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Chapter 11:

I gasped as I took in Redmond’s pack territory. It was garish yet alluring. It had that harsh, cruel beauty about it. My eyes scanned the cracked earth fields, weeping willows, and small huts. These people took primitive to a whole other level.

My gasp woke Adrian up, and he looked around as well, eyebrows raised. He turned to face me and I felt a pang of guilt seeing his bloodshot eyes.

Before he could or I could say anything stupid, I woke Tyler up as well.

He woke up immediately and made an appreciative noise as he looked at our surroundings.

A large wolf with gold fur came to a stop near us. Then shifted into a gorgeous man. Tyler growled as my eyes shamelessly checked him out. He was the whole package, yet he didn’t give me the feeling that Tyler did. To me, he was only a good looking man. He greets us as we walk towards him, and Tyler grabs my hand. Rather possessively it seems...

“Alpha, Luna Navarro. Beta Mace. Welcome to the Redmond territory. I am Beta Steven Pine.”

Tyler shakes his hand first, and then Steven comes and kisses the top of my hand. “Pleasure to meet you, Luna Daniella.”

I smile at him. “Please, call me Dani.” He grins at me before shaking hands with Adrian.

Then he leads us to the biggest hut on the land.


I shudder in disgust as I see the Alpha. Alpha’s are meant to be strong, prideful, and good leaders. This man is anything but.

He has greasy black hair and yellow stained teeth. He has a flat nose and a lazy eye. His clothes reek of stale alcohol and he has two women fanning him. His muscles are still well defined, and his eyes shine with a bad temper.

I hate him immediately. Due to us being mates, I can feel Tyler’s distaste as well, and Adrian’s nose is wrinkled. Steven goes red with embarrassment.

I feel sorry for him. His Alpha, Alpha Kamen is one of the strongest wolves of the century. He used to be a good man before he got drunk and cheated on his mate. When his mate found out, she left him, and he started ruining himself after that.

His eyes check me out as he walks towards me, and I can smell his rancid breath. When he speaks, saliva flies everywhere. I try hard not to flinch in disgust and keep a straight face.

“Luna Navarro. A pleasure to make your acquaintance.” he hisses.

What is he trying to resemble? A snake?

Tyler’s mouth twitches, and I know he heard my wolf’s thoughts. The mate bond seems to grow stronger.

“The pleasure’s all mine,” I said cooly.

He tries to kiss my hand like Steven did, but I shove my hand down my pocket.

If he notices my rejection, he doesn’t comment.

Tyler tries not to look too happy but fails miserably. Before I can do anything about it, however, he starts to speak.

“Alpha Kamen, I came here regarding the fact that you and your pack recently killed two human men who came across your territory. This violates the wolf code- section 36 clause 7. Under the safety of other species. ”

Kamen scowls. “Oh, that? I took care of it. Don’t worry, it won’t happen again.”

Tyler doesn’t look too happy but nods. “We should get going then.”

Kamen looks offended. “Oh, nonsense! You’ve travelled all day! Have dinner and stay the night, you can leave tomorrow. ”

“Alright,” Tyler said hesitantly.

We each were given our own rooms, and I mouthed my room to Tyler as an indication as to where we would be sleeping tonight.

As I was waiting for Tyler, someone knocked on the door. Thinking it was Tyler, I swung it open without even bothering to check.

Instead stood Kamen, leaning against the doorway, wearing an outrageous amount of cologne and hair gel, with his collar button open, revealing chest hair. It was clear that he wanted me to warm his bed tonight.

I tried not to laugh at the thought, kept a straight face and asked, “Alpha Kamen? How can I help you? What do you need?”

He spoke, grinning evilly. “I need you.” He walked inside, slammed the door shut behind him.

I panicked mentally.

“I don’t understand, and besides, I’m Tyler’s mate,” I say, taking a step backwards. I had a silver knife tucked under my clothes...if only I could reach it...

“We’ll have fun tonight.,” he mutters, stepping closer and inhaling my scent. I try not to vomit and take another step back. “Alpha Kamen, I don’t want to be involved with you. Please leave me alone.” I say in a final attempt at peace.

Final attempts suck.

He touched y arm and I snarled in fury, then backhanded him straight on his face. Blood spurted out of his nose as he stumbled backwards, and I swept my leg under him, causing him to topple back onto the floor. I kick him in his crotch and look up at the door. Tyler is staring at me with a stunned expression on his face.

“You’re a warrior wolf?”


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