Fight for the one you love.

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My name is Ashley Wilson. I have the perfect life. I have the perfect boyfriend, my best friend lives down the street from me. I'm a senior in high school. my family is amazing. I will be turning 18. life get any better then this. The night of my 18th birthday everything come crashing down. my whole life was ripped away......

Romance / Erotica
Melanie Santos
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Chapter 1


This story may have some triggers.

Fighting, sex scene's, drugs, suicide etc.



My alarm went going off telling me to get up for school. I love school and everything about it. My friends are awesome and my boyfriend is amazing. today is our one year anniversary. . I'm super excited because it's also my 18th birthday. As I get ready for school I smile to myself. Everytime I think of Jason my heart flutters. After I get out of the shower I sit on the floor in front of my full size mirror and put on my make up.

I'm pretty but no where near beautiful? I have blue and green eyes. depending on my mood or what I'm wearing they change colour. im about 5'6, and slim. I have long brown hair And few freckles on my nose.

After getting dressed and eating breakfast I headed off to school.

I walked into the front doors of my school and all my friends started to scream happy birthday to me. I was so embarrassed I just put my head down. I couldn't see Jason as im thinking this I feel arms rap around my waist and a kiss on my neck, that sent goosebumps down my legs. I turn my head and Jason pressed his lips against mine. then continued leaving soft kisses on my neck. I tilted my head back and closed my eyes. I was lost in lust that I totally forgot where we are until someone clears their throat and I can feel my cheeks go red with embarrassment. I turn to see my favorite teacher.

"I'm sorry Ms, it will never happen again" I cant even look at her

"Ashley, dont make promises you cant keep" she says as she's walking away with a smile.

I barried my face into Jason's chested while everyone started to giggle.

Jason was about a foot taller then me. He had brownish hair with a little blond in it. his eyes. his eyes are just amazing. thats what I totally fell for at first. his eyes where the lightest brown I have ever seen. they also have a dark brown rim around can tell a lot about a person by looking into their eyes.

"Are you ready for tonight" Jason asks as he starts to walk me to class. I nod my head with a giant grin on my face. We are going to dinner for my birthday with my family and then they are going to drop Jason and myself off at a party that is being thrown for me. yayyy

Right before Iet go of Jason's hand to walk into my class Jason pulled me back so his chest was against my back. He whispered in my ear "Happy birthday, babe." I smiled and I lent my head back so my head was on his shoulders and my face was in the crook of his neck.

"Thank you" I said with a huge grin on my face while I kissed him. I went to move and he pulled me back again.

"Happy anniversary "

All I could do was smile.

"Happy anniversary to you, my love"


I just finished getting ready for dinner. I was debating on wearing heals. I decide against it and was ready to leave my room when I opened the door and Jason was standing in front of me. My face went into an instant smile when I saw him.

"You look so sexy babe" I said while I looked at him up and down. Jason had a big grin on his face when he started to walk towards me. He put his arms around my waist and pulled me into his chest. our lips smashed together and we where kissing like it was our last day on earth. we never broke our lips apart but we somehow made it to my bed with out knocking anythings over. He laid my down gently while he was holding himself up so he wouldn't crush me. his lips trailed down my neck and onto my chest

"Jason wait. the door" I could barly get it out with my heavy breathing

"hmm" dont worry. I locket it when I came in" I smile at his reply. what a sneaky fu*ker.

His kisses kept on coming. He slowly started to leave little kisses down my neck, my shoulder, and started to go down in between be breasts. I started to take his shirt off when he started to suck on my nipple and I gasp for air. my back arched pushing my chest further into his mouth. I could feel how excited Jason was getting, then I heared a knock on my door.

" Hey, lets go guys. we are all ready. stop making out, mom and dad are waiting for us" my brother Kurt was yelling at us through the door.

we jumped up so fast. I started to straighten my clothes. Jas fixed himself while I tried to straighten my hair. I fix my make up and looked at Jason making sure he was ready so I can open the door, he nodded then I signaled for him to go first. As he walked pass I whispered to him "to be continued" with a smirk on my face.


Dinner was great and we were on our way to the party know. my family was awesome. my boyfriend awesome. I was thinking all this while I was looking out the window. I looked over at Jason and he was just starring at me. I lent over and kissed him

"I lov"-


I was 5 years old and I was running with a red balloon tied to my wrist so it wouldn't float away. I was running in our backyard. the sun was shining throught the two big trees we had. I was having so much fun at my 5th birthday. I started to look around when I couldn't see my brother or my parents. I started to cry. I was so scarred. I was by myself

"Mommy, Daddy, Kurt?" I was looking around while tears where falling. I fell on my knees and put my face in my hands when I heard them all. I looked up and saw my family. I started to run to them and I couldnt catch them. "please dont leave me mommy, please!" as I was running to them I kept on hearing

" its not your time."

"its not your time"

" its not your time"

Their voices started to fad away..I felt this jolt in my body. I open my eyes when I could hear people. "shes back!. we got her back! " I saw lights everywhere flashing. I tried to look around to see what was happening but I couldnt.

"Where is my family?" I ask. No one answered me so I asked again trying to be a little louder but it was coming out in a wisper.

"Were is my family, where is Ja...? "

I was getting so tired. I just wanted to sleep just a little longer. I felt my heavy eyes close

"stay with us Ashley! Ashley? "



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