please,” I mumbled.

“Am I not nice right now?”

“No, I- um, be gentle, I mean,” I fought the rising urges to open my eyes and see his expression.

“Alright,” he said after a long pause, “But only in the beginning.”

I nodded, not wanting to agitate him with further demands, “Okay.”

His hand brushed the hair out of my face and his legs pushed in between mine, spreading them.

“Why can’t I open my eyes?” I couldn’t help but ask.

He sighed, “You just don’t stop talking, do you?

“I’m just asking.”

“I don’t need a knife to rip your heart out, you know that?”

I froze, “I-I just..”

“Stop thinking,” he commanded, his voice right next to my ear.

“Okay,” I breathed in slowly, “O-One more thing.”

“What now?”

“Are you going to take my soul or something?”

He let out a dry laugh, “What are you going to do if I say yes?”

“Open my eyes.”

There was a pause, “No. I’m not going to take your soul or eat your heart or kill you. I’m just going to fuck you so shut the hell up.”

I sucked in a breath, “Okay...sorry.”

He pressed his face into my neck and bit hard, my skin clamped tight between his sharp teeth.

“Ow! I thought you were going to be gentle,” I complained.

“I am,” he mumbled and licked the bite on my neck, moving lower to leave bites all over my chest then sucking my nipples into his warm mouth one by one.

“Mmnh...” the stinging sensations of his bites were replaced by pleasure brought to me by the swirling of his tongue on my nipple. He pulled on my nipple hard between his lips, sending a tingling sensation to my core.

The excitement between my legs intensified as fingers trapped my other nipple, pinching and pulling at the pink nub. An animalistic growl left his throat as his mouth abandoned my breast and neared the center of my legs, breathing hot breaths on my clit.

My hands fisted instinctively as he took my clit between his lips, sucking harder and harder until something dripped out of my pussy, “Ahh..” I moaned, leaning my head back against the soft bed, my eyes fluttering open accidentally. I took in the large ceiling window above us. The sky was dark and our risque reflection was displayed on the large window. I could see my bare chest heaving and his head between my legs as he thrusted a tongue inside of me, letting out a growl the same time the reflection of him glitched. I gasped in shock as his skin turned red and his hair was replaced with two horns for a short moment.

I stared at the changing reflection as crazy pleasure built up in my core when he continuously lapped at my clit, then pushed a finger inside. My eyes closed again at the new source of pleasure, louder and more sexual moans escaping me as he pumped his finger faster. I nearly screamed as my climax hit me, releasing myself onto his fingers as my hips shook wildly. He pulled out his finger and I felt him sit up. My eyes looked into reflective glass again, watching him undo his pants.

For some reason fear didn’t take over me as I watched his face change again. Maybe because I know he won’t kill me despite the fact that he’s a demon. Maybe I felt slightly reassured now that I finally know what he is.

“Um..” I started quietly.

He threw his pants aside and groaned, “What?”

“Be gentle,” I said while looking down at him, taking in his fiery eyes, his red fleshy skin, and the horns on top of his head.

He growled, “Close-”

“It’s fine,” I told him, holding my hand out shakily towards his face.

His skin changed back to a handsome human face, “You’re not scared?” his voice thinned out to a whisper.

I shook my head.

“You hesitated,” he pointed out.

I shook my head again firmly this time and held my hand higher.

He knelt on the bed and crawled towards me, placing his head in my outstretched hand.

I ran my thumb lightly across his high cheekbones and giggled when he gave a low purr, “Were you scared?”

He gave me a weird look as he came closer and hovered over me, “Me? Me scared?”

“Then why did you ask me to close my eyes?”

He blinked once, his hand disappearing into the little space between our naked bodies to rub my clit instead of answering.

I opened my mouth to speak but he shushed me, “I promise I will be gentle.”

“Okay,” I mumbled, blinking nervously.


What the fuck was I doing? I came to Earth to have fun, meaning lots of hard fucking and feeding. And now? I have this innocent yet unafraid maiden in my bed who has somehow made me promise her I will deflower her gently instead of fucking her senseless and taking joy in her pain and misery.

And instead of growling at her, I kept on letting out these velvety purrs when she pets my head and pulls on my hair, it just feels so good for some reason. I groaned at her wetness on my fingers and rubbed my cock on her pussy, coating it thoroughly.

I studied her worried expression and laughed, “Now you’re scared.”

“No,” She argued, “Just nervous.”

“It’s okay,” I leaned down and pressed my lips to her forehead, a voice inside my head urging me to comfort her while another pestered me to just ram my cock inside. I grunted and shook the latter voice away, holding the base of my cock to her dripping entrance, “Open your legs, I’ll go really slow.”

She nodded weakly under me as I pushed in the tip, “Mnnngh..” she whimpered shakily.

“What, does it hurt?” I stopped pushing immediately.

She shook her head at me despite the pained look in her eyes.

