Underneath the moonlight COMPLETE

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Chapter 10:

I shriek. “Tyler!” I ran to where the boys were rolling around, Adrian had also shifted. I growled in frustration before shifting myself.

My snowy grey wolf was smaller than both of their’s but slender and more flexible. I slipped myself between them, shifted into human form and pulled them apart.

“Stop this. Now. " I command.

Tyler, who had already relaxed at my touch stopped grappling Adrian and shifted back. He only had a busted lip, but when Adrian shifted I gasped as I took in what used to be his body. More like Tyler’s punchbag. He’s sporting a black eye, broken and bleeding nose, bruises on his arm, and from the way he’s wincing, a dislocated shoulder.

I turn around to Tyler accusingly. “What the Hades was that for?” I yelled.

He doesn’t stop glaring at Adrian, and I can see his whole body shuddering with rage. “He f**king tried to kiss you!” He yells back.

I soften. I round back to Adrian. “And you, better control your hormones around me. Adrian, I’m sorry, but I like Tyler. He’s my mate. I only think of you as a friend.”

Both the boys stare at me, surprised at my straightforwardness. But let’s face it, beating around the bush won’t help.

“We should head back. I’m driving this time.” I continue, Starting to walk back.



Sorry this chapter’s a lil short!



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