Fight for the one you love.

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Chapter 2

I could hear beeping and something like a pen scribbling on paper or something. It was so quit. I started to open my eyes and look around. I was in a hospital bed. Why was I here?

"Good afternoon sweetheart. I'm nurse Patty. do you know where you are or what happened?"

I started to shack my head when all of a sudden I started to remember the flashing lights. and the two males talking to me asking me question.

"Oh my god, I do remember. where's my family? please tell me where my family is! where's Jason?"

I started to panic because the nurse wasn't answer me. she was looking at me with a sad face and that wasn't a good sign.

"Please tell me where everone is! PLEASE!" I started to get louder and louder. Then the doctor walked in.

"Hi I'm doctor...."

'Please just tell me where my family and boyfriend are. PLEASE!"

"My name is Dr Kensey, You where in an accident. I am so ingredably sorry but your mom, brother, and dad did not make it." He continue but I stopped listening. I went numb. I went deaf. I felt a drip of liquid on my hands and thats when I realised I was crying. I was in shock. Its like all my sences where gone. I couldnt see anyone or here anything. I was just sitting there crying then all of a sudden I Heard a scream like I've never heard before and thats when I realised it was me.

They can't. they can't be dead. how? how was this possable? we where just leaving dinner and now everyone is dead. I was crying to the point of hyerventalating. "How. hick up. can. hick up. this be . hickup. happening." I cant loose my whole world. my family. Jason. I just cant..wait he never said Jason died

"Where is Jason? you didn't say anything about Jason. WHERE IS JASON!?" I was yelling and sobing at the same time.

"Jason is in a coma. he had to have surgery. the the surgery went well but we had to put him into an induced coma. He still has brain activity so thats a good sign" the doc was telling me. as soon as I heared he wasnt died I started to get out of bed. Everyone all came running towards me. Thay started to hold me down.

"Let go of me. DONT FUCKING TOUCH ME! LET GO!" Why wont they let me see hi......I started to feel really weird and tired. I think they gave me a sedative


As soon as I woke up I started to cry again. why me? why my family? I called for the nurse and when she came I asked to go see Jason. . The nurse informed me that he was in a lot of pain and that He had bandages over his face

" Why? What happened?" The nurse looked at me and told me that he was burned really bad. The tears where flowing and I didnt even notice. I was getting a migraine from crying. " I dont care. Please I need to see him, NOW!" she gave me some tylenol for my headache and took me in a wheel chair to go and see him.

When I was wheeled into his room my mouth dropped. How? Why? What happened? Why was this all happening. The nurse wheeled me beside him and walked out of the room.

"Baby? Can you hear me? Please baby. Please make it through this. I can't loose you to. Please baby."


Six months later

I couldn't stand people at my school. always looking at me, feeling pitty for me, talking about Jason and my family. I had enough so I changed school. I couldnt live in my house anymore so I moved as well. I moved into a nice loft. I still couldnt believe it some times. I was on my own. no family, boyfriend still in a coma. I havent been to the cemetery since we had the funerals. That was the first time £

I have ever been to a funeral that had three people.

I would try to go at least 3 times a week to see Jason. every other day. I moved about an hour away, thats why I couldn't go more often. My theripist told me that Im doing pretty good. I have my ups and downs but who wouldn't, right?

I start my new school on monday. I was on the way home from seeing Jason when I stopped off at the school to get everything I needed for monday.

I pulled into the parking lot at my new school. I wasnt sure if it was lunch or spares or people skipping class. well I guess it could be all those put together but wow there was a lot of people out side. As I was walking to the school I noticed this group of boys all talking and staring at me. Boys they never change. know matter school, or how old they are. there all the same. I went to the office to fill out the rest of my paperwork. The lady that was helping me was shocked when she found out that I lived alone. and that I have no emergancy contact. I know what your going to say but I didnt want to put Jason's parents down. I loved them but we where no longer close.

"Well dear, if you think of a next of kin please let us know asap." I nodded. I grabbed all my papers, and everything I needed to start on monday. I was kind of excited to start school and start moving on with my life. I haven't been back to the school since the accident.. probably close to about six months ago. give or take a few days. I drove home to drop everything off. I went to the mall to grab last minute things I needed for school and new clothes as well.


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