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This is the story of girl named Mehek Malik, who is pampered alot by her parents. She has only one younger sister, Ayesha Malik, with a gap of only one and a half year. Both of them are the apple of their father's eyes and heart of their mother's. Mehek is graduating from university, and trying to persue her career in Biotechnology, but apparently having a list of wishes, which she want to fulfill after her studies. From climbing of mountains to roam in desert, eating in small dhabba to having dinner at Five-Star restaurant, getting clothes from sale to shopping in boutiques, getting a teddy bear in birthday to getting a huge midnight surprise birthday party, she just want to roam around the world and fulfill her every small wish. Even getting scold on her each childish act from her mother and sister, she didn't stop dreaming. Because that's her first love, IMAGINATION, and her father's unconditional love and support are pillars to her huge villa of wishes. Ayyan Mehmood, a young, handsome and mature guy, who happens to join university on very sudden and urgent note, is persuing his career in Bioinformatics. He is not easy to befriend with, but once you befriend him, he is the most loyal and sincere friend anyone could get. His family is unknown, he is mysterious guy, who randomly met Mehek, who just pulled strings of his heart. Join me in my story to get showered by love.

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"Hey look, snowfall." An excited voice caused moving wheels to stop abruptly, making a screech voice, crushing the already fallen snow beneath it.

"For Allah sake Mehek, you scared me. You can tell me same thing in calm and nice manner, rather than piercing my eardrums. And besides, if you forgot let me remind you that my eyes and ears are healthy as horse, i can see yaar." He said making an annoyed face, as his imagination was disturbed.

"How rude Mister Ayyan! Is this the way to talk to girls? Very bad, i am disappointed." Mehek said, shaking her head, bitting her lower lip.

"Ohh, shut it. I know how to talk to girls and that's the reason of me surrounded by girls all the time." Ayyan boasted, straightening the already straightened collar.

"Haha, very funny. Now stop nagging and come with me. It's snowing man, i can't believe i am watching it. It was always my wish to see live snowfall." She said getting excited for snowfall.

"It's cold outside and i am not coming with you, neither i am allowing you to go outside. Sit in the car, we are about to reach. Then you can watch snowfall from glass window." He said starting the engine of his jeep.

"Are you coming with me or not?" She said sternly, failing miserably in mocking seriousness.

"No, and you are also..." Before he could complete his sentence, she opened the door and rushed outside.

"Mehek, hey, come inside. I am warning you, it's cold. Mehek, Mehek are you listening me?" He shouted, trying to stop her but she just turned and showed her tongue to him and then resumed her running.

Can she be more cute?

He just sat inside the car, knowing that she will come soon, because of immense cold. He started rubbing his hands and looked at his watch to start counting.

1 minute

2 minutes

5 minutes

10 minutes

And she didn't came. His heart started pounding with some unknown fear.

What if she slipped and fall?

What if she lost her way?

She is new and definitely she don't know this city.

Damn Ayyan, you should have followed her.

Cursing himself and holding his wildly beating heart, he get out of the car and started following her footimprints, which were left behind by his brown long boots.

After some five minutes, he spotted some random footprints and light giggling. He looked upwards only to get mesmerized.

There she was, in the middle of vast snow, circling around with her hands wide opened. She was giggling continuously and her hairs were swaying with every gush of cool breeze. He stopped, his heart stopped beating for a while, his eyes stopped blinking, his fingers stopped rubbing, his foot stopped moving.

Was anything moving at that time?

He just wanted to time to stopped there for eternity. He just wanted to keep looking at her without blinking. He just wanted to hold her hairs and moved them away from her face. He just wanted to hug her tight and never let go of her.

"Why are you standing there? Go sit in the car, it is cold outside na, so you should not come out." Her voice broke the trance he went into, causing him to stable himself and moved towards her.

"Umm, actually, I just..." Words were lost looking at her. He was standing close to her and it was difficult for him to control his wildly beating heart.

"Hmm, say it. I am waiting." She said, taking step towards him, forgetting that she is already too close to him, for her liking.

"It's cold, come inside. We are getting late." He said, diverting his eyes from hers, trying to normal himself.

"Are you kidding me? You came here just to tell me this, knowing very well that i won't listen to you." She said shaking her head.

"Listen Mehek, it's cold and...."

"Ahhh, stop this 'it is cold oustside and we are getting late speech'. Five more minutes won't matter at all. And now, as you came here, so enjoy it." She said again moving back and started circling around.

"I don't understand what is so special about snowfall. It just brings cold and blocked roads." He huffed, looking at her again.

In reply, she just grabbed his hand, forgetting that she is doing wrong, as he is his Na-Mehram, and bring him in center saying,

"Just close your eyes and move around. You'll get your answer." She said looking at him intently, waiting for him to respond. On the other hand, he was just shocked. It was first time, she hold his hand, and that too in alone. His heart was beating crazily and he just followed her instructions.

Snow balls were falling on his skin, leaving their impressions in form of cold. His face was getting wet from droplets and he wasn't understanding the enjoyement in it. It was just causing him immense cold, nothing else.

Is she mad?

He opened her eyes to scold her on her stupid wish, but stopped instantly, seeing her closed eyes. She was standing infront of him, with her eyes closed and hands opened. It was best scene and he again wished time to stop forever. Snow was falling on her in the form of light cotton balls, wetting her eyelids. She closed her eyes more tightly to stop water entering in them. His gaze then moved to her wet cheeks, which were getting more wet by passing time, causing him to hold his urge of kissing that droplets away from her. His gaze shifted to her nose, which was red due to immense cold, but looking cute. He just wanted to pinch her nose and kiss it. His eyes were quenching their thirst and he was just gawking at her with full right. His flickering gaze then fall to her plump lips and that was the time when he felt his stomach churned and heart beating crazily, as if trying to get out of the ribcage. His breathing became deep and he just wanted to kiss her passionately. Something strange was happening and he didn't knew how to stop himself. His hands started moving upwards, trying to cup her face and do what is forbidden.

"Did you enjoyed?" Her sudden voice shocked him so much that he jumped slightly on his place.

"You alright?" She again asked looking at his forehead which was filled with water.

Or sweat?

"Umm yeah, i enjoyed alot. I wished time to stop and not move. The sight was so soothing that i was about to loose control. My hands were itching to do what is not allowed and my heart was about to come out." He said, still imagining his lips on her face.

"What are you saying?" She asked, but got smile in return.

He must have got mad.

She mumbled to herself, before moving towards his jeep, causing him to trail behind him.

Control yourself dude.

Ayyan reminded himself and took deep breaths to calm his racing heart.

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