Underneath the moonlight COMPLETE

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Chapter 8:

I couldn’t keep the smile off my face all day. The memory of the kiss Tyler and I had shared haunted me the whole night.

I mentally danced as I wiped the countertops, squirting cleaning fluid on them. Dana watched me with an amused smile on her face but didn’t say anything.

Seth, on the other hand, was so happy that I started being as optimistic and cheery as himself.

“Hey, Dani? Was your dad a boxing champ?-” he starts.

I roll my eyes, sighing, but complete the line anyway. “Because you’re a knockout!”

He pouts. I laugh.

I notice the jingle of the doorway and look up to see Tyler walking in.

I would have grinned if his worried expression hadn’t stopped me.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, walking towards him.

He sighed and slipped down on a pouffe chair. I pulled up a chair for myself and sat as well.

He starts to speak. ” A pack near Redmond is hunting humans, and we have to go and make a treaty with them for them to stop...my father thinks I should go but the pack won’t consider me an Alpha if I don’t have a Luna..” he goes bright red and looks down, embarrassed.

I put a finger on his chin and push his head up, feeling the light stubble on his chiselled jaw as I do so.

“Do you want me to come along?” I ask.

His expression brightens immediately. “Will you?”

I laugh at how quickly his attitude changes. “Of course. When do we leave?”

“Day after tomorrow.”



My teal suitcase was neatly packed and stood near the door with my black rucksack on top of it.

I saw Tyler’s car pull over, and without I thought I pushed my luggage in the back and walked in.

I was not ready for whom I saw.



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