North American Werewolves

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What happens when the ten grand alphas of the North American Werewolves haven't found their mates? Typically, you find your mate between 16 and 21 but that isn't the case for them. The moon goddess told them once the king finds his mate then the rest will find their true mate. Matthew is the King of the North American Werewolves and the Alpha of the Royal Gold Heart Pack. All he ever wanted was to find his mate. Ever since the Moon Goddess told Matthew that he wouldn't find his mate until later in life, Matthew hasn't been the same. Matthew is now 30 years old and time is running out according to the moon goddess. However, the moon goddess has a secret and this secret may affect the future of the North American Werewolves. Will they find their true mates or will the Moon Goddess's secret mess everything up for them? This book is based on a dream I had and I just expanded it. This book is not your traditional werewolf story but has similar themes. There are some mature themes with BDSM vibes. This book is set in 2020 in the United States. I hope you enjoy it! Feel free to share this book with your friends. Special Shoutout to Alessabarnes for giving me feedback. Check out her page. I love her books especially the Saphire Queen!

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Cassia Lane
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Unknown POV

“Please, you don’t understand. It isn’t safe for her to come. I beg you, give me more time. Surely, you understand. I don’t want to put her in any danger,” he says.

“No, we made a deal. You were supposed to rebuild your pack, and then your mate was supposed to move in with you,” I say.

He is on his knees, and I can see his pain. It doesn’t matter, though. He is supposed to take her, and she is supposed to be his Luna. That is what I decided, and if he wasn’t going to do it, then I will take away his mate.

“I am sorry, but if you don’t take her today, then I am going to take her away from you. So, make your decision now. Will you take her now?” I say.

“NO, I WILL NOT. She is my mate, and I will NOT put my mate in danger,” he says.

I sigh and say, “fine. I will find her a new mate. Goodbye,” I say.

I head back to my castle, and my mom is there. What is she doing here? She is no longer the Moon Goddess.

“Lily, what have you done? You should have given that boy more time,” she saya.

“Mom, I made the decision. He didn’t uphold the deal,” I say.

“Lily, sometimes you need to see the bigger picture and be more empathetic towards our people,” she says.

“Let’s hope that your decision doesn’t affect those involved negatively,” she says.

“Lila, leave Lily alone,” a voice says.

I look behind me, and I see my great great grandmother, Selene.

“Grammy, what are you doing here?” I say to her.

“Lily, we need to talk. Lila, please leave. I will talk to you later,” she says.

My Grammy only comes when something serious is happening. It is never a good thing when she comes unannounced.

“Come, my child, we have a lot to discuss,” she says.

At least she told my mom to leave. Maybe I should have let him keep his mate.... I don’t know. I can’t second guess myself. I need to stick to my decision. I think everything will work itself out...

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