I sighed softly, not sure how to make it less painful for her, “I’m going as slow as I can...I’m going to push in more okay?”


I lifted her shoulders a little and laid my arm under her neck, cradling her head as I pushed my hips further into hers.

She squealed when I was finally all the way in, “Are you okay?” I asked naturally as if I really cared.

She nodded another weak okay but all I could think about was how she felt so warm and tight around my cock. I had to fight every muscle in my body not start fucking her right away.

When I pulled out slowly and pushed in again, I felt her fingers dig into my arms, teeth clamping down on my shoulders, making me hiss in pain and thrust into her harder than I wanted.

She bit down harder, her whimpers muffled as I steadily sped up my thrusts, losing control, “Fuck!” I couldn’t stop, my hips slammed into hers again and again.

I pulled my arm out from under her and held onto her hips instead, her bite on my shoulder loosening. I watched her eyes get watery probably from the pain and rolled us over so I was bottom and she was on top, letting her control the pace. This isn’t just her first time anymore, I’ve never felt such sympathy and warmth during sex, making me want to take it slow and cherish every thrust as I deflower this pure girl, let alone letting her take control.

She placed her hands on my stomach, pushing down as her hips rose and fell agonizingly slow. I reached up to her hold her hips as she rode my cock leisurely, rolling her hips and throwing her head back, her chest heaving and her tits bouncing provocatively. I licked my lips and my demon fangs grew out, my face shifting as she nodded her head back. She gasped in surprise then gave me a brave smile while leaning down with outstretched hands towards my horns.

I stared at her in shock as she gripped my horns and bounced up and down fearlessly on my cock, ”Catina,” I snarled as I began to feel dominated under her.

She looked up at me with her innocent doe eyes, “You know my name.”

“I do,” I said through my teeth, my hands tightening around her hips as she continued to ride me faster.

“What’s yours?” She asked in such an unintentionally sexy way, pulling herself up with my horns and pressing her chest on mine.

I bit back a growl and my breathing quickened, my control thinning as she tilted her head as she sat down on my cock again, “Your name?”

That’s it. That was the extent of my self-control and letting a freshly deflowered virgin ride me like she has all the control over me. I lifted her up by the hips and slid out under her, ramming my cock into her still tight pussy all the while she was still frozen from my sudden burst of movements.

“Angh! W-Wait, slow down!” she whined and struggled to her elbows and knees as I held her hips in a bruising grip, fucking her harder than ever.

“No fucking way,” I grumbled and grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her up to her hands, pounding into her nonstop, “I’m gonna fuck you so hard, you won’t be able fucking to walk.”

My bed creaked with each thrust and her walls closed in around my cock, her muscles tensing, her heart scurrying, her body quaking, her breathing accelerating, “Awngh! Mnghhna...” her moans grew louder as she pawed at the wooden bedframe, trying to lean up.

I released her hair and wrapped one hand around her neck, pulling her back against my chest, letting her hold onto the bed frame as I continued to fuck her mindless. Sliding my other hand up her faultless body to squeeze her breasts, pinching her perfect and aroused nipples, “You are fucking mine. You understand?” I uttered into her ears, “Only I get to fuck your sweet pussy...mnngh, fucking hell, you feel so good. I’m gonna make you cum so fucking hard, you’re gonna scream,” if her heart was racing before, it was sprinting now, I could feel every beat under my palm as I fondled her breasts.

She gulped and her throat pushed against my fingers, “Wow...” she said breathing hard, “You...can be...pretty...ta-talkative too.”

I growled and tightened my fingers around her neck, “You’re still talking...Unbelievable.”

“Ah-Anghh!” she squirmed under my hold as I moved the hand on her breasts to her exposed clit, “Mnngh..Mn!”

I rubbed her clit in the front and kept thrusting my cock into her until she finally came undone. My cock twitched inside of her while she shook uncontrollably as warm juices creamed onto my cock, the lewd squelches between our heated bodies getting louder, “Mnghh..Fucking christ,” I swore ironically as I shot my load into her, filling her hot pussy up.

Her moans dwindled to heavy breathing as her convulsing body calmed and she fell limp in my arms, her hitched breathing slowed to a steady flow.

I smirked as I pulled out, letting my cum run down her thigh when she suddenly broke into a fit of giggles. My smile faded, confused at her laughter.

“You’re funny,” she said, laying down onto the bed, her giggles quieting down.


When she didn’t respond, I pulled her ankles, dragging her towards me, “Ow! Stop, I’m tired.”

“What do you mean I’m funny?”

“So sore...My butt...” she whined.

“Answer me, Cat.”

“Hmm..” she turned to her side and grabbed my arm, hugging it between her breasts, and fell asleep, not giving a care about the dirtied sheets.

I scoffed at myself. Seems like I’ll be staying on Earth for a while.

>Thank you to everyone who came from the one shot :D

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